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  1. Hey, I haven’t started reading it, but just want to say thank you very much Tenshi. Aliado gozayimas, gangsanghamida, merci, xiexie, danke…… many many thanks. 🙂

  2. For some reason I feel like crying while reading your wonderful account…..there’s soooo many precious & beautiful wordings, both from quotations from Sukkie as well as your own. Indeed I love him more after reading this. Thank you Kaori-chan. Love, hugs & kisses for you ❤❤❤

  3. Wow.. Glorious. I haven’t read either but will soon as get off work. Thank you so much for putting so much thought and effort. I will comment again soon.

    • Wow.. I just want to say Wow. I wasn’t able to read your fan account earlier because of my mobile. I can tell from your writing of events that it was truly a special experience. I am misty eyed and hard for me to write at this time. From your FA I can see how much heart and soul Sukkie put into creating an experience that would be memorable for his many Eels in Japan. Based on your account and footage that I have seen broadcast along the web via here and twitter Sukkies exuberance shines thru. I hope to be blessed someday to see him perform live for his Eels and after reading accounts I am more determined to. He knows his Eels love him and in turn he love us. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. And good luck in Canada. Not exactly sure what time zone your now but I believe you and I are closer.

  4. Wow is really guiding story to imagine more. I felt I was there at arena while waiting for my T-shirt arena tour 🙂 I can feel the high and I can feel the touch by jang Geun seog our uri prince. With the comfort English also can guide me more to dive in my imagination about the arena tour. Thank you so much for share. It helps many international eels to feel and also to know what is arena tour how is arena tour look like 🙂 thanks again.

  5. What a great FA you had wrote. Kaori-Chan. Thanks. I wasn’t so lucky to be able to attend Sukkie’s arena shows in Japan, but now I feel I have been there. I can tell most of your descriptions for the shows are accurate. That’s what also I read some pieces by pieces from FA on weibo. Like the the timeline, the songs, the talks.

    Sukkie is such a unique person. Whoever has shows made it as a real heart to heart meeting with fans. I mean he didn’t just performed. He really put up his thoughts, his feelings through the productions. He expressed himself to his eels how he feel for his famous, his life, his dream. He trusts eels with his spirit of freedom, he wants to be free but he will work hard with his eels support for pursuing his big dream. The words “I want to live a life I want to but not others want me to.” but with great sincerity he shows his love and respect to his eels. He is a very emotional person. He let eels to his happiness, his sadness, his vulnerable part, his bossy part, his confidence part.

    No one like him, he is the only one. ONLY ONE That’s why we are crazy for him.

    I love the way you wrote some actual Japanese words and put translation behind. This really bring the show live to us as real.

    I wish, I wish one day I could attend his show and dance shuffle with him too.

    Great job Sukkie, great job Kaori-Chan.

  6. Thank you very much, tenshi_akuma. By reading your FA, I felt like I was there, attending the show. It appears to be a great show, and I can’t hold my tears back at the part when he talks. He’s indeed a very sincere, honest and warmhearted person. He really loves his eels. I hope that someday I would be able to attend one of his shows.

    Thank you again, please take care and enjoy your time here in Canada.

  7. @ i agree with you. as i was reading it..i kinda get teary eyes for some reasons.reading tenshi’s FA, i enjoyed it a lot and how Sukkie enjoyed himself.But the part that touched me is when tenshi mentioned that he cried at some point in the show.Awe….how he cherishes his eels. i wished people knew how hard he had been working all this while.I sometimes feels sad when there are bad press about him and just wished people knew how hardworking he is to be where he is today.
    @ tenshi….thanks again for the FA..

  8. When he said “close to you” he really meant the words and show it both with the show production n with hearts. It is no wonder I can’t take my eyes (and heart) off him. Truly a marvelous guy.
    Thank your for transporting me to Saitama with your words. Truly, the best fan account I’ve read in a long time. Thank you so much ^^

    • shiro, I forgot to write about the subtitle of this arena tour, “ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU” in my FA. Thank you for reminding me. I post the translation of the message which was on the website of this arena tour before.
      The star knows there are a lot of people who look up at the only one of the countless stars twinkling in the sky.

