[Vote] K-Pop Express: Idol with the best killer smile

An online poll for us to show our support for Sukkie, as he is best deserving of this title!
If in doubt, please take a look at the above – sweet smile, beautiful smile, electrifying smile, cute smile, playful smile – you name it, you have it!

JKS is currently in 3rd place after Lee Min-ho and Lee Donghae.

Voting period: 6 Nov – 13 Nov 2011
No. of times per day: Unsure (but you can try once a day)

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57 thoughts on “[Vote] K-Pop Express: Idol with the best killer smile”

    • you are welcome, aphrael. I just cannot stand to see our Prince not in the first place. Pity many of his fans are not aware of this voting .

  1. Thanks aphrael and lili for sharing the site. I voted already, but I’m not sure if my vote counted for it doesn’t do anything. I don’t even know who is leading??? what’s our prince status now???

  2. Kailey, here’s the current standing, our Sukkie has fallen to 3rd place 2day .sigh.

    Lee Min Ho (25%, 1,852 Votes)
    Lee Donghae (Super Junior) (19%, 1,405 Votes)
    Jang Geun Suk (15%, 1,138 Votes)
    Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) (13%, 995 Votes)
    UKnow Yunho (TVXQ) (9%, 691 Votes)
    Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) (7%, 499 Votes)
    Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue) (5%, 352 Votes)
    Lee Ki Kwang (B2st) (4%, 283 Votes)
    Jung Il Woo (2%, 122 Votes)
    Lee Dong Wook (1%, 46 Votes)

    • @ migraph26
      i must say, this have gotta be one of my favorite moments.Love his outfits, accessories, hairstyles and YES..his sweet and adorable smiles.Thanks shortizz for uploading the videos for eels to share.He really enjoyed his time at S’pore.He was absolutely loving the flash mob there!He was so tall that he was so distinguished among the people there.What can we say, he’s the PRINCE after all.

    • migrap26, thanks for the link. really love his smile (and laugh)… killer smile indeed! i was like smiling from ear to ear while watching the vid. his smile is really so contagious! ^___^

    • Until now, it’s the best vids of him i’ve ever watched, thank you to the owner, shortizz, for the effort to edit and being posted to us in utube before! Don’t have the best word to describe about him, but love and miss him more and more! fighting sukkie!

    • Thank you migrap26 for the link. This only shows that he deserves to be the number. He really has a warm and open smile. I’ve already voted. GO, GO, GO JKS!

  3. when I saw her smile, I feel excited and happy because I know that smile came from a sincere heart … even more so when he laughed and danced … he always makes my day better..already vote Jks but i can’t vote again

  4. thanks aphrael & lili. voted but iβ€˜m on mobile & nothing seems to be happening when i click on the Vote button so i donβ€˜t know if my vote was counted πŸ™ Iβ€˜ll try again later.

    • thanks farina! gosh he looks so gorgeous in every way, even when slumped like that on the pavement! (not too keen on the curly hair though. LOL!)

      • Dom, just hope yr hubby don’t wake you up and ‘ who the hell is Sukkie?!! Have you been two-timing me?!!!’

      • ooops, thanks for your reminder, farina. LOL. can’t imagine if I really “moan” his name. he’s surely a noona and ahjumma trapper, naughty suk

  5. I need your help eels!

    I will be heading to Korea in 10 days I was just wondering if anyone knows where JKS official items are sold?! Dvds, budapest diary?! Music store?!

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Hi thewifey, u can get Sukkie’s official items from Lotte Duty Free Jamsil, 10th Floor (look for Jamsil station). Not all his official items are sold there. If u hv none, u can get some there. U can’t find his DVDs or Budapest here too. Budapest doesn’t seems available in Korea yet. So far only Japan version.

      You must watch You’ re My Pet! !! On cinema frm 10th Nov onwards. Not sure when u go. Hope u can catch the movie coz i missed it. Is not shown yet till the date i return to Msia πŸ™

      Another place u must not missed. Lotte Duty Free Main Br (Myeongdeong area). U can get to see Sukkie’s Lotte full video + giving fan message. If u can walk. Go further to Myeongdong, look for YAB church & GoMiNam went for her noodle & BRobin.

      Enjoy yr trip…

      • Carol last year when i went to Korea i stayed at the Ibis Myeongdong($120AUD per night) its located right at the Myeongdong shopping area also the airport shuttle bus ($10,000won) stop right in front of the hotel, so this time i m staying here the start and end of my trip as i will be staying at insa-dong, busan and jeju island as well πŸ™‚

        Do you know whether “you’re my pet” at the movie will be english subtitle?!

      • Wow! then your 10 days will be a rush for going so many places ….. mayb this round you might not be staying long at Seoul town right ! since you have been there last year.

        Insadong is a nice place ….can see a lots of korean antiques, souveniers & nice food. I stayed at this area during my recent trip and actually you dun need to move to Insadong, just take subway will do. Now is autumn, the outskirt area is nice with the yellow & red maple leaves like Korea Old Fold Village, Cheongbukgong Palace …….very nice scenery.

