[News] Hilarious filming: JKS’ beautiful butt “ravaged” by KHN

Incredulous photo of actors Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk was revealed recently, displaying the scene where Chi-eun walks into the bathroom and without warning, hits In-ho’s butt forcefully while he is washing up. In-ho turns around and both look at each other for a couple of seconds before screaming at the same time.

This is Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk’s sexy and funny scene that signals the start of the Pet’s dependency on the owner. On the day of filming this, the set was full of hilarious laughter. Kim Ha-neul, not wishing to touch JKS’ butt, blushed red with shyness, while the “victim” Jang Keun Suk had his own unspoken troubles. The reason is not because of KHN’s shyness, but because of the director’s repeated enthusiastic demonstrations. All the workers on set were laughing uncontrollably. For a long time, Jang Keun Suk “suffered” the ravage of the director and KHN, but he could only keep his butt up and cooperate obediently.

Extracted from Innolife

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  1. He sure was whacked left, right, centre on YMP! he should have demanded payment for ‘damaged (read: ravaged) property’ lolllll!!! This article really made my day!

  2. OMG! These days after Farina’s naughty expressions concerning sleeping pix, moles, knocks and kisses, my mind have been stuck with “pervy” imaginations! Just like pouring oil on the fire, after seeing this pic i have overimagination!! I don’t know how to get rid of them!!! Ottokhajo???

    • I don’t come to the blog when I’m in office as I may burst into laughters whenever Farina starts the “discussion” !!! ^_^

      • @QQeyes007,,mine is different..I can’t start my work without seeing this blog and reading comments .Everyday I get so excited to wake up co’z I know there will be new updates..What I do is,when I can’t hold my giggles,,I turn my head on my right side opposite to the direction of my boss so he could not see me smiling to myself,hahahaha..as you know time difference is my problem too just like andrea.So when everybody is asleep,,me and andrea is awake..
        btw..i luv farina’s naughtiness *_*

      • @charlotte, Samo here, this blog is a cup of coffee in the morning for me. The first thing I get to office, I read it and I feel I will have a good day with Sukkie and all your lovable eels. 🙂 Thanks Aphrael to make this happen. Thanks everyone.

      • @QQeyes007: it’s really hard to suppress your giggles! Now i know how Mu Kyul feels whenever he suppresses his giggles for Mae Ri’s dad. hahaha!

      • heheheee.. yes, I can’t suppress my giggle or laughters and I may not be able to concentrate in my work anymore & imagine smiling at myself in a serious project meeting in office lol! ^_^

  3. calm down girls (and aunties hihi^_^)…ehm ..actually I want to join your naughtiness, but o..o .. my dearest husband is behind me awww….

  4. I just remembered his scene in YAB, when he got whacked by Mi nami’s aunt twice! once, when she was waking him up and the other at the breakfast table.That was one of my favourite scenes, especially seeing his expression and the expression of Minam, Jeremy and Shin Woo. I bet that scene in YMP would be a hit too! Now I m not just waiting for the movie but for behind the scenes too!

    • Yes! Me too! Me too!!!!

      @Miracle: don’t get rid of them; SAVOUR them instead!! Have you gone for your own experience of ‘mole-hunting’? It’s quite a thrilling experience! Rofl!!!

    • you’re wrong sahar , he was beaten several times by minami’s aunt before the director says ok .i’ve seen the making of in youtube and he was almost crying at the end of the scene .
      as for me i join my voice to farina ,he must take out an insurance policy for his butt (like the westerns do for there body) , the directors and the script writters must find it cut is that why they always add such scenes .
      farina i’ve just send a mail to your adress , can you please forward the picture to me , thanks

  5. hi ione….@ farina…. as usual ..u managed to dig out the “pervert’ side of eels… love ya’.. really can’t hold my laughter when she started to be naughty…ahahhah

  6. Suddenly i miss him so much kkkke..
    Off topic, HAPPY DIWALI to all might be indian eels here who celebrated it yesterday. May This Diwali be as bright as ever. May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth, and bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity!

  7. I’ve just seen the MOST upsetting pix EVER!!! Sukkie was younger but he was bare-bodied, lying face down and a girl in a NIGHTIE was on top of him!!! I feel like picking that girl up and throw her in the bin!

    If u guys feel like ranting, drop me an email so I can fwd you the pix(never mind the fact that it was posed) and we will chew this together….
    (for those who wld like my email address: farina1968@yahoo.co.uk)

  8. LOL… why am I not surprised to wake up to find this particular article with 30+ comments!! I love this place. Work just recently noticed my internet activity so been cut off and have to use to smartphone now to read (probably why my messages got shorter and more typo errors hehe). You guys are just awesome.

    Can’t wait for this movie to be available to me. Sukkie looks so worried up in that picture. I just adore him too much for words. I was talking with someone last night (my time) about my vacation and they told me about a wonderful place in LA called Koreatown where I can find Sukkie type merchandise in some of the shops. Really excited!