      The star twinkles more to be found easily.

      The star twinkles more to make those who look up at it smile.

      The star twinkles more and more to make them look up.

      Whenever we look up, the star always stays there.

      And it shoots the brilliant twinkling at all of the people who look up equally.

      • omg that message is so beautiful… I adore that star! the twinkling star who would think about the people looking up at him and to make them smile… kaori-chan, thank you ^^

      • LOL… small world, eh? ^^ nice to see you here too ^^ I’m a frequent visitor here but not a frequent comment-er ;P

  9. Thank you so much for your great FA, feel like i was there too. And by your words, i can feel him and love him more. this is the reason why we love him more and more…
    again, thank you <3

  10. hi kaori-chan, thanks, thanks so much for this FA..

    I feel so ovewhelmed just reading your story, as if i was there..i can imagine the arena filled with eels that were very warm, and in response, were overwhelmed as well by Keun Suk’s performance (or gift, rather)..

    aah..every bit of it is so touching..my heart’s bursting and filled with emotions right now..thanks, thanks so much..

    can you imagine..what more if we’re all actually there..sitting beside each other, and dancing, and shouting, and singing with him..aah..

    that’s Keun Suk, our prince, our friend, a very honest and sincere man who wants us to accept the true him unconditionally..

    ..loving you more. ^_^

  11. Tenshi-chan, thank you…million more thanks for sharing your Super Wonderful fan account. I have been patiently waiting for your Fan Account knowing with all my heart that you will capture one of the most valuable experiences of your life and sharing it with all eels around the world. Tenshi-chan, once again, you put tears in my eyes while reading your experiences with Sukkie. Your story is so beautiful. You are such a great story teller. This is one of the best fan accounts I read about our Prince and his eels. I feel like I’m reading a modern fairy tale story. I’m engorged in every single words you written. Through this fan account, me too, LOVE SUKKIE MORE AND MORE. Truly, your fan account has captured all Sukkie’s greatness, showing his sincere heart with meaningful words and messages to his Japanese eels. I must admit Japanese eels are one of the luckiest eels in the world because they hold some kinds of special bond with Sukkie.

    Tenshi-chan, after finishing reading your fan account, my heart beats “beep..beep” and my tears of happiness keep falling down my face… nonstop for a while.

    Sukkie is truly a “guardian star”. No matter how busy and hectic his life is, even when he is sick, Sukkie never hesitate to give words of encouragement to his eels who are suffering from natural disaster, one example his recent tweet to Thailand is so sweet. I’m so touched by his message. Thailand is like my 3rd country; I had lived there for 4 years before coming to the USA.

    PS. I don’t know what the future will hold, as of now, I know one thing for sure ……. I’ll be his eel for life.

  12. Thanks Tenshi! Everybody feels that way,,
    The way you have written this account shows the entire feeling you had during your 2 days in Japan.
    Also, we are doing our best to bring him here in the Philippines…
    Pray for us sister EELS! ^_^

  13. Wow! Being honest i can’t express my emotion and feeling with words!! That’s Great! No, It’s more than just Great! Tenshi akuma’s detailed and full of emotion descriptions, beautiful photos, Sukkie’s sincere, touching and teary speech and many others – all of them took place and will stay deep in my heart!!!
    Kaorichan ( will u let me call u like this)!!! U’ve done great job!!! Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful FA and filling my heart with everlasting love !!!

