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The second IV drip this week … so vexed … hard to find the vein and had to jab 3 times before it’s successful… in this situation now..

Passer-by: JKS is very popular in Japan recently .. often see his promotional poster, there’s even a dedicated corner in the record store
JKS: Yes … buy and see ..keke
【路人:最近张根硕在日本果然很红..经常看到宣传海报 唱片店里还专门了一个角落】
【suk:是啊..买来看看吧..呵呵 】

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    • Oh me too! I was jabbed 13 times bcos the couldn’t find my vein during one of my pregnancies…. It was frustrating more than pain. Hated it

      • Aphrael, I was even willing to be cut-up just to get the baby out, they just had to say the word. It’s still a mystery why I got pregnant 3 other times! Must blame my mole fetish….lol!

      • Dear farina, you are a tough lady. Me…just to see 1 needle and blood together, I’m already feeling dizzy and fainted. That why I never look at the needle when I have to get a shot or blood draw.
        Poor Sukkie. It’s breaks my heart to see energetic man like Sukkie getting drips so many times….. seems like hospital is his 2nd home now a day. I pray he’ll get well soon or eels will be dying with more worries. Kkkkk…

      • Kailey, not at all…. If you had to go thru 26 hours of labour, you will welcome anything to hv it over & done with. My 1st experience was traumatic…. but as I said, I never learn…lol!!!

  1. Poor baby ……………… please please get some rest. I wish the doctor force him to stay in the hospital so he get some rest.

  2. Sukkie, get well soon. Rest more !!
    ** If too much jabs through veins, will cause the vein to strink ….. so will be harder to find veins for further injection

    • maya2500 must be the most familiar to manage the jab because she’s a Dr. Am i right maya?
      @maya, advise sukkie the best with short and precise word.. and we also want to get knowledge from your medical advice site. And most of us which were being experienced in hospitals, painful is a must, huuu…And not to forget, happy eid alAdha to all muslims around the world, and happy public holiday in Malaysia on Monday! Daisy, liana, and friends including me 🙂

  3. Uri Prince, everything has a limit, dear… So please, TAKE A REAL REST……
    Anyway, we eels can do nothing except hoping and praying you’re alright and stay healthy.

  4. Wow!!! I wanna go to Korea…!! When do we have to wait?? YMP is sooooo funny!!
    Thanks for sharing @atetweet, so many cuts we’ve never seen before.
    Sukkie dear, get well soon,coz I believe you will get much more love as soon as this movie aired, so, FIGHTING!!

    • seeing those DVD’s urge me to fly to Japan,,sighs!! Japanese eels once more are very lucky,they can easily buy JKS products..I’m thinking,when we will experience the same priveledge that they have..But I’m glad we got “TENSHI” here,sharing updates about what’s happening in Japan as far JKS is concern,,thank’s girl..Are you having a good time in Canada now?Well enjoy your stay in Canada..*_*

  5. Sukkie, don’t get used to using drip to keep your health… You have to remember when you are sick, we eels also feel sick.

    • agree much tenshi,,JKS be aware that anything which is “too much” is not good..His manager’s should do something with the schedules that he has..,,I feel so helpless.. T_T

  6. aphrael, is it true that Korean Men Association is calling for formal boycott for YMP? this really breaks my heart. Sukkie has put his 200% in this movie, and now they’re bashing it? r those men just get jealous of him as he’s too perfect thus all females want to keep him as a pet? y are the korean males so mean to him?

  7. Oh my poor bby …. If you came to me I’ll poke you one time ..even my professor said I was good keke … But anyways fighting Sukie and get well soon ….

  8. First I’d like to say Eed Adha Mubarak to all Muslims. Wish everyone here a happy week end ^_^
    Second , I hope sukkie will be fine. His health is more important than everything else.
    Wish him the best of luck for all what’s coming.
    Third , please vote for “let me cry” eels ^_^

    • You too Cri-J! Busy getting to know each other?? This period is the sweetest, believe me. Cherish it well and enjoy yourselves 🙂

      • Yes ^_^ … thank you! He’s a sweet guy. I am having fun knowing him and he calls me too much! Sometimes I feel like I want a break ^0^

        I’m worried about sukkie … the drip looks weird. Tow drips in one week and we know he already has his share in injunctions and medicine the week before. He has LR filming and interviews then YMP will open in theaters and he has this NNS summit too.
        I am really worried.