  9. Just to share what I read in BaiduSukbar a few months back about a nude photo of Sukkie’s circulating in the internet.. really I have not seen that before though I’m very curious but I’m not sure if it is the one that I saw a message from Sukkie (commented by Chinese eel from Korean to Chinese) which Sukkie tells his eels “really looks like me especially the head or neck (QQ–> I can’t remember which part exactly) but eels.. don’t I look better lying flat on the bed especially the tummy part!!!” I already laughing at his comment ^_^

    • LOL.. Farina is that like the picture you have?! I so want to see the picture you have but can’t LOL and not because I’m a prude (trust me on this, I am far far FAR from that ) just wanted to get that out there. I was just thinking.. the amount of times Sukkie gets hit in this movie would make a great drinking game LOL. Everytime he gets hit my the master you take a shot of Soju. At the end of the movie everyone would be pretty wiped out (kinda like some of the scenes from M3 when no one can move).

      • That’s okay… I was just using that as an example. I’m not much of a drinker anyway. Just thought it would be fun. It would make a great social game of some kind. Whoever calls out something when he gets hit wins the round and everyone else takes a penalty. I guess any kind of game can be created for this movie LOL

      • Farina, I got the email.. I saw this picture before in one vid by Japanese eel.. now I wonder if this is the one Sukkie meant about the head & neck looks like him but the tummy not ^_^ This is not from the movie as the lady is different.. I got a feeling this is the one Sukkie meant and the picture could be “cropped” (sorry.. don’t know the word to describe pictures of one being joined to the body of another).. the fingers also don’t look like Sukkie’s as he has long fingers.. and one of the picture looks funny like joined..

      • Tks for yr feedback 🙂 I nvr thought the pix were cropped till u mentioned it…I can’t see it actually 🙂

      • got it!!! like i said…funny…btw, talking of personal choice… well, i have to agree with Farina that #1 is Sukkie..while for #2,#3 and so on… hmmm… i haven’t given it much of a thought… maybe because i’m all into and about Sukkie now…heheheh…

      • LOL.. Daisy.. I was in love with Gong Yoo before I discovered Sukkie and he’s been slowly going down the ranks. He was replaced by Jung Il Woo after I saw BTS for the drama 49 days (eventually all the BTS for 49days featured Il Woo even though he was 3rd male lead and I think his role exploded and basically took over so if you haven’t seen that drama check it out). But Sukkie is only one I truly love and get excited for. I could drop any of the others in a moments notice. Oh… I’m sure Lee Min Ho is somewhere on my list but my interest is casual at best but I love his dorky smile just lacks the personality that Sukkie has oozing out of every pore. Okay, I just started thinking about Sukkie’s body again.

      • Lol Andrea! You’re still up at 3 am?? Have u had your cold shower yet?? Or are u still staring at that delicious tongue of his? Due to some possible underaged girls, we’ll keep this ‘discussion’ free from explicit choice of words….as it is, just the slightest hint of s*x*u*l connotation has all these girls(of all ages and marital status) hot & bothered…. You guys really enjoying yourselves whenever I start this topic huh….but ‘SO I’M LOVING YOU….!’

    • Oh! Might try to find that movie on my vacation in California! I been wanting to see it and curious if it would make US. Do you think they are preparing it to submit as Korea’s entry for upcoming Golden Globes and Academy Awards? Anyway, Gong Yoo is currently #3 favorite Korean actor.

      • Oh you mean your own personal choice list….I thought according to some official ranking… For me,#1 wld be Sukkie….and the rest can fight among themselves to gain my attention 🙂

      • I remembered watching GY in Biscuit teacher and …. ( please excuse my memories) where he falls in love with his teacher.. that’s the 1st time i came across him..kinda like him back then…maybe…i could say that’s he’s somewhere somehow in my chart… as well as lee min ho…

    • Would be nice though if Korea’s submission to be nominated and Crucible aka Silenced is just the type of movie that gets nominated for the 2arena awards I mention above.

    • oh my… I checked it out and the date the movie comes out in the US and the location I will be in California perfectly coincide. My hotel is 7 miles away from one of the 12 theaters playing Silenced. I can’t check the times yet (but you know I will) but if it works out for me I might just spend my late evening at the movies.. kekeke

  10. I like GY too, Coffee Prince! Well, I’m hesitate to watch this movie, what I heard the report that this a very good movie. I just think it would be hard to watch those abusive scenes. 🙁 I don’t have a “strong” heart.

  11. as always i must brake my impatience and wait for somnone to post it (believe me it’s really frustrating) .i’ve seen the trailer and it’s really interesting . this topic was exposed in some western movies as well , it’s a (fleau) scourge witch exists everywhere , unfortunately the law of the silence and the shame of the victims where responsable for the non punishement of the coupables .
    goong is great actor and i’m certain that this movie will be a success .
    from the korean actors i like :kim rea won , hyun bin ,kim hyun joong ; goong hoo, rain, …but my prefere is JKS the ohers are just (cerise sur le gateau) , just for fun


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