  14. Oh, ione! I also wish that all members of our aphrael’s blog family could meet each other and attend Sukkie’s shows together!!! Even just a thought about this makes me get excited!!! (and imagine all of us will be wearing special mini-skirts^^)

      • hhahhahha….i can’t imagine it so….well..the whole mini skirt thing actually… but really..it would be nice if eels in this blog could meet someday…

    • @miracle, i was thinking along the same line this morning. what if all eels, especially us here can meet up and see one of sukkie’s shows together. that would really be THE DAY! hope it does happen someday!

      P.S. i love the mini-skirt part! LOL!

      • wow…gosh… we’ll sure have a blast watching his show and reminiscing all the talks and bickering that we have i this blog.hahhahaha..well i can imagine that…how awesome…

      • though I’m not confident to wear mini-skirt,,I can still wear it with black stockings ‘hahahaha,, for the sake of Prince! I just need to disguise myself a little bit co’z I’m sure JKS will laugh at me,,hahahaha!!

      • you go girl,hahaha..Another thing is,I need to buy nature republic products so that when I meet Prince,,I have fair lovely skin by then,lol..

  15. thank you so much tenshi_akuma for sharing this with us. Your experience is such that made the readers who cannot be there physically feel like they were there too. It was so detailed making us yearn to attend the next cri show physically. Yes, I agree that sukkie is very passionate with his career and I am glad that he feels the same way with his eels. His sincerity towards his fans is commendable and this makes him all the more lovable by us. Thank you again.

    To sukkie, YOU ARE LOVED ♥

  16. ummhm,thank you very much tenshi,,such a beautiful F.A,, there’s nothing compared the way you narrate your experience,,I can feel your deep love with Sukkie..Other’s may have wrote it on details but your’s is very special..I can actually feel every words that you said when you translate Sukkies message..You bring me to the arena itself..I am actually crying on my office desk right now,,funny but I got so emotional..sighs!! I am so happy that Prince acknowledged the fact that the reason why we love him is because he is HE,,and not for anything else..I am so touched the way the stage was brought up,,look at those runaways,, sweet guy! Co’z the venue was too big,,he manage to bring himself close to them as much as possible,WOW”..And as I always say,he is very intelligent,sweet,funny,very loving,stubborn,hard headed etc..The many faces of Prince,,but one things for sure,,he’s one of the most gentle person in this whole wide world..I will cherrish him forever..Now I feel more energized to fullfill my dream and that is to see Sukkie in person and watched him perform..
    take note guy’s,,I’ve never been to a relationship since childhood and never cried for a guy even those who I liked way before are married now,,but Sukkie changed that,,now,I often cry because of the love I felt for him (not in a romantic way)..I guess that’s what make’s him special,,he can bring out the best and worst in me..

  17. charlotte, so sorry dear, I just want to copy all of your words, coz that’s exactly what’s happening to me now..
    ….can’t say a piece of word no more…just thankyou, thankyou, million thankyou tenshi…

  18. @ daisy ..i know i’ll read you here in this blog..sorry for the late wish but happy belated bday i know it’s passed already but still…( your r officially passing the mid 20 timeline hahahhahahaha )…

    btw, i did mail you. You got ton of mail.

  19. I have been away on vacation in China and finally have caught up with every updates!

    tenshi_akuma thank you so much for your FA it was a wonderful read i felt like i was there with you and all the other eels!

    Good Luck in Canada 🙂

  20. Nossa, o relato foi fantástico. Já tinha visto algumas fotos do calebo colorido do Suk, mas não sabia que fazia parte de uma encenação. Deve ser maravilhoso o Show, quem sabe um dia tenha a oportinidade também de assistir. Suk preparou esse Show meticulosamente, cada detalhe é emocionante, e podemos sentir sua sinceridade só pelo relato.
    Ao que parece Suk está um pouco abalado com alguns comentários negativos. Aqui no Brasil ficamos um pouco isolados, não sabemos o que acontece lá. Tenho acompanhado suas notícias através de vocês, o que agradeço do fundo do coração. Espero que suas enguias que estão próximas, e até mesmo nós a diastancias por meio de recados, possamos lhe passar forças, que nosso amor seja semore seu combustível para continuar. Geun Suk continue sendo sempre nossa entrela bilhante, porque amamos você.
    Pessoal do jangkeunsukforever vocês são demais. Obrigada por compartilhar as notícias do Suk. Valeu

