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Fans… you all keep pursuing me, keeping it from everyone, chatting about grasping all my whereabouts…. but do you know? The more you do that, the further you are from me…. laugh while you still can~~~ when I get angry, I’m a scary man~

I remember all your faces clearly

Because I said I remember these fans’ faces clearly, are you deliriously happy? I have said, laugh while you still can, because from now on, you all are out!
因为说记住私生饭的脸 你们是不是高兴疯了?我说了 你们趁能笑的时候就笑吧 因为你们现在开始已经出局了!

but what’s ridiculous is, yesterday 10 cars followed me. I alighted and told them in Japanese not to follow, it’d be scary to enrage me, but they don’t understand… looks like they are from a third world… distant…these fans …[*]
不过可笑的是 昨天10辆追车跟来 我就下车用日语说不要跟来 让我发火的话会很可怕的 但是她们却听不懂..看起来就像是第三种世界的人…遥远..[*私生饭也是很国家化的亚洲王子..]
[*meaning not understood]

Hong-ki: There are also rule-abiding friends amongst these fans, and also disobedient people. Should lecture those disobedient people. What happened yesterday?
JKS: An appropriate degree of waiting is cute and can be tolerated, but from now on, there is no exception.

I like Japan and Japanese ^^ but I don’t like these fans~ I also like China and Chinese, just that I dislike these fans~ I said, don’t follow me~ you all should not have followed. It’s only like this~
我喜欢日本和日本人^^只是不喜欢私生饭~我也喜欢中国和中国人 只是讨厌私生饭~就是说了不要跟来~你们就不要跟啊 就只是这样而已啊~

Friend open a restaurant, I’m here to test the food. Can the taste make Keun-chan touched…?? Looking forward to it
朋友开了家餐厅 我来试吃的。味道到底能不能让根酱感动呢…??期待中。

Hong-ki: mm…. was it interesting yesterday? ke
JKS: Just like you hitting the ground and regretting keke
【suk:就像你捶地后悔一样 呵呵】

There’s still such delicious food in this world!!!!!

Rucola served. dong dong!!!
芝麻菜(Rucola)上桌 咚咚!!!

Gangnam-gu, Shinsha-dong 554-32 025436321 colamercato really very delicious!!! thanks for your soft drink cri!!
江南区新沙洞554-32 025436321 colamercato 真的好吃惨了!!!贤德!味道很好!谢谢你的汽水cri!!

On the way to sauna.. dropped my handphone and damaged the screen ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!!!
去桑拿的路上..把手机屏摔坏了 啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!

The shattered screen has been replaced… all repaired!!!

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  1. wow… jks pissed off by some of his fans? what happen? he didn’t even metion them as eels. scaaryyy…>.<, that's why we must treat our idols nice and polite. i mean, to be an entertainer with a pile of schedule, fans meeting, concert, press meeting, and so little time to rest must be stressful. moreover, imagine how does it feels if you have to smile all the time and showing up in your best condition everyday because people will always greet you and taking picture of you. that must be really hard. if i were him, with that kind of unpleasant situation i'm gonna be soo freaking mad and throw something at someone whose stubbornly stalking me. so JKS, keep the spirit!! eels will stand by you.

    • this has gone to far..when I saw photos of fans at the airport welcoming him,I have a thought in my mind that these things will start to happen..They will chase him to death,,and I was right.His desire to become more famous in his homeland resulted into this chaos..And because of this immature acts,,he will keep his distance from now on..What is sad about it is,everybody will suffer from this stupid wrong doings of few fans.T_T.,,I appreciated the way he commend Japanese and Chinese eels,,they gave and showed him a good impression..I want to show him the same warmth when he come’s to our country..*_*..
      – everyday is challenge to Sukkie,,international eels are far more better than his native fans,,this made me sick..ggggrrrrrrr!!

  2. some people just don’t know when to stop. I too am pissed off because of this. It upsets me to see him like this. He really does not need anymore stress right now. He needs to rest. Some people may say that this is the price he pays for fame but fans should know their limits. Invading his privacy is never an option. True fans should respect his privacy.

