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  1. wow! will this be offered to fand overseas, with English subs? hope so (tightly crossing my fingers). i don‘t mind watching sukkie‘s performances, seeing his smiles, and hearing his voice & laughter but it defeats the purpose of getting it if i won‘t understand a word being said. LOL! and besides, it would be more than twice the fun to watch if i van understand him. 🙂

  2. @Andrea (USA) you said in one of your comments that you’re curently watching the drama ” a thousand days promise ” me too , like you i like sad drama/movie . i’ve watched a lot of them :late autumn , winter sonata, stairaway to heaven , hotelier, witch star are you from, gone with the wind, pride and prejudice, les hauts de hurlevent, …and more
    what’s funny is that i cry all my eyes watching them and after finishing , i tell to myself i’m really blessed with my life because there are many people around the world who can’t get what i have .
    anyway i’ve written in the “Silent Regret ” blog where i download most of my dramas(thanks to them) this comparison between Korean and US actors and i wish as an american you’ll give me your tought of it.
    so here it is : * kim rea won /Brad pitt (they have the same animal sex apeal)
    * joo ji hoo /colin firth : i think they have the same inner charme , at first sight they seems cold but if we look closely they are passionate in evey thing they do
    * gong yoo/hugh grant : like him he can be passionate ,playfull, serious , reserved , following his humor or the script he’s doing
    *kim hyun joong/Michael Sapieha : he’s a canadian acteur i’ve seen in a mini drama “marguerite volant”, both of them have the same cuteness and shieness in their acting .
    i’ve done the same comparison on many other actors but the one and only i couldn’t and still can’t find an alter ego is JKS . he doesn’t look like any other actor (korean or other nationality) he is unique , he has all the characteristics (sexy; cute , passionate, tender,jocker , brave, egocentric , proud, narcissistic and much more ) it seems that we can’t give him a label , one time he’s angry like in the twitter and the second after he’s joking hapilly with friends and i’m sure it’s that strange personality of him what makes his fame and of course what create misunstanding and jalousy among the other artists and media .
    so what do you think , am i right or did i fell shamefully ?

    • I haven’t really done a comparison of American & British actors to Korean actors because I am still fairly new to the genre (8 months at this point) but yeah hard to compare Sukkie right now. If I really had to think about it I don’t there is just 1. Problem is background mostly because hollywood really messes young actors up. To be honest I am not a Brad Pitt fan of but have seen a lot of his movies. Same with High Grant. But I am a huge Colin Firth fan.

    • no maya you’re right,,nothing to be ashamed off co’z I have the same thought bwt Sukkie..No one can predict his mood,,hahaha..That’s what make him interesting and stands out among others..Once youre trapped,you can’t get enough of him,,ahhihihi….I never imagine myself to be like this crazy towards a celebrity,,but I’m blessed co’z I found Sukkie.. *_*

      • This is why I like this blog so much! Because we all feel same for similar reasons but express it so differently. I’ve drowned so completely that I have practically forgotten about American & European actors LOL at least temporarily. Once I am able to control my obsession and moderate my feelings I will try to do a comparison of favorite Korean actors with favorite American & European.

  3. @ maya, 100% agree with you! The funny thing is I often compare some celebrities in my countries with other celebrities from other country ( hollywood or other asian celebrity), whether for the outer look or,style or even character. But, I never ever find ( till now still think hard) a kind of person like JANG GEUN SUK! He’s really is A Man of A Kind!


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