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Jang Keun Suk – Next year is his 20th year since debut for this 24 year old actor, a leading representative of flower-pretty guys in their 20s. Already of threat to Bae Yong-joon in Japan, Keun-chan is continually expanding his career not only in Korea and Japan but also in China and Thailand. He is in fashion because of his widespread and overwhelming popularity.

In front of the camera, JKS who has gone through the growing-up adolescent period and transformed into an adult is an artiste who uses the most direct language and actions to bare himself. At a whim, he can suddenly dance in the middle of conversation. He will pull down his face mask to joke with fans, and will also leave this kind of warning on Twitter: “This is not right!”

Playful, frank and eloquent. In fact, this is not the seasoned deviousness of a pretentious style that gains the upper hand by striking first; [*this is accepted by JKS recently]. Despite the shield of “Kneedrop Guru”, this is completely JKS’ usual thick-skinned charm and good fortune.

JKS is very happy to talk about the romantic comedy “You’re my Pet” (YMP) that will show in cinema on 10 Nov. YMP is a movie in which one can see the true faces of actors with their bountiful energy, romanticism and coquettishness.

Living in the owner’s home as a pretty pet, JKS is faithful to the portrayal of a cheerful pet – the guy who invokes sweet fantasies in sisters. In the face of angry protests from men’s organizations, JKS does not mind. This is the reason why Jang Keun Suk can survive until today.

 Movie is very “sweet” – of course has put in much effort 

JKS: We wanted to film a cheerful and lively movie, and finally did it. The response at the premiere was especially good, this is really very fortunate. My friend also said it’s “too sweet” and “like sesame grains”. First, I want to thank sister Ha-neul. She is in every scene, she is the main lead in this movie, driving the plot of the whole movie. As a senior, she takes good care of me, I want to say thanks to her.

 Sunny character different from the original – it feels like JKS has had a good time playing 

JKS: Had much unrestrictive fun. Some romantic comedies still have scenes of emotional pain; it’s really good that such scenes are absent in this movie. I wanted to act a ‘completely sweet’ character before I grow older. Coincidentally, I came across this script and naturally accepted it.

 The JKS without reservation in “Kneedrop Guru” left a deep impression on people 

JKS: I have always been like this, showing the real JKS, this kind of change is quite interesting. Next year is my 20th debut anniversary, I have always been doing things according to my own thoughts. I realize that such an unreserved attitude can change people’s impression of me in some situations. I have always been myself, but it does not mean that people will accept. Just like this movie.

 The first work after “Kneedrop Guru” – in retrospect, it’s really an opportune timing 

JKS: Including that (Kneedrop Guru), it’s not calculated before I attended. It’s arranged by the company, but who set up my agent company? My mother. (laughs) Opportune timing does not drop from the sky. There was no packaging, we just had better luck. When I present my real self to people, I feel fresh. It was like this at that time, and also in this movie.

 Acting is good in “Happy Life” and “Itaewon Homicide”. Which movie do you like more? 

JKS: Both are different. For example, if my next movie is similar to the style of YMP, then it won’t do. Must look for a movie of a different style! “Happy Life” is one of the rare times in my artiste career when I suffered setbacks. The script went missing; it had to be written on the set. That setback changed my perspective of acting. Met seniors Kim Yun-seok, Jung Jae-young. Thanks to these seniors who opened a path for me. At that time, I was hosting “Popular Songs”, doing this and that. If at that time seniors disliked me and closed their hearts to me, there would not be me now. Because they stood in my position and thought for me, especially called me out for drinks and were frank with me.


Chinese translation: Sukbar
English translation: Aphrael77

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  1. thanks for the translation, aphrael. yet another signature JKS interview wherein he shares his thoughts no-holds-barred. it‘s one of the very reasons why we love him so. way to go sukkie!

  2. Thanks Aphrael for posting another wonderful interview. I’m never tired reading Sukkie’s interviews or articles, which always emphasize Sukkie’s wittiness and charms. lol….always honest to boot too. Sukkie never changes in all the interviews I read….
    he is who he is!! Love him so much.

    • i agree,he is very spontaneous…I don’t expect much from him co’z I love him no matter what but he always amazed me!! I feel contented every time I read an interview of him. .JKS you are a wonderful person!!

  3. Another wonderful translation!!! really thankful aphrael sis!!!
    And it was a revelation that sukkie had trouble during the filming of Happy life…AGAIN??
    Many of his works face a lot of problem.. YAB had a prob of low ratings which worried suk..the same occured with MMM along with problems in production and writing..and now happy life..Ymp took a long time to be released because of casting difficulties..WOW!! but the really awesome thing is even if all these had some prob our prince never faltered to shine in them!!! waahhh 🙂
    He did his role justice in happy life…and In YAB he was just outstanding!!!
    Even though the story wasnt strong many continued watching MMM only for Suk..and YMP there is no need to talk about the Cute pet..momo rocks!!
    I dunno if any other actor has been faced with so much difficulties in his career and at such a young age too..but am sure that none would have emerged out of these difficulties so well like a Knight in a dashing armour!! hahahaha……. 😛
    Love him for that more!!!

