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  1. To save the large original size of wallpapers, you should be able to click on the pic. it brings you to Flickr. On top of the pic on Flickr page, click “Actions” and “View all sizes”….

    Previously I marked pics as Private and were not aware that you cannot click on it to see original size. hopefully this helps ^^

    • Hi Kate_Vee, if I remember right, JKS was teasing MGY for always knitting on the set, and that she could open her own knitting group, or something like that.

      • Is that why Mae ri would knit when she was at Mu gyul’s place? That would be interesting if they incorporated something the actress did for a hobby into her character. Its those little things that I liked about M3.. the story was a bit odd at times but the attention to detail was really good.

      • actually, I have watched this clip with Eng on TV before but can’t find the Eng sub to share here.. the interesting part is the blue mitten (or gloves) which Muygul had in the drama is made by Mary & not prop.. and when reporter asked MGY if she has made that for Muygul or for Sukkie, MGY has a smile and said shyly it was for Muygul. I’m not sure if I read correctly that it was a Christmas present from MGY to Sukkie…If so, Sukkie must be very special to have an actress to knit for him ^_^

      • thanks for sharing the info, QQeyes … do you know if MGY and Suk are close friends off-screen? they looked really great together in MMM ^^

      • Thanks Cri! On the last few seconds of the video there was a part where Sukkie said something like “tomokoyo” (don’t know if I spelled this correctly :() and then MGY tapped on the should as if she was embarrassed by what he just said. Does anyone know what he said there?

  2. hi guys,nice to join you all…I’m an ahjuma eel from indonesia, been a while updating this blog and really glad to know that I’m not the only ‘crazy ahjuma’ who so much adore our prince…so,hope that I ‘ll be welcomed here as a family,thanks before. By the way, all of the pic above make sukkie’s unique and mysterious side appeared,love them all…

    • LOL… I feel better. I feel so old sometimes to obsess over a young man. But it helps knowing that not all his fans are people his own age or younger.

      • Andrea, actually Sukkie is the only Asian artiste who can attract a wide age range of fans especially from 20s to 40s (his fans age range are from children to grandmas/grandmas ^_^), that is the special characteristics of Sukkie.. initially I thought only in Japan but later I notice many of his fans are really of different ages when he came to S’pore.. I saw fans of different ages. Unless Kpop, normally are teens/young adults fans or Kdrama actors, normally middle age fans.. my mum & aunty are grandmas but they like him too! ^_^
        here is a vid taken by media in S’pore during the Cri-show..

      • I love to see him with children too.. he will be a good daddy in future as he has dreams to be a daddy at 33 yrs old! First time I hear an artiste setting such a target besides their career.. I’m sharing here some vids of his fan signing session for those who have not seen before.. Sukkie has many mama eels & automatically many children eels..a few of the BTS of the concert DVDs I saw with mama & children eels bringing food to Sukkie while he is filming dramas..very touching scene ^_^

      • Ah… I love all those videos. I wish he were more popular in North America (actually, I wish the Korean Wave would become a Tsunami in North America!) so he would hold events here but not holding my breath.

        The videos with children.. I can really see and feel his sincerity especially the one where he spent part of a day at the childrens home. It seems most celebrities go in for a few pictures… wave wave smile smile… but he looks like he spent the day and asked questions and engaged the children and people who worked there. Gotta love him. Only other celebrity I’ve ever felt sincerity from when it comes to children is Angelina Jolie.

      • Cri-J, Thanks for sharing..the vid of Sukkie spending a day helping out at the children home is one of my favourites too as I’m smiling when the children playing happily with him & the little girls pulling his hands & couldn’t bear to let him go… really touching ^_^
        Recently, a news appear in Korea as many ppl are surprised to know from the news that Sukkie actually did very well in his studies in primary & high school though he was busy as child actor doing commercials then…and the teachers’ feedback on the report card on him is “kind hearted, never tell lies, sincere, amiable and cheerful”.. it seems Sukkie is brought up with all these qualities from childhood to adulthood..

