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On 2 Nov afternoon, “You’re my Pet” (YMP) press conference was held. The leads Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk and director Kim Byung-kun attended.

In the romantic comedy adapted from Japanese manga, Kim Ha-neul acts as Chi-eun and JKS acts as coquettish and absolutely faithful pet In-ho.

Based on the novel by Japanese author Yayoi Ogawa, the plot has already been affirmed. The movie describes the meeting, mutual understanding and friendship between owner and pet – the socially passive Chi-eun and popular and talented classical ballet In-ho.

JKS said, “I watched the movie very seriously. Up til now, I don’t have a work which I’m 100% satisfied with. There’s always some regrets. But amongst all my works, I’m most satisfied with YMP, really fortunate. This is a movie that can be watched relaxingly without any burden.”

“I worked harder in this drama, though I’m not sure whether it was enough. But considering it’s a comedy and should make everyone happy, the effect of too much acting skill may not be good. Luckily In-ho is very similar to me, I feel that In-ho in the movie is Jang Keun Suk, a performing JKS that adheres to the preference of the director and Kim Ha-neul.”

When asked what happens if the movie plot happens in real life, JKS answered laughingly, “Although the movie filming has completed, we still maintain the owner-pet relationship. It’s interesting being a pet in real life.” As for KHN, she said, “During the filming process, I was very envious of Chi-eun, but there is no choice but to return to KHN in real life. I feel that this is the best romantic comedy I’ve acted in.”

Having displayed world-class dance in the movie, JKS said, “The movie OST is really great. During this period, I keep searching for my identity amidst my roles as a singer, actor and dancer. It’s indeed hard being the little Prince of Asia.”

Given the title of “romantic comedy queen” by JKS, KHN said, “Amongst all the genres, my acting skill seems best shown in romantic comedy, because the filming process was happy. But when I saw the movie, I have a regret that I should be more comical.”

When asked to make a choice between Yu Seung-ho in “Blind” and JKS in YMP, Kim Ha-neul was in a dilemma and after some thinking, finally answered that “both cannot be compared. It was more formal with Yu Seung-ho as there was no romance involved (in filming), and filming with JKS was too comical. In short, I am not able to choose.”

JKS added a question playfully. “If Yu Seung-ho and I fall into the water at the same time and there is only one life vest, who will you throw it to?”

KHN chose Yu Seung-ho, with the reason that “Yu Seung-ho is young and has more of his life to live”.

The movie airs in Korea on 10 Nov.

Source: Innolife (article 1 and 2)

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  1. Hilarious follow up question from JKS hahaha! He really wants KHN to choose huh?!
    I am glad that he was able to build beautiful friendship with his “owner” 😛 Although KHN is luckier for having a “pet” in JKS

    • KHN was playing safe for not choosing Sukkie,lol..,co’z Prince will tease her eventually..She like’s sukkie as much as we do and I’m glad that Sukkie found a sister in her..

  2. thanks for the transcriptions aphrael , i was already laughing seeing the videos but your transcription makes me enjoy more the funny jokes he’s doing .
    @ais you’re right it looks they have build a familly relationship (sister/young brother) he teases her every time and she doesn’t bother to beat him even in public places , very warmfull scenes

  3. My dear Sukkie! Don’t worry! U don’t need KHN to save ur life! I will rescue u!!!…kekeke…
    (btw i’m a good swimmer^^)

      • wahaha! farina, you made my day again, as usual! ^_^ can’t even think of something that will beat your idea, so i’ll just cheer you up for that!

      • as usual farina you made me laugh,one reason why I always come here is because of your naughty strikes..hahahaha,,after you,,we’ll be next in line,lol..

      • Lol. Making me fall out of my chair everywhere today! Yeah, I think I could save too and if I were forced to perform resuscitation it wouldn’t be a total hardship.

      • Girls, you’ll have a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG wait! Cos after resuscitating, we’ll be too preoccupied with each others moles! Charlotte & Daisy, don’t you dare mention his National Treasure! I’ll give that area a miss 🙂 Not too keen abt it…. You can do what you want there….lol!

      • omo, omo..can’t help imagining the scene. O_O eotteoke??? Lol!! and farina..where’s my share of keun suk’s moles, eh???

      • @ farina… *ROTFL*
        You’ve nailed it!!! I’m having hard time suppressing my laugh and now i am giggling here in my office with people around me watching and thinking : “What is up with Daisy at her table gigglingand smiling all day?” ahahhahaha

        @ charlotte…just like @farina said, you’ll have a long line to wait.

      • Farina! do u think that i’ll allow you to give him your “wild” mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after i rescue him putting all my effort???? Isn’t it like I “cook” and you “eat” the ready-made “food”??? NO!!! No sweet without sweat!!!! …..

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        what do you think of this scrip?

    • really farina, that comment made me laugh so hard!!! miracle was thinking of saving him and you were thinking of taking advantage of him. ROFL!!! 😀

    • Ione, you ain’t touching his moles….go find some shampoo or other activities you can think of to occupy yourself with his NT…

      The rest of you girls sharing the same time (more or less) as Singapore….GET BACK TO WORK PRONTO!