  21. Tenshi dear,

    Thanks for taking so much time and effort to share your FA with us despite your busy schedule~!
    And you even went for the restricted-view ticket on 25 Oct (I know I wouldn’t have), but luckily your seat on 26 Oct is better 🙂

    Finally I understood the concept of his Arena concert – quite meaningful. He’s the Prince of eels and yet people have various expectations of what a Prince should be like and how a Prince should behave – restrictive for our freedom-loving Suk! I just want to say, all those “expectations” are not what makes a person a Prince – JKS is a Prince in our eyes because in addition to all the external qualities he possess i.e. appearance etc, most importantly, we love him, care for him and treasure him. That is why he is a Prince, because we cherish him so much. It has nothing to do with other people’s expectations. Our Prince is a unique Prince who doesn’t have to follow expectations – fly high, dear Prince~! ^^

    Your account also brought tears to my eyes, at the part where JKS sang “Let me cry” in Japan – through your writing, we feel his sincerity and emotions. “Let me cry” is his first song in his first album debut in Japan – not only does it hold meaning for him in a country where much eels’ love has been bestowed upon him, but also for Japanese eels who can finally hear it live after months of waiting.

    Again, as always, waiting for the English-subbed Arena Tour DVD ….

  22. tenshi-chan, a million thanks and more for this detailed FA. i am so wishing i had the chance to be there and share in the happiness and exhilaration, which was very evident in this FA. you really are so lucky to be able to see sukkie in person and be a part of this milestone in his life and career.

    i was teary-eyed while reading it (actually read it twice coz i can’t get enough of it!), and i was especially touched by sukkie’s words about sincerity and him saying that he is no other than Jang Keun Suk. i also love the fact that he knows his eels love him for who he is, good or bad. and the way he apologized for not singing his first Japanese song to Japanese eels first is very moving. it just proves how sincere a person he is.

    this cri show really reveals a lot of things about him and i’m in awe by how he presented himself (read: bared his soul) here – you can see that he put all his heart, mind and soul in it. it affirms all the great qualities he has (which many people overlook or misinterpret) – youthful and carefree yet serious and passionate about what he does; straightforward and totally unpretentious; warm and gentle with a very sincere heart; smart, mature, confident, even bossy & arrogant; but he has a genuine appreciation and love for the people who love him, especially his fans. he is totally in a class of his own which is why he is loved and admired so much. hands down!

    i love him now more than ever. i will forever be an eel, that’s a promise!

      • Ditto…I agree with all the comments listed on this page 🙂

        If ever this idea comes to fruition, I think Spore or KL would be the better choice for us to gather. The reason is bcoz he’s most likely to speak in English or use an English translator. If there’s another Cri Show in Spore next yr it will be more meaningful to me coz I will get to meet some of you and just imagine the craziness we will have!

      • @ farina… KL-S’pore… it’s not that far… especially if i get to see farina… hhahahha..,bagus kan kak?hahahhaa

      • It’s my hope and dream to meet all of you one day. Andrea, when you do make that trip to Korea, perhaps you can transit here for a few days? 🙂

        Daisy, if ever I go KL we can meet up ok? Can’t even remember the last time I was there….Kita pergi makan! 🙂 Can also meet Carol. Oh ya, when is she cmg back from Korea? I wonder if she has already been to Tree-J office to deliver our book….Aphrael, any news from her?

      • double thumbs up to you browneyes88,,and farina nice idea,,I will start saving money now,hehehe..,and girl I’m having a hard time looking your favorited vids of sukkie on youtube can you post a link here,,thanks!!