      • no need to thank me dear QQeyes007! you are No 1 in bringing us joy with your youtube recommendations ^_^ I love love love the part where the girl can’t help but play with his beautiful hair and he smiles that warm heart breaking smile ^0^ have mercy on my heart sukkie!
        And yes , I have known about the recent talk with his studies.One of the comments I remember is that he has always been a shining star in heart ^_^ people are truly starting to appreciate him more.I am so glad that he’s becoming more and more popular in Korea now. After so many hardships and all the hard work he really deserve more than that.

      • @ cri-j: Wonderful!!! Your hands have recovered? I was so worried! ^^

        @ Iron_Orchid: … …. the Ahjumma Club is out of bounds to anyone below 30, ok…. (i’m jealous of young women! haha) ;p

      • No need to worry anymore! My doctor told me that everything is OK now and my hand is going to be as good as new soon. Now I only have some small ache here and there but nothing serious anymore. ^_^

      • Iron_Orchid and Cri-J, and those who under 30….. Let’s create a Noona Sukkie Club then. I’m right between Noona and Ahjumma, exactly at 30, mother of two beautiful children, a son age 5 and daughter age 3 Β½. Though, I’m still think I’m young at heart to be this crazy for a younger superstar from Korea; not from USA or my native country, Loa..….hehehehe …. Never dream of it before. Amazed myself sometimes of the things I do for Sukkie.

      • KaileyCA, ok, why not! =)) Lets create the Noona club!
        I’m from Russia (those part of Russia that near the Europe, somehing about 300km from Finland), I have no children yet, passionatly developing my career. It may be madness but after I seen Suk for the first time in the one of dramas I have the feeling that I’m 15 again, the fan squeaking in admiration. That’s such a wonderful feeling. =)
        If only I will manage to buy a ticket to the novemder show my life will be totally delightful indeed. =)

  3. aphrael77 and Carol(Malaysia), thanx a bunch for your warm welcome…Andrea, I don’t know how old you are but here I’ll reveal my identity to make you much more better. I’m a 33 years old mom and wife of a handsome 7 years old son and a caring husband,plus I’m also a kindergarten teacher. Never crossed in my mind to like and moreover love a korean artist since I prefer hollywood or western artist and movies. But everything changed a year ago when You’re Beautiful aired in Indonesia. It wasn’t love at the first sight of course, coz I didn’t like him at all ,in fact I mocked my friend who love him so much bcoz of his ‘beauty’. In my curiousity, I tried to watch YAB ( although a little uncomfortable watching an ‘eyelinered-man’ with a such bossy act…still didn’t realize that I was about to be trapped hihi…) And what happened next..? I think it doesn’t need to be explained anymore how ‘the magical aura’ of sukkie can conjure A become Z, dislike become like, and for sure a calm noble ahjuma become a crazy-teeny ahjuma like me hihihi…^_^

    • arie-tristan, we are welcome you here! ^_^ for me, I’m never a fan of any star before (even if the actor is very handsome!) but somehow I get attracted to Sukkie in dramas (BV, HGD…and YAB which make me come to youtube to search more about the actor.. only then I knew I actually have seen him in other dramas like BV and HGD.. his chameleon look & good acting first caught my attention then when I knew he can sing so well & then his other talents.. and more surprising his personality which is so special – kind & down to earth despite being a superstar.. I join this blog bec I’m touched by aphrael’s dedication despite she is also busy working… and glad to find many eels here, welcome to the eels’ pond!

    • I am 27 ! And a kindergarten teacher too ^_^ Welcome to this wonderful home of ours. I have never been a fan of any star before sukkie. I like some actors and had some favorite movies and such , but never in my life bothered to know anything more than the name of an artist or an actor that I used to like.
      Sukkie is the first and only one who turned me in to a fan ….. an eel swimming in pod LOL!But interesting enough… the pod was full of wonderful people … opps I mean eels who became my second family ^_^

      So welcome to our family dear!