  9. Really poor sukkie! I wish I was there to insert the line. It shouldn’t have been difficult because he has many visible veins in pics. 🙁 I am really worried why he has to get IV drips again, and its yellow, it is not just a simple drip.

    p.s., is that asia dvd tour with english subtitles?

      • Yeah, dear! I saw the pic! Indeed he’s cool! I love his new hairstyle (somehow reminds me of HTK)! But i’m not sure whether he cut it or not! If he cut it, then, i think, it’s for his character in LR!!!

  10. Ya its a scary story!!
    really hoping suk is careful of what he eats..thankful now for the bodyguards at Busan!!
    Hope none will hurt our Prince 🙁

  11. poor sukkie! he goes under the drip again… being jabbed thrice, that must‘ve hurt a lot. and it‘s yellow, that worries me. 🙁

  12. first of all , thanks to all of you (muslim or no)for your greeting and happy eid el adha and holliday to all of you .
    as for SUKKIE it’s really sad to say but he’s diging his own grave (with the help of his entourage ) with his infernal schedul , and i would have liked that the injections where more painfull for him to get his ideas in the right place and makes him pay more attention to his health .
    to all who are worried over the color and the number of the IV he’s getting , there is nothing to be afraid of , one can have more than one IV by day it will not kill him and his vein will not burst because we put a thin one (epicranienne) in the vein and scotch it to the arme (it doesn’t moove)and their is another large seringe wich is connected to the drip .
    in the drip we usually have SG ( serum glucose ) witch replace the food and also some medecines like antibiotic and this what gives this color to the drip .
    anyway , Farina is more pitifull than him coz being jabbed 13 times and suffering from childbirth is infernal and if it wasn’t for the misericorde GOD gives us by forgotting all the pain labor , i ‘m quit sure no woman would live the same experience twice and the world will be depopulated.
    bdw Farina i don’t understand why you didn’t get a “peridurale” , it’s safe for both of you and the baby and you would have birthshild wiyhout any pain or they could have get you a injection to speed the work , this way neither you or the baby would have suffer .
    you know you’re very brave (or naughty) to get pregnant 4 times with the bad experience you had with your first baby .i know wonan who prefered to get a cesarean with an ugly scar to a naturel birthshild with pain .
    so , as for SUKKIE’s concern i can give him this advices :
    1- change his nurse , he/she is null , if he/she didn’t spend his/her time looking at his face rather than his arm he/she would have find the vein easilly , there are so many in the body and most of them are visible ( ps: doctors do not do injections even if they know how , it’s the work of the nurses)
    2- slow down the rhythm of his life he’s still young and got plenty of time to realise all his dreams . learn how to take time to enjoy the live like the young do
    3- quit if possible alcohool and cigarettes because they don’t go togheter with good health and if it’s gone nothing will get it back even the greatest doctor or medecine.
    I don’t think he’ll follow my sincere advices so all i can effort is to pray for his good halth .
    As for the scary « anti fan » i don’t think thy will harm him , he’s too smarte that’s why he gets his body guards with him everywhere
    @ cri-j don’t complain about the regular calling of your fiance , just enjoy the present moment coz like what have said Farina it’s the best moment in a couple’s life and believe me it will come a day when you’re an old couple with childrens and lot of responsabilities , you’ll hope juste to heard him call you even to say hello
    @ farina , where did you get that sukkie cut his hair ? is there some videos or pics on this topic ?

    • Hi maya & everyone 🙂

      Just returned from Johore, a state in Malaysia for Eid visits. Couldn’t wait to come back to check out on you guys & if there’s been more Suk updates.

      Just to reply you Doc, I hope I’m not boring the rest :)…. drg my 1st and even 2nd deliveries, I heard too many stories abt the possible side effects of epidural. The hospital informed the patients the various choices of painkillers. For the first 2 I just chose the gas & injection. For the first, towards the very end they discovered that my baby’s head was out of position & I was too fatigued to push effectively. I was sent to the operating theatre but as God willed it, the dr asked me to give a last try & the baby came out on the third push.