    • just one thing here and correct me if I’m wrong, I thought YAB rating is anything but low.., in fact it obtained a cult following online and became a hit in other Asian countries since its release…

      • I agree too that Sukkie has no smooth journey in his star road but the obstacles along the way really made him strong ^_^
        Oh yes, for eels who have not seen this before.. both YAB & MMM are not only doing very well online or on high TV rating overseas & in the sales of DVD, it has hit the top 10 (historical chart) in Japan.. YAB (2009) is just 2nd place after Winter Sonata (2002) and MMM (2010) is in the 10th place in a short time.. I think the Korean’s TV rating alone is not adequate to rate the popularity of the drama alone due to various reasons.. so normally I don’t take the TV rating seriously in Korea but more on viewers’ feedback from others who have watched it first hand especially Japan/China/HK/Taiwan..

      • ya youre right it had a cult following online and was a major hit online!! and esply other asian countries lik japan,china but in korea there was low ratings…mostly because it aired against a drama Iris which had a major budjet along with many stars lik TOP kim ta hee…also koreans are not much attracted to teenage dramas Lik YAB but what they dint unders was that YAB was not jus a teen drama…this has always been the case there..thats why many dramas lik recently aired heartstrings also had difficulties…
        Suk during Yab days thought that it was his fault for the low ratings as he was the lead star there and note something it was his first major drama where he was the it was natural for him to feel sad..he left a msg in YAB Dc website..but seeing that many of his gathered lots of supports and sent mails and also visited the shooting spot..I heard that Suk was awed by the response and thanked his fans and that was the time that he said his fans had provided much “energy” during times of sadness and so they were lik nutrition providing “EELS”!!
        So the history of how are names came as EELS goes bact to the YAB 🙂 And yes sis qqeyes007 even i dont think that korean drama ratings are adequate for judging a drama!!!!

    • @meg i like your beautiful word ‘Knight in a dashing armour’! uwaha, as beautiful as him! 🙂 off topic, just now i watched arjun rampal at my satellite, you know him? bollywood star! love him just because he’s so charm and handsome, and the same thing between him and our prince is his voice, manly and deep, sexy! hehe! and another one is ShahRK, he’s the one which the personality is the nearest to sukkie! he’s so sincere, funny,enthusiastic and his smile is so sweet.., he’s the one before which was my idol when i was in univ, so when i felt sad and down, i will surf him to make my day -_* but the different thing is SRK married at young age, about 24 if i’m not mistaken..and seems that he’s so fatherhood!

      • hello!! ya i know arjun rampal!! have you watched Om shanthi Om!!?? were both arjun and SRK star together..u must surely watch it if u havent!!its a must movie!!! sadly to say am not much attracted to Bollywood i weird?? hahaha 🙂

      • i used to like srk too and I was fortunate to see him perform live drg IIAF (Indian award festival if not wrong)… All the big guns were there. It was a great nite! But I have lost all interest to watch Bollywood for yrs now though I miss Kuch2 Hota Hai 🙂

  4. Such a clever Mum too! I think he got much of his wit, hardwork and cleverness from her. Not only JKS is an inspiration, I guess his mother is too!

    • Sahar! I totally agree with you! I think his personality is more like his mother.

      Thanks aphreal for the great interview. Glad there is a shift in the Korean media more in favor of JKS. there is still the occasional Bad media but it’s much better than before where mostly they either ignored him or talked bad about him.It was rare for Korean media to write or show something nice about him. But now almost everyday there is news about him and mostly good. I’m happy for him.
      I hope YMP will be a huge success like no other. I want JKS to leave an ever lasting good impression on the Korean public.Let him feel more at ease at home with less pressure.And I’m praying from now for Love rain to be a great hit.
      JKS is and has always been himself. A lot of old videos about him are being uploaded and every-time I see the same kind, cheerful , witty , smart and funny child – boy -teen- man.
      The only thing that changed is that he got smarter , funnier and more mature through the years, but I know he will always keep his inner child and that’s what makes him even more sweet!
      JKS is THE most honest celebrity that walked earth.I am proud of this courage. It’s not easy at all but he still choose it because he believes sincerity will always come through in the end …. such a great and lovely man.

      Keun suk oppa! please take care and always remember you have so many people that love you and care about you as a real family member. We .. your eels see you as one of us .. someone we want to love , protect and cherish unconditionally. That’s our promise … just like you sing “my precious” to us you are in return our precious person. No matter what you choose in the future ( to keep working in showbiz or to leave) we will support you no matter who you choose to live with as a wife we will support both of you and pray for your happiness. And if you let us , even still be your friends and supporters even when your aged and already a grandpa ^_^ I promise you JKS!

      • First, HI cri-j. miss you a few days. Your message for JKS is soo sweet. Lol… I cannot imagine what Sukkie would look like in grandpa image….surely will still look distinguishly gorgeous.