    • hi arie,

      wasn’t love at first sight for me too …
      when my friend was chasing him in April 2010 and showed me a photo of Sukkie shot when he was walking n therefore at a strange angle that was unflattering… i was thinking, this guy looks very strange LOL

      and i watched YAB cos I wanted to see that CN Blue guy (can’t even remember his name now) but all the while my eyes were glued to Hwang Tae-kyung, puzzled n trying to see why he is considered handsome. now I’m addicted~! πŸ™‚

    • I’m 38 but young at heart… single no children. I became a fan on Kdramas back in Feb/Mar of this year (2011) with my first drama ever Boys Before (or is that Over?) Flowers. Second drama was Coffee Prince and I fell in love with Gong Yoo (still love him). I saw several dramas before I saw You’re Beautiful and by that time I was hooked on the genre which is a frustration of my friends and family. But I became hooked on Jang Keun Suk when his character changed his hair so it wasn’t covering his face and that was when I started looking up information about him and found this blog site. I was a lurker for a long long time but didn’t join in the chat until I became more comfortable. I can’t say I truly follow any other Korean actor as obsessively as JKS (except to small degree Jung Il-woo). I love a lot of the , Korean men but my favorites of JKS (of course), Gong Yoo, Kim Hyun Joong (music not acting), Jung Il-woo (he might be my second obsession after JKS), Lee Seung Ki, and Lee Min Ho. And has anyone seen how good looking Kim Bum has gotten since he’s lost some of his baby cheeks? Oh.. Aphrael the guy from CN Blue is Jung Yong Hwa. I still can’t watch You’re Beautiful without spending the 2nd half the series saying “Poor Shinwoo”. Sorry if my messages tend to get long. I tend to ramble on.

      • Lol Andrea, don’t worry…all of us try to find one excuse or another to start rambling about our love/crush/infatuation for Sukkie…. If ever anybody opens a topic about our personal fantasies with Suk, I can’t imagine how hot and sizzling the thread would be….. and I bet if Sukkie does read, he would turn red from head to toe! Hehehe!!!!! ( to the newbies, I’m quite a warped minded Ahjumma! Shhhhh!!!)

  4. so today is the presentation one ?i think i’m the oldest among you all i’m 40 years old , i’m a mom of a 20 years daughter an i’m a doctor .
    as i have already said it was my daughter who introduced me to the korean cinema .
    in fact i was never a passionate by cinema , i always prefered reading books i find them more interersting because they left me free to image the leaders of the story as i wish and i must confesse the only cinema i ‘ve watched so far was the western one and specially hollywood but i never felt addicted to the actors as i am now to JKS ; neither did i pourchass their news like i do now with him .
    in fact the first time i’ve seen (YAB) i found him just exotic , it changed me of the classic western actors . see a young eyelinered man with a pretty face who sometimes has some girlish manners .so i must confess i mocked my daughter by saying that he’s probabely gay like most of the other artists of his generation but i don’t know why i watched a second episode and a third one and ….
    before finishing the drama i was trapped by his charm and began downloading all i could find on the net of his work (drama, movies , shows…) the more i watched him , the more i became addicted to him . i enjoyed watching all of them but my favorite is YAB ,i don’t know why but it helps me when i’m down or depressed .
    it sufficient for me to see few scenes of the drama to feel much better and to sheer up , but what really makes my day is to see him in his real life acting naturally like he did in his shows(asia tour , interviews , talks shows and others)
    unfortunately for me , most of them are not subded so i please myself by watching to his shining smile and listening to his warm voice .
    by the way is there among you any korean who can translate this shows and post them in this site . i’m sure all of us will be really thankfull .
    if i was younger i think i would have learn korean just to enjoy listening to his jokes .
    i don’t know about you but sometimes i wonder what will he say if he knows that Ahjummas like us acts like teenagers because of him .
    as for me , i’m really happy to find a persone even if it’s a stranger one who can make me enjoy my boring life , so i’m really thankfull to the creaters of this site and to all of you who makes me feels like a large familly and of course my big huge thank to JKS who reunite us .
    ps: sorry for the long message but i trully wished to express myself and Andrea i agree with you , i’ve seen most of the dramas you have talked about but still my prince is JKS

    • Oh, when I started to watch the YAB I was not very impressed of him at the beginning too, but then (I do not remember in the what episode exactly, that scene when they could not find the way from the restaraunt and walked in circles) he smiled, and that was so lovable and I’d just melted like the ice-cream at the hot day… =))

      • Iron_orchid, that’s EXACTLY my turning point too!! Anyway, i wld like to extend my warm welcome to all the new names that I noticed recently. I really feel like I’m enveloped in such warmth and feel immense pleasure having more & more friends from all over the world united here.