  3. that‘s going overboard. there‘s a big difference between supporting and following your idol and just plain stalking! i can just imagine how irritating that must be for him. sukkie is a very understanding & gentle person, but these fans have crossed the line by being too persistent to the point of total disrespect. grrr! and the fact that he got off his car to tell them off, he must have been pushed to his limit. seems like he‘s not kidding when he says he‘s scary when he‘s angry. 🙂

  4. I think these fans may not be aware of the “house rules” & that could be the reason why Sukkie did not mention eels…. as I remember Kaori-chan mentioned before that during his private trip to Japan (which he went to public places like train station, park, streets, etc without his managers & bodyguard, his msg that he wants privacy was communicated among the eels & so even the eels saw him in the streets, they keep a distant & didn’t mob him), he had a wonderful moment then as we can see he enjoy very much.
    I was smiling when I saw this vid created by a Japanese eel fan with the messages “don’t touch”, “don’t run”… “that is our promise” (I tried to made up from the Kanji to understand the message here)

    • i saw a script translation in youtube(interview with MG) with both your names you and “farina” , is that you or somebody else?
      btw thanks for the translations (you or anyone)

      • Huh? Where?? I have uploaded only 4 vids on my YT channel @farina1968….one of which is of Sukkie during the fan signing event in April. Actually I took a lot of vids from that event on my camera but it takes ages to upload so I deleted them 🙁 The only one I uploaded was from my iPhone. Should hv taken more if I knew….

        One thing, those of you who had the opportunity to be real upclose to him, is he really 1.82? I can’t gauge from my where I stood which was on the 2nd floor…it’s just that sometimes he looks rather small when standing beside others….

  5. Thanx a lot apharael, now I know his angry tweet. Well, his emotion is understandable for us the truly eel. But I’m a bit worried the impact that could be happen after this tweet showed up. I think it may cause misunderstanding (again..and again..) among the korean eels and could also for the korean media who often upsidedown every sukkie did ( good deed into show off deed, something like that). Oh, poor prince, hope it won’t happen coz it might burden him a lot more stress…

  6. I admire your courage to protect your limited privacy. And yes, true supporters will give you the space to live your life the way you desire. Keep yourself well. CHEERS

  7. Wow. I now have more insight into what happened but was too tired to follow since I had to go to bed. Yeah, those “fans” went too far. So I hope he was able to find peace afterwards but sounds like he held onto the incident until it burst out of him and he posted on twitter. But really hope people realize that when he’s on his private time to leave him alone. Its different when he’s put himself out for public view like when he is working and he really likes to put himself out there for his Eels so this incident must be doubly hurtful and insulting to him. Okay, that being said…

    • … he must have enjoyed the food because he looks happy afterwards. But I wonder if he sampled the wine? Probably not if he’s been cutting back and mentioned soft drinks. Really makes me want to go back to Italy on my next vacation because even the street food is better than some of the restaurants at home and DC has some really awesome restaurants.

  8. HE is pissed off cos these type of fans keep on following him 24/7 and keep on whispering they know everything about him. I also don’t think that these types of fans are called eels.

  9. Why is it that I hadn’t even done anything, but I’m feeling totally guilty towrds Sukkie because of what these annoying fans did? If they call themselves his fans, the least they could do is to respect his privacy and let the poor guy drive himself around without being stalked. Sukkie shares enough details about his private life with his eels. Infact I don’t think any other Korean artist is as open with their fans and as close to them the way Sukkie is. He truely knows how to make us feel special and also feel involved with what he’s doing. I hope he cools down soon and transform back to his cheerful and endearing self! Hate to see him pissed like this! 🙁

    • you’re right Nathasha , not only in korea but in the word (except from usa) .
      we haven’t as many artists in our coutry as you but i can assure you that no one( included the media )except their familly ,had any clue of their private lives , and it’s fair .what’s private must stay private .
      also what says “arie-tristan” is true , cos he struggled so long to get where he is now and i’m afraid the biger will be his star the more he will suffer this kind of misfortune . all i hope is that he’ll learn quickly how to win over them (bad fans and bad media) so sukkie sheer up and keep smiling because you’ll have forever the support of your eels .
      ps: he talks about soft drinks , did he quit drinking alchool ? i hope so

      • I think he’s been cutting back on drinking because it has been stressing his vocal chords. Since he hasn’t had formal voice training he admitted somewhere that he wasn’t prepared for the stress on his voice and one of the reasons he was getting sick I think.

