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Missed “Love Rain” team.. now I have to throw myself into filming again!! Director Seok-ho, scriptwriter, Yoona, Si-hoo, In-guk, sis Bola, sis Eun-sook, brothers and sisters (crew members)! I’m finally coming! Cheers! Keun-chan is battling with the IV drip TT but during your rest time, come and watch You’re my Pet too, keke
想念爱情雨团队..现在要重新投入拍摄了!!锡浩导演 编剧 允儿 时厚 仁国 宝拉姐 恩淑姐 工作人员大哥大姐们!我终于要来了!加油!根酱正在跟吊瓶战斗中ㅠ 不过休息的时候 你么也来看宠物情人吧 呵呵

Now going to You’re my Pet’s VIP premiere. Our cute pet actor Jang! Please love him more

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  1. Oh, my poor…
    In the 2nd pic he doesn’t look well…

    Sukkie! Pls, try to avoid illnesses! Be healthy and take care! Love u!!!

    (i’m so worried, just couldn’t help but writing msg directly to him …even if he doesn’t read it)

  2. Hahaha, just see the master wears very short mini-skirt. Mmmm, Sukkie must be happy. And of course, she looks gorgeous! Uri Prince looked tired and I think (only I think), everyone who has a preview conf. will be kind of nervous since you will hear and see the review next day on the papers and radios or something. I know I would be. Sukkie fighting! You’re the best. We love you.

  3. Farina thanks for the prompt updates.
    Sukkie looks hectic but despite of his health he still managed to do well.
    He is really a superb and incredible guy.
    Sukkie take care and get well.

  4. his laugh wasn’t sound ‘crunchy’ as usual, OMG his voise was deep, a bad sore throat..hmm.. but he didn’t forget to show his cute and sweet smile! and i can’t stop giggling when suddenly he can’t afford to LOL at 2.05 vid 2 after he teased KHN at 1.56 (same vid):)

    • as much as I want to listen to his deep voice co’z its too sexy I want him to recover from his illness..I admit Sukkie was not at his best tonight..You hard headed JANG,,you should rest OK!!,,Don’t make me feel worried T_T

    • yeah, his voice doesn‘t sound the same. seems like he really hasn‘t fully recovered yet. but nonetheless, i love his smile and his laugh. was laughing like hell even if i didn‘t understand a thing. he‘s so cute when he teases KHN!

  5. Poor Sukkie he still looks like he could use a few days off. And Farina thanks for those links. I don’t understand a word but when Sukkie is speaking sometimes just nice to hear his voice. I wish I knew what he says though because he must have been delivering some funny stuff with a dead pan expression for Kim Haneul to be laughing so much. He’s really good at saying funny things in a serious manner trying to act naive and innocent. Oh and someone on Facebook say he looks like Hong Ki in second picture? No, I don’t think so except superficially (the both have similar hairstyle/color right now) because the mouth is all wrong (Farina knows how much I study his mouth).

  6. @farina, thanks for the links. this blog has been my “link“ to JKS vids.

    @andrea, i agree. he really has the knack of delivering his jokes with a serious expression and he‘s damn good at it. i love looking at his eyes and lips. they‘re so irresistible! but now i‘m also into his moles because of farina. 😀

  7. thank you farina for the links , i wish they will be translated sooner by someone .
    Andrea , you’re right it seems he didn’t recovered totally , he isn’t shining as his habit and even his face looks smaler .
    but because he’s the king of the entertainement he managed to make lighter the atmosphere with his jokes on KHN keaping the serious face of a monk .
    browneyes88 , i totaly agree with you , but why didn’t you praise his long and skiny legs (i wish i would have the same) , i’m quit sure they will fit perfectelly in the mini skirts he always talks about ..
    juste look at this video , if it wasn’t for the comment of the owner ,i would had never guess it was him , and honestly from the back he looks like a top model (female).
    ps: did you notice in the video ( the first link given by Farina) every one was screaming his name and i think i also herad male voices if it’s the case JKS must be in heaven because he always complained about beeing hated by guys . he’s slowly but certainely gaining their love .


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