        I’m especially thankful to have made a beautiful and special friend, Cri-J πŸ™‚ Should any of you want to add me on FB, you can find me under my real name Arba’ayah Abdullah. On twitter I am JGScrazed πŸ™‚

        I think I am the oldest amongst everybody here; I’m 43 and a mother of 4 girls aged 6-16.

      • Dearest Farina, so glad to find someone here the same age as me, I ‘m 43 too! I have a 16 years old son. I really hope one day we’ll get to meet each other. It’s so nice to have such a big and warm family of eels. Every day I log in here to get my dose of happiness, so I wish you all, all the happiness in the world, thnks!

      • Aahhh Sahar…. I requested for your email address but Im not sure you replied and I can’t remember where I posted it….must be the age….lol! Anyway, if you don’t mind, cld u just write me a note so that I can save yr email address? Mine is farina1968@yahoo.co.uk (I welcome anybody who wld like to correspond with me too)

      • Farina dear, It would be such a pleasure to correspond with you. My E-mail address is : saherwaly@hotmail.com ( yes, saher with “e” in the address, but my name is sahar). I too welcome anybody who would like to correspond with me.

  5. may i join the topic?! I am 36 and was a kindergarten teacher too but now just a plain housewife taking care of my 5 yrs old son.. actually Jo Hyun Jae is my first favorite Korean Actor of 49 Days as well as Lee Min Ho, KHJ and Kim Bum but when i discover Jang Keun Suk since then i’m hooked at him.. my 12 years old niece ask me to watch YAB as she knows i like watching Korean Drama.. at first i am hesitating thinking it was only for teenager but in the end i try to watch it.. first episode of YAB i like the song Promise because of the voice singing it and i like Jung Yong Hwa first but the as the episode progress i find myself liking JKS.. the truth is i don’t find him handsome at all before but now everytime i see him my heart beats fast hehe.. πŸ™‚ and i’ve got all the beautiful pictures of him on my laptop and cellphones.. JKS can really take away loneliness in me.. and everytime i am listening to his songs i feel calmness within me especially when i am using earphone his voice goes into my heart.. i can’t describe the feeling.. so i am very thankful in this wonderful blog of knowing him more and more though i didn’t comment always because i’m not good in describing my feelings but i always reading and visiting this blog everyday and enjoying reading all your comments girls.. i am also relieve that i am not the only at this age are being crazily in love with our prince!!! πŸ˜€

    • wow…I’m speechless…do you know that lastnight I was nearly criying bcoz of my running-slow internet?? I read all of your nice welcome in an emotional touched, I read all of your comments by shouting “oh God,same with me,same with me..!!”, and I was so desperate coz I can’t reply you all, guys..sigh… And this morning I turn on my PC and found this…The Ahjuma Eel Arena of Confession hihihi..^_^ No more saying, just want give a million thanks to aphrael77 who creates such a wonderful world for us, and a thausand thanks for all my new ahjuma and noona friends who gave me an excitement feeling as our sukkie does…

    • Its those eyes of his. There are times I don’t understand my obsession when he looks so young but then he throws out those looks that make my heart stop. I’ve never thought he looked girly though… just younger and slimmer than is my taste. But than I see pictures and video of him and realize he’s a bigger man than I thought. But its the eyes. Oh and his wonderful smile but his eyes are so expressive that my heart melts.

    • Hi! I’m wayyy younger than Sukkie πŸ™‚ I’m only 16 years old. haha i’ve been following this blog since i fell in love with JKS, which was during the beginning of july… During the 1st episode i was so so with jks looks and eyeliner’! haha. since i was admiring lee min ho’s “manly” kind of look. BUT god. sukkie can look soooo manly too! with soo many different angles. Cute ver.sexy ver. hot ver. etc etc. he can also go back to his young look, which not many actors can do.! I first admired his looks than i went more deeper to his acting skills..than finally his personality as a person.. EEL FOREVER !