      My 2nd was also natural but it only lasted abt 4 hrs if I’m not wrong. My 3rd was on epidural & it was such a breeze. In fact I didn’t know I was having contractions if I didn’t look at the graph (sorry I don’t know what that machine is called).

      My 4th was also epidural but by the time the baby was fighting its way out, the epidural medicine ran out. The dr said it was too late to put another dose for fear I will stop pushing and would endanger the baby….or something like that….

      For you girls, especially Cri-J and those who haven’t gone thru childbirth yet, do consider epidural. Your experience won’t be traumatic and you’ll get to see the whole process. Nothing’s is as beautiful as hearing you baby’s first cry.

      • what’s a “Johore” is it a “mosque” to do prayers ?
        poor us algeriens woman , we spend all the day cleaning .
        in fact after the men slit the throat of the sheep , they go visiting the familys and we start cleaning the blood, offal and other appetizing things (i’ll let it to your imagination) . so at the end of the day , all we remember is the “good” smell of the sheep and the weariness we get from the tiring work , and of course all this is done with a big bright smile , isnt’s “el aid” after all ?
        as for your concern Farina i think the doctors have made an eror , they give you a hilarious injection is place of the peridurale that’s why you where so hapilly motivated to get pregnant .
        i totally agree with you , there is nothing more worth in this world than watching your shild growing , it’s the biggest joy to all the mothers .

      • Thanks for the precious advice! And Farina I so feel you … 13 times! No wonder God has a special place in heaven for good mothers.
        @Maya: Glad we have a professional like you with us ^_^
        thanks for sharing with us and hope sukkie reads and listen too.

    • @maya, finally u gave knowledge and tips to him and us too! TQVM! Since i’m also working at a hospital site, so what about if you as a dr. come and help the new nurses, then they will surely appreciate you! but in my country it’s impossible to help each other because might be they have their own log book and PRIDE..sure you know already what i mean..at my sight only.. sigh*.. i hope it’s not happen in your country..but it’s not wrong actually, am i right?
      If i’m a dr in sukkie’s ward, i will more than 100% voluntarily to help him to do IV 🙂 poor little prince..
      And maya, i will answer on behalf of farina about ‘johore’, as farina mentioned before,it’s actually one of the states in Malaysia, it’s my hometown too!
      And here during eid aladha, men will do qurban and ladies will cook, and finally will eat together with families and relatives and say thank you GOD for all the good day we spent.
      You know, i spent about 2 hours to read all titles of this blog since i’ve no time to read it during eid time, uwaha.. miss him so much, especially after i watch short film 7 mins, even i don’t really understand the plot of that film, he’s so warm and caring and i can’t help to fall in love again and again, help! help!

      • @ren121 happy to know that you are from my professional side . I hope yoy have spend a good eid with your family
        I think it will be a good idea to form a clan of the white coat in this blog ,
        We will exchange our different knowledges and the latest news .
        You know what , my coutry isn’t the exeption and the doc and the nurses don’t live in a continual honey moon .even in the private offices their are always some friction .
        It’s the running race for the power , every one think and proclaim that without him the human race will be decimate , and of course this psychologic war between the two persons who are supposed to be the angel of mercy”after GOD” , is detrimental to the work and certainly to the sick person .
        Thanks to GOD there are also places where docs put their ego aside and nurses don’t fell insulted every time a doc makes them a notice or gives them a order .
        With the increase of the number of the sicks (because of war and powerty )aroud the world , I pray that the cooperation between them will get stronger .
        As for sukkie’s concern , even if I was working in his ward I would rather prefer watching him visiting a parent or a friend than to be his doctor .
        I really truly don’t like hearing news about him being sick and I always pray that he will take more seriouselly care of his health

    • @Maya: hehehe , don’t worry. I really appreciate his calls it’s just that I’m not used to talking for hours on the phone. But it’s all new and good ^_^
      thanks for everyone’s advice!

    • I second your motion on the Cigarettes and alcohol!! Suk please control it..not to sound lik a naggy eel but it really when seeing you getting IVs and injections in throats and such!!atleast i hope you listen to Dr.maya if you dont listen to Eel.maya..

  13. Is it possible to put maya’s professional advice across to the prince? His crazy schedule and life style is definitely hurting any normal 24 years old. I wonder why those people around him including love ones allow these to happen. Are they not worry about his health?


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