10 thoughts on “[Video] YMP premiere on SSTV”

    • Hi Andrea, did you see his App that he has a new message, he post a picture him with juin-nim KHN in Japan. Very good one and also he typed one sentence in English. I was soooooooooo thrilled to see that. 🙂 yay, Uri Prince finally start doing English message, hopefully he will keep it up. I think that’s the one he joked that he took KHN shopping in Japan after the arena show and they did some game, he won her money, so she was mad of “losing”. Really funny.

      • Yes. I am quite devoted to his app so get excited when he posts a new message even if I have a hard time understanding. I’m learning to translate though he started including English today. Yay! I’ve been keeping quiet about my desire for him to message in English cause I didn’t want to turn him off.

    • he sure is..This past few days proved it.Was kindahoping that he’ll go for R&R for a while but it’ll take some time as he’s been busy shooting LR.*sigh*…still..hope he’ll take care.

  1. Sukkie just twitted that there will be some changes for Tree-J management plan at front line. Mentioned “Curry Man, bye Cri”. Who is curry man? Is he leaving Sukkie? I did remember he mentioned in his older twitter when he post lots of his team member’s sleeping pictures, there is one guy who will soon leave the job. If I remember right, is the guy who was the Suni at the arena show. Tenshi’s FA mentioned that too.

    Hopefully we will get more info later about it.

    They said Sukkie cancelled all the interview for YMP today and just concentrate to making Love Rain. He is on site now.

    Yes, I’m very happy at least he starts to put message on APP in English.

    Hope he is feeling better.


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