    • Hi am younger than sukkie……..am 20 yrs old….the first kdrama i watched was playful kiss. really liked kim hyum joong and so wtched him in boys over flowers…but then one of my friends suggested YAB saying it was number one among netizens. I watched 1st episode and actually thought that sukkie was nowhere as cute as hyun joong esply in the car scene after the concert. I kept watching cos i liked shin hye…But by fifth ep really started liking sukkie…my obsession started when he did the pout during the ring throwing scene..
      then after the drama got over started watching the bts and found that suk was a cheerful person at heart… Fell in love with his laugh and character… then started watching all the interviews,asia tours,cri shows and started stalking blogs,twitter..even if i cant understand his language am touched by his sincerity to his fans…. finally after 3 months i haved earned the name of sukkie freak by my friends at school… but i still cant get enough of him… Thanks to this blog for helping me with my obsession…cheers!!!!Asia prince rocks!!

  6. I am 27,only few years older than sukkie but I can relate to you guy’s..when I read that he dreams to be a Dad when he’s 33,I calculated the years,,so I have 8 more yrs to enjoy his youth and I shld. exert more effort to save money for me to see him in person..And because of this deep admiration,I want to find a job in Korea,and there I will look for Prince..See how crazy I am for this Man..whoooaa!! My favorite part of YAB was ( JKS & Mother) confrontation,,I saw the pain in his eye’s when he said “If you are my mother,at least you should have remember when it was started”..(not sure of the line but that’s how I understand it) I want to wipe his tears and hug him..From then on,my life had changed..Seeing his Asian Tour videos made me realized the reasons why I loved him..I don’t know but while I’m typing this,I feel like crying..Sukkie is so special ^_^

    • Amazing! How come almost all of us have the exact same history of liking sukkie,start from dislike become crazy in love! My story is the same with you aphrael77, from “what a strange guy he is..” to “what a wonderful person he is..” Same with you QQeyes007, the more I know about him, his great acting skill,his cameleon look,his wonderful singing talent,and moreover his honest,playful and down to earth personality makes me a lot more deeply admire him ( oops,so sori my dear husband, no need to worry, you’re still the second one after our son,allow me to put JKS in the third place,peace..^_^). And cri-J same with you, liking some actors never been so busy for me to hunt everything about him, till I was trapped by sukkie magical power. Oh and I’m glad to know that you’re a kinder teacher too, you too migrap26, hi eels taechers..^_^ and the same with you dr. maya, YAB was the first time I saw sukkie and mocked my friends because of her admiration on him,but finally my bad mocks hit me back made me an addictive eel now LOL.. And yes Andrea, it’s his eyes. But have you ever notice that those two eyes are not exactly the same shape? even so they’re still the most beautiful and expressive eyes of a man I know! And charlotte the same with you ,my fave acting of him is the emotional scenes with his mom on tae kyung’s birthday nite,oh God…I was really running tears to see him in pain that deep. Well maybe it will take days to describe our feelings and adoration to the prince, I wonder how fun it will be if we all gathered in one place oneday and share all of this ‘madness’ together,then going together to our prince as a union?? kekeke..what a dream huh? oops… I’m overload here, sorry.. But a few more please…QQeyes007 thnx a lot for sharing the vid of signing session with the little boy fan, I’ve read in a magazine bout that session but never seen the vid till now,gomawo..And cri-J, is that an old video or a recent one the vid where sukkie visit the disabled children? coz I think the hairstyle is precisely the recent hairstyle, but the face is like the young version of sukkie ( remind me of his cute face as Kim Eun-Ho in Hwang Jin Yi?), so curious, need your info please…thanx dear..

      • 【20111016 AsiaPrince_JKS twitter 4.45pmγ€‘μš”μ¦˜λ“€μ–΄ μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ λ‚˜μ—κ²Œ 자주 ν•˜λŠ” 말.. ‘근석!μš”μ¦˜ 잘 λ˜μ„œ λ„ˆλ¬΄ 쒋아보여~!’ 그럴 λ•Œ λ“œλŠ” 생각 두가지.. 1.λ‚΄κ°€ λ°”λ‘œ μ›”λ“œν”„λ¦°μŠ€λ‹€!!!! 2.μ΄κ²ƒλ˜ν•œ μ§€λ‚˜κ°€λ¦¬λΌ… ν•˜λ£¨μ— μ˜€λ§Œκ°€μ§€ μž‘λ…μ΄ λ‘₯λ‘₯λ‘₯.. μœ ν•™μ€ μ–Έμ œμ―€ 갈 수 μžˆμœΌλ €λ‚˜….