    • i agree with you guy’s..things like this is not funny..I don’t condemn those who did nuisance act to Sukkie,,but I read about this “sasaeng fans” in Korea,,they are scary..huh!! I hate thingking that because of them we won’t be seeing more action from Sukkie just like before…sighs!!!

  10. Just now i watched KBS and showing him in Entertainment weekly, they gave him the wow word ‘ narsissistic’, OMG, what else to say, it’s him! But his charm was so owesome in a big tv screen! But also he looked different in tv compared to Utube in the interview, it seems that he was a bit serious and wanted to say more freely as usual but he tried to hold back and keep in his mind instead of talking, but finally he confidently talked and made the interview scene came alive! Bravo to him even finally no comments from the hosts, might be times up already…hehe

    • uh mm,,this “narsissistic ” thing is not that positive but that’s Sukkie’s personality..Another misconception on his part,,why they always question Sukkies behavior,,I bet those goody-goody actors are not as brave as him to show their true color in public.That’s why they tag him as a “strange guy”,,Btw,I love the way he does his thing..^_^,,the hell I care with those negative write-ups against him..Cheerrrssss to AsiaPrince-JKS ^0^

      • yea, i know the meaning of that word is not good, but i don’t care because we already knew him.., at first so confused whether they don’t like him or just teasing him or might be they got jealous kkkee, but it’s not a good way to interpret their collegue like that, and the worst is that they just end the show without commenting even a word about him ! that’s why i said before that the show was already times up, so have to stop immediately, hehe..hmm..just leave it, No good point to talk further..Keep up your excellent work sukkie!
        @daisy(m), u may watch him in astro kbs at 11.45pm tonight, happy watching!

    • narcissistic… strange…? yes, in a positive way. and that is one of the many reasons why he is admired & loved so dearly. he dares to be himself wherever he goes. he doesn‘t allow himself to be restrained by the norms, by what behavior is expected from celebrities like him. to me, that is what‘s most admirable about him. it‘s as if saying “this is who i am, take it or leave it.

  11. wow poor sukkie really sounds mad. it think he has the right to be mad though. it must be very horrible having people fallow you 24/7 but at least now maybe those people will listen and fallow the boundries.

  12. hi..i personally believed that everyone and everything has limit.when people cross that limit, things bound to happen.same goes to sukkie… he’s been stressed lately and those fans are not helping.i believed he have like said it like a million times… when he need privacy, just let him be for a while.he’ll make up to his fans ( that’s why he have all this FM,I/V ,Arena Tour ans so forth ) . Felt bad and kinda pissed off but glad he was in a lighter mood afterward. Well, that’s only an opinion.

      • well… at least thats not me unless you count here, twitter, and app! But I just think it makes me a devoted fan. I plan to go to Seoul someday and find Tree J building to take a picture by their sign but that is the limit of my stalking because I really want to tour Korea LOL. If fate happens that I see Sukkie than I will consider myself blessed. I just don’t get how people actually have the TIME to stalk a celebrity *shaking my head*.

  13. Slow down people… The guy needs some air. It is fine to love him and cheer up here work but… Make room people… Make some room so he wont feel bad of being popular…

  14. Ok now I feel offended:
    “but what’s ridiculous is, yesterday 10 cars followed me. I alighted and told them in Japanese not to follow, it’d be scary to enrage me, but they don’t understand… looks like they are from a third world… distant…these fans …”
    So just because those creepy stockers dont understand a world they came from a third world?… Please Jang Geun Suk… They are people who understand the social distance…!!!

