[17.10.2011] Tree-J twitter

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From tomorrow, actor Jang will go overseas for his Arena Tour. Late at night and he’s still busy rehearsing dance. Please encourage actor Jang who is preparing for his arena tour ^^
明天开始为了arena巡回就要出国的张演员 夜深了还在忙着练舞.请为准备arena巡回的张演员加油吧^^

This Arena Tour (JKS is) concerned about how he’s presenting himself to everyone ^^ From Nagoya, Osaka to Saitama~ everyone, be together with actor Jang~
这次Arena Tour 在意着想要让大家看到怎样的样子^^从名古屋开始,大阪,到埼玉~大家和张演员一起吧~

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  1. Today during the break at my dancing classes i checked my twitter and saw Sukkie’s dance rehearsal pix! I was so happy to know that we’re doing the same activity at the same time being in different parts of the world!!! ( i can’t dare to compare myself to him, though…lol)

  2. He’s getting so skinny…I’m a bit worried…he’s been so busy lately, making appearances everywhere, filming, and now rehearsing for his tour…I hope he’s getting enough rest and eating well…you’re eels will always be here to support you and give you energy Sukkie…Fighting!

    • I know.. I see him like that in plain t-shirt and jeans and I have wicked and inappropriate thoughts. In these picture he looks like he’s built just like my first love except Sukkie has both legs. When I saw these pictures my heart stopped for a moment and then started back up beating super fast. I’m calm now LOL

  3. love those pics so much…I love him more in a free casual style like that. And Andrea, it’s not only you who had naughty thought watching him in that appearance hihihi…


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