      • @ farina… sure..and it’s gonna be my treat then.now that you mentioned carol..it’s been a while though since we last heard from her… i’m kinda curious too…

      • charlotte…. you’ve got tweet (@ farina…sorry kak but i just have to borrow your word!!*wink*)

      • Not sure when I go to Korea yet. I’m hoping next year sometime or in spring 2013. Its hard to get away for long length of time cause of my mom (she’s legally blind and disabled so I have to make sure someone is taking care of her). If it works out for me I will definately try to make the trip. LOL I would be going now if I hadn’t put so much time and effort, as well as money, to planning my vacation to California (I leave tomorrow so might not be commenting for almost 2 weeks). My brother has been pressuring me to go to Indonesia for years as well but he and I can’t travel together because of our mom.

      • @daisy @charlotte @farina, thank you girls!

        i just love sukkie – pure unadulterated admiration & adoration. he‘s got substance & character; and everything about him and more is what sets him apart. no celebrity has ever captured my heart the way he did. he‘s really one of a kind!

        @farina, that‘s a great idea! i‘m excited! but now i‘m thinking, how will i ever get time off from work & family if that happens. hmm…

    • Charlotte, why wld u be hvg hard time? There’s too many I favourited I wouldnt know where to start and what’s your preference…. I actually favourited them so that I have a list of what I had downloaded on my iPhone 3 before for the purpose of re-uploading them on my 4Gs.

    • Browneyes,
      i just typed my comment below and have started to read all the comments here and noticed that we almost have said the same thing 🙂

      ill be with you on being an eel forever

      • stvcri, our hearts and minds are united when it comes sukkie… 🙂

        happy to be an EEL forever with you…

  23. simply wow! hats off for your effort just to see sukkie. hope I can dare to go to Korea/Japan (wherever sukkie is) to see him and have a FA too!

  24. OMG! i don’t have such lots of idea to write a long comments like all of you friends, after so tired with so much work in my workplace, my brain become weak and stucked, but our prince awake me, so all this while i must say that i always agree with all of you!

  25. Kaori-chan, Thanks again for the wonderful & touching FA… I won’t say much as most of the eels have said how I feel.. I could feel the special bond that is building up between Sukkie & his eels and also among the eels.. this is very special indeed ^_^
    Btw.. hope you have a wonderful study trip in Canada & please drop by even you can’t post during this period.. and I have to say “wow! your mum will be like you as she will have a wonderful experience at Tokyo Dome”!!!

  26. Hi Tenshi – ari gatuk guzaimas.
    FA written with warm and sincere feeling – superb!!!!
    Could feel the Sukkie “world” spinning around – very touched with his sincerity
    and warmth.
    That’s our JANG GUEN SUK will always cherish and love him.

  27. First of all, Tenshi, thanks you a lot for sharing!
    Only thing I regret about is that I wasn’t there too, ’cause the show was overwhelming (in the good meaning of this word) as far as I understood. JKS is really the prince! So gifted. =)

  28. i had to read it over and over.. i cant get enough of the fact that his show is made perfectly.. Eels nation and him as the Prince.. him being watched all the time, and longs for freedom and was able to incorporate this in his CRI show, and made all his songs connected to the story is sooo clever. he had put a new meaning on the songs.

    he is so smart, and talented to be able to manage to perform a 3 hour one man show and be the brains of the show as well. how exhausting and on the other hand very much inspiring.

    it shows that we can do anything if we put our minds into it.. he made it all happen… not because someone tells him to but because he wants to.

    i am definitely will be an EEL forever… oh yeah, a HALLYU EEL =D

    so proud! thanks Tenshi chan.. stay in touch.. welcome to this side of the world 🙂

  29. OMG!!! wonderful acc!! i melted by that…our loving prince you can do everything you want becoz your eels just want to see you free and happy 😀

    Thanks dear Tenshi for sharing your great and touching experience^^

    i wonder how he sang Korean anthem in Tokyo Dome even though he had sore throat!!

    btw his voice was so warm and charming…really proud of him…the brightest star in the eels’ heart <333

  30. Oh my my !! Koari-chan, I was in tears!!! What a super-duper-duper heartfelt FA (can’t find any better description except this one which I hope you won’t mind me using that catchy favourite caption of yours…heheehee just cant resist). You and Aphrael are the greatest eels. Thanks for sharing and sacrifice your time. Our one of a kind prince charming has become so much more precious to us and can feel that in this blog this ocean of eels will do whatever to protect and support him.