    • @ Yolis: The situation looks pretty simple to understand. By tailing celebrities beyond their work schedule, fans should understand they are encroaching onto the privacy of the celebrities. When the celebrity specifically asks the fans not to follow, well, at least the celeb is being polite here – there are celebs who will just get their security staff or managers to shoo the fans away. What is so difficult to understand about not following him? Even if the language is different, the body language is clear – don’t follow, and like what you said earlier, give the artiste some personal space.

      In a situation where fans persist in following despite the celebrity’s request, it logically means:
      – these fans do not respect the personal space or privacy of other people. As such, they also will not get respect in return
      – they are not genuine fans who care about the artiste
      – in extreme stalking cases, the celebrity has the right to call the police

      You have the right to think what you like.
      Similarly, he is entitled to express his own thoughts.
      If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay attention to him

    • Ok Yolis, maybe there’s been some misunderstanding here….I would like to quote an explanation of the phrase ‘third world’ by a Korean eel who has been so kind to translate practically all his tweets:
      ‘We say “a distant mountain” when we lose to say and we have nothing to say……in an absurd situation or when we pretend not to know something or pretend to (be) indifferent. It means to look away or look elsewhere.’

      I hope you don’t misunderstand us sharing our sincere love for Sukkie; this place is just a place that we not only express our respect for his undoubted talent, it’s also a place where we make friends with each other regardless of our nationality etc. I have never enjoyed myself so much as I do here. All our crazy comments are just out of our own fun and not meant to offend anybody. You’re welcome to share our love for Sukkie but if you notice from all our exchanges, we remain polite to each other and I hope you will too.

      • Farina dear, yes.. I saw the same explanation by a Chinese eel on the twitter messages and she explains the meaning & usage to eels in BaiduSukbar too.. it seems the “Third world” is the word which may offend some fans but knowing the real usage in Korea (as it is different meaning and usage in other countries) will clear the misunderstanding ^_^

    • @ Yolis please don’t feel offended by the twitter msg.. I guess you may be offended by the use of “third world” in Sukkie’s twitter. Try reading Farina’s explanation.. it is used differently in Korea as it means “barrier”. As Aphrael as explained also, when Sukkie came down the car to request the fans not to follow him during his personal time, as fans, they should understand & leave him alone. If the fans don’t listen, they are no difference from paparazzi.. (remember the Princess Diana’s death cause by pararazzi chasing) 10 cars following his car on the road is definitely dangerous for both the fans & Sukkie, right?

    • Hi Yolis, hope Farina and QQ’s reply on the korean meaning cleared the air 🙂 From your first comment, I believe you sincerely feel for JKS’s need for privacy and ask for fans to respect his wishes. Perhaps you (like me initially at very first glance) misunderstood the translated korean usage of ‘third world’ but as shown by Aphrael, Farina and QQ’s replies, I really feel this site is truly an understanding place (ie no bashing of any negative remarks, acceptance of individual’s view, reaching out in reasonable way to clear any misunderstandings of reports etc). Makes me feel very cosy here, like an eels family ^^ let’s all continue to support JKS!

  15. I didn’t do anything to him I live in the other side of the world
    but his tweets hurted me allot :'(

    “they are from a third world”

    what did he mean “third world” ?


    • A, I used Farina’s explanation on the words “Third world” in Korean’s term & usage below… the “distant mountain” (or barrier – could be language or emotional barrier)
      We say “a distant mountain” when we lose to say and we have nothing to say……in an absurd situation or when we pretend not to know something or pretend to (be) indifferent. It means to look away or look elsewhere.’

    • @A! If u’r real eel, u should understand him! Right now u’r analyzing the situation only from ur own point of view, and judging him based on ur own feelings! Calm down, and put urself into his place! What would u do in the same situation???

      Jurt wanna say that I strongly support the opinion of aphrael shared above!!!

  16. Ok girls, in case not getting worse, let stop it right here! I’m sure we don’t want The Home Sweet Home of Aphrael become ‘ eels battle’ . So please, whoever you are, eels or not, let’s do respect to each other as a person. The explanations are quite clear, if there still confusness or misunderstanding, let’s just put it down, or leave it out of this blog.


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