        If you have time, go to Banpro bridge (near Hangang River) to see the fountain around 8pm. Nice nite view & romantic (JKS also recommended this place before LOL)

        I dun think You’re My pet will have English subtitle coz it is shown in Korea. And the poster I saw in the subway & cinema are without any english wordings at all.

        I quite like Jeju too, quite, windy and nice sea view place. Hope you enjoy yourself there !!

      • Carol sorry i confuse you… I m actually leaving for Korea in 8 days staying in Korea for about 15 days! My itinerary is full of things to do already but i’ll take all the tips i can because i m sure i’ll have some spare time…

        If i go to the cinema i’ll find out if there’s eng sub only because i dont understand korean πŸ™

        Oh you went to TreeJ to pass the project book right?! Did you get to see JKS also i was wondering do they sell any of his official goods there?! πŸ™‚

      • thewifey, sorry to say…….if you go to JKS office, don’t feel bad if you are not able to get to see him even if he is there. No outsiders are allowed to go in. However, as you know he is too busy with his tight & full work schedule too. You won’t be able to get his official things from his office but at Lotte Duty Free (Jamsil). Coz his office only for admin not to entertain public. Thus far, I’ve not seen any pics of his office posted by eels (except posted by Sukkie himself), right! But only the outside building look.

        Hmmm as for me, though I dun understand korean & without English sub, but I will still watch You’re My Pet coz I want to see his movie in Korea itself.

        @ Charlotte, you are right, Sukkie doesn’t like eels stalking at him.

        @ thewifey, just go there with an open heart …. so you will not be dissapointed. But hope you will be lucky one bump into Sukkie outside the building πŸ™‚

      • @ thewifey … so envious of you visiting Korea … perhaps you might catch a glimpse of Suk or bump into him! … go watch YMP in the theatre to see Momo on the big screen though it’s not Eng-subbed. Have a great vacation!

      • @Carol thamks for the tip i will still drop by TreeJ to pass on a gift and maybe a bottle of wine do you know whether he likes red or white?! Might drop by to Daegu as well if his still filming there πŸ™‚

        @Viv thanks i cant wait to get to Korea fingers x i’ll bump into JKS πŸ˜›

      • thewifey, most probably is red wine ! So far I seldom see Korean drinking white wine unless their soju
        Since Australia is famous with wine, get him the BEST one & deliver to his office πŸ™‚
        (by calling or intercom @ the lift for the staff to come down to pick up your gift)

        ** Not sure about your local hp line, is not possible to use our international roaming line in Korea
        Mayb you have know, there is a service of renting korea line hp at the airport

      • @thewifey_07: if i may say answer (this is now definite..hehe): keun suk loves red wine..hehe. saw it in the Romance video..that’s it..paired with steak (!).

      • @thewifey_07,,i’m so excited for you,,I’m sure Sukkie will love your gift esp. wine coz he love’s to drink..Now I even imagine you handing a bottle of wine to Prince JKS,,(omo what a scene)don’t faint ok..hahaha..Are you going to write him a letter,if you do can you please mention this blog on it,,for we may never know,Sukkie might view this blog and read our comments.,,and after that he will post his own comment saying ” Omo,,these ladies are crazy,, you think you can have me?I will not allow that to happen,,geezz!!,,in your dreams maybe!”,hahahaha…

      • @Carol yup Australia is famous for our wines so i’ll get him a bottle of red πŸ™‚ i have international roaming so its all good!

        @ione going to get him a bottle of red to enjoy with steak?! I would love to join him in a candle-lit dinner though sorry hubby lol

        @charlotte i m not known to faint but that could happen if his just too HOT! Yes with the gift & bottle of red i will attach a short letter “declaring my love for him” my hubby would kill me lol ok in my letter somewhere i will mention this blog πŸ™‚ he will think we’re all CRAZY OVER JKS lol

    • wow,,have a good time hunting our Prince in Korea,,but be sure to hide yourself so he will not think that you’re a stalker,hahaha..

      • charlotte thanks i will try my best to hunt him down & stalking like crazy from afar… I think if i saw him i’ ll probably faint and need CPR πŸ˜›

      • hahahaha,,you go girl!! I also want to go in Korea,to see JKS school,Hanyang University ,Tree J Bldg and most esp. Prince JKS..Anyway’s,,thewifey_07 which country is your origin?

      • charlotte i think its all our dream to stalk JKS lol

        My parents are Vietnamese, i was born in Denmark and live in Australia since 3 years old πŸ™‚

  6. Ah. I can’t vote. The mobile browser seems to have issues with the voting system. If the voting is still going on when I get home at the end of the week will definitely vote. I love all his smiles.

  7. yeah he should be in no.1 spot..I was so happy I saw Sukkie in KBS Entertainment Weekly tonight,not just once but thrice..When the t.v host was asked by her partner for his signature she refused and she said that she prefer Sukkie’s autograph rather than him,hahahaha…

  8. arghhh I can’t vote for another time ..it’s said i’m already vote “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #20” anyone have any ideas to vote more than once… Jks must be no.1

    • Don’t sing in with an ID. Just vote as a guest then disconnect and close your browser then reconnect and open your browser and vote again.


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