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A planned complete overhaul of Tree-J’s management department. Curry-bread man bye cri!
Tree-J 管理部门计划全面修改 咖喱面包男bye cri!

rok_kim: “JKS Gift Package” movie “You’re my Pet” fighting!! Eels will cheer and be happy. I have watched it seriously. Congrats!!
JKS: keke, thanks for coming. I’m hungry, boss keke
【rok_kim:“张根硕礼物套装”电影“宠物情人”加油!!鳗鱼们要欢呼雀跃了 我有认真看哦 祝贺!!】【suk:呵呵 谢谢你能来 肚子饿社长 呵呵】

Yesterday after the YMP premiere ended, actor Jang rushed to Taegu to film “Love Rain”. For many days JKS had to undergo a packed schedule. Eels, come and cheer him on!!

The first day of “Love Rain” filming, actor Jang who’s taking a short break. Eels, please send more encouraging messages to actor Jang who’s filming seriously in Taegu ^^

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  1. Ah. Not sure what to say. He seems so preoccupied in the last picture. I wonder what they mean by complete overhaul of management? Is it in preparation to opening Japan office and moving staff around? Anyway, I am sure they will share what they want to.

  2. ermm… forgive me and my ignorance but which one is curry man ? was it jason or kim sama ? not sure though.I think there has been a buzz that Kim sama is getting promoted.Is this what it’s all about?? Wow..Sukkie is definitely spreading his wings.So happy.

  3. what can I say…. It just another face of JKS, I’m never bored to see him again.. and again and again everyday

      • as if his stressful and health condition aren’t ennough for him..they need to stir and add things up with that kind of things…
        fighting prince..will always be a loyal eels to you..haaahaha

    • hmm..i think eels, after all of those past anti-fans’ ‘attacks’ (on keun suk’s twitter, weibo, fb accounts), are already (or should already be) immune by now. personally..as an eel, i’m not that affected anymore..because i will add up in the stress if ever i react on those articles..and i’m more into keun suk’s reactions on those articles rather than the ‘anti-fans’ bickering..and i also learned not to digest them anymore..just read them..and drop the article.

      • like ione.. I’ve learn to let all the rumors and so forth be.It just that sometimes i feel bad for sukkie cause we eels know how he have always given his 100% in everything he does but still things yet managed to do turn out bad sometimes for him.
        on a lighter note, so glad that eels at this blog are loyal and supportive of our prince….

      • I feel however the petition itself is degrading for the men as it does not reflect a open heart for men.. this is just a movie & I suspect again the real intention..

    • I wouldn’t read too much into it though cause seems like they are protesting the premise of the man being a pet rather than the movie itself. Especially since they probably haven’t seen movie. Just like those people that protested Harry Potter because of witches. Its ignorance rather than fact. But Sukkie will be fine because I don’t think anything will come of it except the protesting group getting free tickets to see the movie.

    • agree with all, especially ione and Andrea

      there will always be some social groups who protest against one thing or another, hard to avoid this… it’s a movie for entertainment; no one seriously expects this movie to impact or influence societal perceptions of men and we start asking men to be pets?! … they’re over-reacting to a minor thing…

      just curious, wonder whether the Jap men protested? after all, this originates from the Jap manga

    • ur welcome girl,,my favorite part of the video was when he put his hands together to form a heart shape as a token of gratitude to eels who dance for him..

  4. he looks a little sad in this picture , i hope he isn’t worried about the petition .
    i really don’t understand their reaction , isn’t this movie a remake of the japanese one “kimi wa petto” , why didn’t the japanese guys react to it , because their manhood prevent them to worry over a simple movie .
    as for their question about a woman beeing a dog , i know for certain that there are some country where dogs have more value than a woman and nobody had voted a petition against it so all i can say is to give this advice to SUKKIE and all his eels : patience ; their is a proverb witch says :les chiens aboients , la caravanne passe ( excuse me i didn’t know how to translate it to english)


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