        Translation: Recently i hear people talking about me… “Keun Suk! Now you’re quite famous~!” At such times, i came up with a few thoughts.. 1. I am the world prince!!! 2. All these will end some day.. There are 50000 thoughts running in my head everyday dong dong dong.. When can study abroad… (by sa_sha26)

        upon reading his tweet,I feel worried and hurt..I felt JKS feeling,,oohh I want to cheer him up.It seemed that he feels exhausted..He’s been receiving a lot of attention right now, and I felt in his tone that he’s a bit pressured,,(just my point of view).It’s been 2 day’s that JKS is tweeting in a different manner,unlike his tweets before where in his happy,now I don’t know,,What is happening to Prince??????I am so affected that I tweeted encouraging song’s to him,praying that he’ll listen to it and that he feel’s good after..Am I over reacting guy’s..ooohh I’m crazy..sighs..

  7. Great! This is among the longest discussion i’ve ever read in our blog, starting from admiring JKS and slowly declaring a little about our personal life, it’s amazing! .. Dear frenz, you know that i kept checking and writing your ages and then how many kids you have,..again so lovely this blog! and from the beginning i have an instinct and wish that this blog will become an intermediate to bind us to be a great virtual families, and now my wish come true, TQVM aphrael77 and frenzz! <3 all of you! and JKS, fighting!

    • Ren, wld u mind sharing with us the profile after you hv finished compiling? Or perhaps Aphrael cld dedicate a special profile page so that we can fill in basic info eg age, nationality, marital status, kids etc. I feel I can relate better if I know some background knowledge πŸ™‚ Just my 2 cents….

      • My pleasure!, i try to, but for sure aphrael must be more creative to make a beautiful profile compilation for us, hopefully.. we shall ask her whether she agree with this suggestion or not.. Back to our prince, until now this vid is still #1 i luv, when he was in spore, i’m sure all of you here have watched this vid..

  8. Vic, actually I feel that Sukkie has great respect for MGY as a talented & professional actress & he has also treated MGY as a soulmate as both of them are of same age & have the similar childhood experience as childhood actor/actress, I remember when MGY agreed to play the role of “Mary” in MMM, Sukkie jumped with joy & announced to the whole world & went for celebration.. and MGY is a good drinking partner too ^_^ There are many fanfic of the 2 out there and here is one latest from their common fan, be warned that once you see one, u may fall into the fanfic dreamland..LOL.. it just looks so real as many of the BTS I have not seen before.. you can read the comments by the uploader to describe the scene.. hope this answer your query.. the rest up to imagination ^_^

    • here is a vid interview of MGY talking about Sukkie (it is a very sincere feedback from a close friend which I like her words.. just like from Sukkie’s photographer friend) .. I will try to put in Eng comments in the vid.. the last part is what Sukkie need now.. MGY said a word of encouragement to Sukkie “don’t fall sick & fighting till the end!”

      • love watching this,,oohh..I would be more willing to dance Flash Mob & Shuffle dance in front of sukkie..This vid is awesome although the sounds is not clear..Sukkie is so appreactive..If you want guy’s,we can tape dance wherever we are,compile it and send it to Prince,,what do you think “Prince Ahjumas”..here it is,,enjoy..


      • Farina, I was there at Marina Square on 2nd level too but facing the stage at far end, besides the Korean’s fans holding banners.. many comes with family & equipped with professional cameras.. it was fun & my first experience to see such amazing performance by fans to Sukkie.. and mind you, I saw foreigners recognising Sukkie & stopping to watch.. one is a western couple & another a family of Chinese tourists with the teenager exclaiming to her mum in mandarin “mum, it is Jang Kuen Suk!!!” ^_^

      • Dear eels, I have made a text translation on what MGY said about Sukkie in the vid above, enjoy! I think Sukkie’s hectic schedule now is similar to last year MMM filming.. hope he will get words of encouragement too from his close friends besides his eels..