      • Hi cri-J, Kol sana wenti tayeba and Hapy Eid to you, your fiance and all your family.
        I too agree with you , sometimes I find myself praying for him to be healthy and more successful , I get worried about him and happpy for him as if he is a real family member!
        cri-J, Re. engagement: I hope it will be a memorable and joyful time for you. Enjoy the non stop calls your getting! Best of luck

      • wenti tayeba ya a7la sahar ^_^ Today you and your family and your country were in my prayers. Please remember me in tomorrow’s eed prayer and the rest of the wonderful eels ^_^

        I pray for sukkie to get what’s best for him too. Hope he finds that real freedom. Hope he gets to keep his health perfectly fine. All of us are really worried about him. We can only cheer him and pray for him and support him.

        thanks a lot for your lovely wishes! I still own you a long E-mail.
        soon enough there are things I want to share with you. And yes! My soon to be fiance love to call non-stop (non-stop4 is that fate again :P) I am worried about long distance calls he’s going to make in the next three days. Just don’t want him to wast so much money ^_^

      • i am touched by your comments CRI-J and i absolutely agree with you.I loved the interview. All this years , be it in interviews, BTSs, and so forth, he have always portrayed his true personality.And it’s great that he remains true to himself ,people around him and especially to his eels.He truly is a great person!! I personally loved the fact that he still holds a strong personality and individuality until now.He’s so respectful of his seniors and elders and remains humble despite all the success that he have and it just melted my heart even more now. I also agreed with all eels here.Will always be loyal to Sukkie…

    • Hello dear KaileyCA ^_^
      I am busy with preparation for Eed and for my engagement!But I think I will have more time this couple of days since Khaled is traveling for three days.
      So I can finally swim with the rest of you here in sukkie’s pond of eels freely for the next three days ^_^
      Sukkie is so sweet so he only deserve sweet massages! And I do agree .. sukkie will be gorgeous in any age , clothes , hair style or color!

  5. Our satellite TV is having a rerun of Beethoven Virus at the moment. While watching episode 2, it suddenly occured to me that just like the character he plays in BV, the real Jang Geun Suk is a genius! A genius with a heart. Maybe that’s why some people cannot understand him and his behaviour. He has so much talent bursting to come out. If I remember correctly, one of the hosts on Showbiz Korea (Arirang TV programme) referred to JGS as a genius recently, I now understand and agree!

    JGS’ dream is to be a good actor and film maker. Please let him have his wings, let him fly. He will fly very high. Sukkie – fly gloriously, eels will give you strength. But remember that you must stop and take a break every now and then.

    • Hi wen, it’a so sweet when seeing him in BV with his manly look even he is not a mascular man! Happy watching him as a real actor in the new world of eels (or not before this), which satelite is it from actually, if you don’t mind?

      • Hi Ren, no problem at all. The satellite is AsiaSat 3S and the BV is shown on a channel called XingKong which is dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. I only have access to free-to-air channels but it is enough, I can see many k-dramas on this satellite (Mandarin subbed) including YAB, MMM, HGD.

  6. Hi Meg! Just wanna join ur comments about SRK! Well, i wasn’t fan of him but i like a lot of movies where he is in, especially classic ones as u mentioned. Dilwale Dulhania, Kuch Kuch Hota hae, Khabi Khush Khabi Gam etc. – all of them were my all time favourites! However, after being addicted to Kdramas i somehow lost my interest in Bollywood. But i still love the energy of indian songs and dances! Still smtimes when i see hot and energetic dances in Indian movies, i also unintentionally start dancing ! Lol!

    • Ha ha even i have the prob of putting comments in rong place!!Yep all the films you mentioned are my favs of all time!! if u watched all these u must have seen Dil to pagal hai?? That has many Songs..infact its somewhat lik a musical!! nowadays i watch bollywood movies am my native tongue is not Hindi i had to use i guess it helped me with seeing Kdramas..but Aamir khan`s movies are quite good nowadays..esply Fanaa and three idiots 😛 SRK movie`s are a bit declining but am sure he will catch up!!

  7. Yes, sure, i’ve watched Dil to pagal hai too (co-stars Madhuri and Karishma)! And i remember the songs as well! I’m familiar with most of SRK movies bcoz of my friend, she was crazy about him and she made me watch all his movies and listen to songs! Hahaha! What a good friend, right?!
    Yes, i think Amirkhan is also a good actor! First film that i got to know him was Dil! He was such a young and cute boy in that film! Btw i also watched his Three Idiots this summer! Very funny movie! And Fanaa… Oh, This was smth serious and tragedy! I think Kajol has done her job very well in it! She is great in acting!

    • Yep in fanaa!! both were competing in Showing their acting skills!! the last scene was awesome and still stays in front of my eyes!!! wahh!!

  8. Yeah, in the last scene i was crying a lot, i bet u did, too!

    Well, all of this had happened before i knew Sukkie!.now i’m totally busy with him!….kekeke…

    • Lol me too!! i dont even have time to go see the diwali releases!!! my mom and bro left and saw it without me!!! rofl!!
      I wanna watch YMP not Ra-one or 7am arivu!! suk has turned me weird!!wahahaha 🙂


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