    So glad that you had a super-duper-duper time (hehee excuse me, permission needed again) at his arena tour. Eels who attended his cri show/s will 100% agree with me that everyone had a very heart warming and unforgettable experience…..worth all the trouble and every penny. It never fails to bring out our adoration and craziness for him…proud to claim as one of his loyal eels. After the JKS cri show in Malaysia in June, I really yearn to be at all his cri shows… to be with him to give utmost support in all his superb and brilliant performances.

    Just like most of you eels here, never had this crazy gaga feeling over any celebrity in my 40++ years (half century club going to welcome me soon). This is pure madness….listen to his songs at least once a day (imagine holding his face, admiring his thick eyebrows and etc, not forgetting those tempting lips, looking into his beautiful eyes, serenade to me). Agreed with Katayun…Our prince has such warm and charming, sexy melting voice… and he was being humble saying he’s not good at singing…hahaaahaaa !!

    Aaahhh ….this Sukkie fever that I have has been @ boiling point for more than 16 months now and its getting worse.. I’m out of control, have become the walking active volcano !!! Anyone got a tip on how to suppress and control all these unexplainable feelings, do share plzzzz !!

    • Momo, (hope u don’t mind I cut short yr name :)) if you’re above 43, I will gladly vacate my position as the oldest Ahjumma in this blog. Sahar, I believe I’m older than you as I’m a January girl 🙂

      • Oh no oh nooooooo…..Farina , I need to graciously decline that title la even though I’m already past 47 (waahh…you have brought me back to reality) coz I need to remember that i’m 20, young at heart to catch up with my idolism on our so free spirit and vibrant Sukkie….LOL. If i’m not mistaken, we might have some cool eels in this blog who are qualify for the exclusive half century club.

      • I’m not sure….I feel I’m the oldest all along. But, as u say, what’s impt, we’re young at heart 🙂 I’m sure we can teach these kids a thing or two here 😉

      • Well i’m the blur blur type. Have learned and managed to catch up lots of everything thru all the sharing here, eg. the mole hunting stuff and Sukkie’s most beautiful mole which I’m not aware of. My dream world has so much variety now….hahaahaa. Luv you girls!!

  31. Welcome to The Biggest Trapped-Ahjuma Club, momofoon… ^_^ …
    And believe me, nobody here will be able to help you out from that ‘illness’ coz we’re all also still in deeply tortured by his endless charm haha…

  32. So so agreed with all of you. Eagerly jumping into The Biggest Happily Trapped-Ahjuma Club with the appointment of Farina as our President !!! Hurray!! Just have to accept the great Prince Jang’s magical spell. Wonder if that will be the day when all my bras & panties have his face too.

    Carol, are you back already?? Missed you dearly…..i’m all ears for your trip to Tree-J and Korea.

  33. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Finally you were there!!!…You are so lucky you met him several times…I hope some day …I hope to meet him,too ^_^….
    I also was there but only November 25 …and it will be an amazing day forever!…I also wrote a narration but in spanish and now is going around =) I feel so happy!! I don’t have words to describe these feelings and when I saw him very near …I almost die…hahahaha I was in the first floor ^_^ near to a runway …
    Hugs Cri! Have a good travel!
    PD: I hope anytime we can contact by e-mail or facebook….will you stay in Japan for”Tokyo Dome”? I already got my ticket =)


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