    • thanks for sharing the vid links, QQeyes … my sincere wish is for Suk to find his soulmate pretty soon … someone he can confide in and share all his ups and downs ^^

  9. Dear Eel friends here.. I’m very touched by the sharing here & don’t worry, I’m also not young fan girl but I’m amazed by what Sukkie has done to myself and many ladies around the world.. I have spent a period of my time in hospital on an operation & knowing Sukkie (listening to his songs & watching his dramas on ipad) really help me to overcome the period & help in recovering. Though I’m not a mother but Sukkie really brings out the mother instinct in a woman, you just want to protect him ^_^ I always find a child in this man as he did many things I have seen in the children around me like my nieces & nephews.. remember the “I love Elephants” comment he said in Cri-Show Thailand with the elephant gesture, it really bring smiles to me for this simple gesture as my nieces & nephews used to show me this gesture of elephant when they were 4-5 years old! Also, he mentioned he prefers to be “devil” then “angel” also reminds me of my angel looking little niece (who looks like Sukkie when smiling) who likes to make “monster” looks everytime I told her why she did that when she has a sweet angel smile! heee.. Sukkie is special in many ways and I think this is part of his personality that I find so attractive too (a grown up man with a heart & mind of a child) ^_^

    • Hi QQeyes, operation?pity you, stay calm and hope that u will get well very soon and faster, don’t forget the medicine..btw i’m also at 40s and have lovely kids, wah, another ahjumma!but don’t make it as a joke, then all of us will turn to be a carnivor! but not the same as our prince did! haha πŸ˜€ And one of my daughter’s face looks like JKS in BV when i cut short her hair and now when her hair became longer,she looks like Mu gyul in MMM, what a miracle! she was innocently happy when she realised that she was like uncle jang when we watched his dramas together πŸ™‚

      • Farina & ren121, Thanks.. I really appreciate that..^_^ … don’t worry, I’m ok after the operation, it was about a year back…
        Guess what! Another good news I saw on local newspapers ζ™šζŠ₯ just now with half a page news on Sukkie becomes the most popular artiste in S’pore, overtaking LMH! I guess it is because more are aware of him now as MMM & YAB are now shown on cable TV (though still not on national free channel like in Japan).. the DVDs are selling well too.. imagine 2 years after YAB and 1 year after MMM.. but I’m so happy to hear that as he deserves that as he has worked so hard with so much talents & charming personality.. at long last…

      • @farina,,really? omo great news you saw sukkie..I should practice frequently,so that when Sukkie is around,I can show him my dancing skills,,hahahahaha…

  10. Woah wat a marathon of comments…hope jks sees all of these.. He attracted me at first, tied me dwn wif his beautiful electrifying eyes and made me stick to liking him foreva cuz of his confidence to fulfil his bold ambitions.. Hes worth it!..

    • @farina can you please post the other links of JKS FM in Singapore,I am curious about his complain to fans not bringing him food ( joking),,please!! Don’t know if it occurred in SG or other country,hehehehe..Please I want to watch him speaking English..^_^.. Thank You!!!

      • Hi charlotte, for a start, you can check out my favourites list on YouTube under my ID: farina1968
        Otherwise just google search JKS or jang keun/geun suk Singapore/SG/ Cri show/ interview/ xinmsn/ razor tv

        Happy hunting πŸ™‚

      • Charlotte, months back, I was laughing when I first see this vid of Sukkie taking whatever snacks being offered to him at backstage of Marina Square as I was there too but I didn’t know this happened behind the scene until I saw the fancam.. I think this is the one you’re referring to.. it happened also when he was in S’pore too as many eels remember what he said in an interview in an FM in Seoul that he went hungry for one FM bec he was expecting eels to bring food during the break so he didn’t take any meal before the FM…and unfortunately, that FM, none brought him food & he jokingly told reporter not to edit his “complaint” and broadcast it on TV so that his eels will bring him food in future FM ^_^

  11. Hi! Just want to catch up with the discussion.;-D In my case, I’m 25 years old, single, working as an auditor of a private company. Just like some of you, I’m not really into watching movies, let alone tv series (except for coffee prince that i was able to watch years ago. Hehe.)..until I came across YAB early last year which, coincidentally, is being watched by my friend when i visited her..i remember, she was already at ep 2 when i arrived and saw this guy..and it was love-at-first-sight! Haha! I immediately asked “Who’s that actor? What’s that series?” and the rest was history. My world turned 360 degrees around, and my friend went O_O upon hearing that i became addicted to keun suk..because i wasn’t even like this! O well, keun suk makes the fans went like o_O. Hehe. But more importantly, he influences our perspectives in life, in dreams, in family, humanity..what else?!

