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  1. Another awesome pictures!!! Even though, I like Sukkie in short hair style more….humm weird… seeing these pictures, I start to miss his rock sexy long hair style now. With long hair, he was unconventional handsome and beautiful at the same….hummmm.

  2. Love these pictures. Not very often see him wear the plaid shirt with tie. He looks gorgeous in any clothes. I sort of knew this was for Japanese media. These pictures must have been taken before he cut and color his hair for LR.


      • gosh… i am happy ( yet envious ) for eels who will have the chance to see this movie in theaters.Just looking at the video, i can only imagine what a cute romantic comedy movie it will be!

      • daisy, when I see the 8min preview, I can’t help laughing most of the time as Sukkie & Momo really are alike as Sukkie teased & set trap for KHN many times during the many press conferences & in the movie, Momo set up many traps for his master & also teases her so much with his playfulness!

      • agree.. i just love every part of it.It’s so hilarious when owner smacked his head while bathing him.Wah…some eels will get to see it very soon.Will wait for the DVD (hopefully ).
        Thanks QQ for sharing…

      • very nice & cute!!! i am totally loving this movie! sukkie is a very good actor & never fails to give justice to each character he portrays but i think he is abdolutely in his element on this one. as he said, his character here is very similar to him and it can be seen in the way he played the role – very natural & playful, like he‘s having the time of his life. hope the protest won‘t affect the movie at all.

      • @ browneyes , absolutely agree with you.He’s totally in his element in this movie. This characters sure is the closest one resembling Sukkie in real life.

  3. initially I liked his long hair as in MMM, but now I started to like the current Love Rain hairstyle, kinda make him look younger/cuter. But then I dont mind him tying up his hair too,

    • lili, after a while, u will like him in any hairstyles like many eels ^_^
      He is really only one I find who can take many different hairstyles & still looks good or should I say.. when he takes a new style, it will start a fashion.. initially, when I watch YAB with the apple style, I find it funny for guy to tie that way as even girls don’t tie that way but later after 1 or 2 eps.. I find that style looks cute & uniquely Sukkie.. same for eyeliner.. he set the fashion in Korea for men..
      For this current “mushroom” 70’s hairstyle, he looks like going back in time & going back to his teens.. and he can style easily back to different modern look easily, very versatile image right?

      • QQeyes007, you are right, just cant fault with him and thats reason we keep coming back to this site…sigh, I am a bit old for this lol

  4. There‘s that sparkle in his eyes… i miss that (lately)! I love the hairstyle and the charm that goes with it, so reminiscent of MMM – it was what trapped me. XD But then again, he looks just as great in anything and any hairstyle coz he‘s JKS! ^_^

  5. hi everybody,,I miss you all esp. JKS,,I and my friends went out the whole day and guess what,,while watching basketball game I could not concentrate because I’m thinking of Prince the whole time..I was so excited to go home co’z I know there will be new updates about him which I cannot wait to see/read..hahahaha,so here I am..Love all the photos and as always his long hair style look was my all time favorite..*_*


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