      • ROFL!!!! Sahar! You’re quick on the uptake! Lollll!!! I guess Miracle has to make sure to knock the lights out of him first before bringing him to ‘MY safety’! WAHAHAHA!!!

      • let’s hope then Men’s Association wouldn’t log in here by any chance! I can already imagine what they are going to say in their next petition against “the joking eels”. Get ready!

      • omo,,KHN is very lucky,,sorry but I want to pull her away with Prince,hahaha (I’m being possesive here)..What to do,I just want to protect my share with Sukkie! KHN,,spare us some bite,you’re turn is over..move away!!!!!!!!!!! Me being crazy,forgive me Sukkie *_*

      • @charlotte: i thought the lips belongs to andrea?..LOL!
        p.s. keun suk’s really (wanted? scarce?)___ here ..hmm..i don’t know the word to use..(lost for words). just fill in the blanks. kkk..

        @farina: woah. amazing.

      • hahaha,,I’m afraid farina will end up suffocating Prince Jang rather than reviving him,lol..peace farina..(“,)

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        ” Site Blocked
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        – isn’t it funny,,hahahaha..these is even more funnier than I thought,,lol..

        P.S – I’m a filipina but now working here in Bahrain

      • Oh Farina you are just unbelievable…..hahahhah!!!
        Daisy dear happy belated birthday!!!
        May you be blessed with endless joy and good health.
        High five!! Welcome to JKS Passionate Scorpio Club (maybe you have a better name for it?)…..kekekeke!!

      • Charlotte, this is for you: (cr Wikipedia)
        Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.

      • Charlotte, just don’t want you to go around Bahrain asking for its meaning…they might give you a demonstration instead!

    • omo,,the thought scares me farina,hehehehe…But with Prince JKS..I will be more than willing,,toinks! (oopss! girls don’t scold me) ^_^

  4. thanks so much, aphrael!!! i was laughing like crazy watching the videos without even understanding what was being said. your transcription gave light to why everybody was laughing almost everytime JKS speaks. when KHN hit him hard because of something he was saying, that was so funny! (played that part over and over again! :-D)

  5. hahaha,,so Sukkie’s mole is exclusive to farina,lol..,,gotta be contented to his NT,what to do?kekekeke..
    anyway’s guy’s have you read the spreading news about” Korean Men’s Association” petition against Sukkie’s movie YMP..Can I ask one favor,,and that is to let it go,,let this news not be the talk of the town on FB,twitter..I’m worried Sukkie is trying his best to recover from stress and now this news come’s out..Sorry guy’s,,I just want him to have a peace of mind although Prince probably knew it..Pleasee…….Thank you!!!

    • hahaha…that petition will only promoting the movie itself, half of women in the world will curious, what’s inside the movie that made them wrote a silly petition…

      • Yeh look at the bright side of it….this will help to make it into a blockblaster with such news spreading worldwide. I’m sure our prince will definitely won’t care for such ridiculous petition. Fighting our charming prince!!!

    • I saw yesterday. Forgot about it today. Those men’s association people so lucky. They probably getting free tickets to the movie so actually see what they protest LOL

  6. aparently you’ve already divided JKS’s body beween you . so Andrea has reserved the lips Farina the moles but who’s the lucky girl who wins the “tresor national” and what’s this TR you’re talking about ? i don’t want to be rude but the only tresor in a man’s body is commonly named “family’s jewel” “bijou de famille ” am i right ?
    btw ,if the sharing hasn’t ended yet , i would like to have the exclusive rights on the long legs . i always dreamed to have long and skinny legs but unfortunatly this caracteristics doesn’t exist in my code genetic .
    so if no one is against it , i ‘ll requisision them for my self .
    you know what, i think it will be interesting to translate all the naughty comments (especially your’s FARINA) to korean and post them on his oficial blog .with his legendery sens of humor i think he will save them for his old days.
    @Farina , i don’t remember what’s your profession but i am quit sure that you’ll be the
    greatest author of erotic books of the century , your imagination never breaks down and i think she’s getting more naughty with evey new comment .
    so it’s a deal , i’ll bye all your books but just make sure to get them translated to frensh .
    as for the silly man’ spetition , i think it’s a free add for his movie because all the wemen will be curious to see what provoked this reaction even the ones who weren’t interested in it at first , Sukkie should be patient and leave the movie promote it self . , i’m certain (because he’s the leader actor )it’s a pleasant and warm movie and he’ll win the heart of all the viewers .
    ps : is the picture with the kiss “photoshoped”? if it’s not the case i guess we ‘ll heard sooner of a new love scandal , this time between him and KHN

    • Doc, I will lay claim on those ‘family jewels’! (yes im greedy)… I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share 🙂 Okay, let’s not dwell too much on this as there are kids around here and this site will be rated or we’ll be blocked by Aphrael. Lol!

      Translate our phrases to Korean? Mr Google will blush red to the roots of his hair! Ok can’t comment much. Need to get ready for work….catch up with you girls later 🙂

  7. omo. i’m not aware of this petition..:(
    as for me, just can’t wait for this movie! It is so cuute! If only I can go to korea to watch it. 🙁


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