  12. wow!! is it too late for me here?
    either way, ill share mine LOL
    well im 33, married for 10 years and have twin 2 year old boys πŸ™‚ unlike most of you, i fell in love with Kang MuGyul! i guess because i can relate to it from a drummer that i used to date hahaha
    but its how i got to start watching this drama.. the long haired rocker.. he was such a stereotype there, typical rockstar character but when he got drunk (cabbage scene) he showed the cutest smile.. he turned into a baby… then my world turned when i saw his at that alley kiss… i figured, “such a complex personality” he can be a baby and a grown up at the same time.. and then i saw YAP and found this blog in March.. and the rest was history πŸ™‚

    • @stvcri, untill now I have not seen “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, but I think Sukkie’s hairstyle rather look in that drama was my favorite..I saw a video of him in Super King Show in Taiwan,,omo he’s so hot..His eye’s,long curly hair,movements,,wow!! He took my breath away with his performance ^_^ .. here is a link to that video..have fun!!


    • Stvcri, u are not alone! you have a friend which is me, i fell in luv 1st in MMM, actually at that time i’ve missed 2 eps in KBS which was aired on Dec 2010, and at the same time i kept repeating the dramas of LMH, KHJ and Kim Bum. i only watched ep 3 when suddenly i felt that lead actor was very messy but acted so comfortable and natural and yet so attractive (to my own eyes -_-) and sang very well, deep and full of rocker style and the most attracted me was when he smiled honestly to his mummy and went happily to eat ice cream ..OMG, my eyes get blurred πŸ˜€ , then i started to dig and crazily dig all the stories about him, At that time another channel aired YAB, but it didn’t attract me to watch him.. and when times goes by..now i’m hooked with sukkie with all types of his dramas n movies! and find a beautiful virtual eels families here!
      @charlotte, must watch that MMM and see this vid 1st, cute moment… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWPiZLQtb10&feature=related

      • It’s funny that after I get to know Sukkie, I normally find I can only start a new drama w/o Sukkie for 1 or 2 episodes & I can’t continue & drop the drama.. I know this is quite bad but can’t help it ^_^ I always enjoy his acting as he can play many different roles so well & he really put emphasis in his facial expression & also voice tone.. when he is in MMM, he looks like the manga character coming alive… just look at this scene..and the comic scene… one of my favourite scenes in MMM..seeing Sukkie running in the last scene of MMM, this was taken just few hours before broadcast by KBS..

      • i guess it was meant to be coz i started seeing the drama right when he got hit by a car! remember the stars around mary when she saw him? that was exactly my feeling.. the world froze for like 10 seconds hahahah and to think i was only flipping channels then, just to watch whatever comes interesting on tv.

        my life changed after that day πŸ˜€

  13. After YAB I can’t watch any other dramas either. Actually, i’m the person who loves sleeping but after watching YAB on August (accidentally bought DVD of YAB), i lost my sleep…always thinking, dreaming about JKS!!
    These days watching & reading everything related only to Sukkie including his previous movies as well!!! Yesterday watched all of his movies except One missed call and YMP. I fell in love with him one more time in Doremifasolasido!!! Omg! He’s so young, handsome and talented! At the end of the movie he made me cry, i just couldn’t stop my tears falling!!!
    Love JKS forever!!!

    • Ohhh gosh!!!! What’s this man do to all of us eels. I used to enjoy watching all other Kdramas and movies that are not his…… after become his eel, I find no interest or any excitement in watching other actors’ Kdramas and K-movies any more. I feel quilty…..kabayaki!!!! hehehe… I think I need to see a psych for real…. Help! Help!!


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