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      • Definitely a guy. Because the word ‘sama’ behind his 1st name. In japanese, “Sama” is used to devote a man that you don’t know so well (for formality), while “chan” is used to devote a man that you know very well (eg. Our keun-chan) ^^

      • he was filming @ daegu, it’s in korea….
        i don’t know if it’s chinese eel or japanese eel….but poor sukie, he got dark circles on his eyes, because lack of sleep…

  1. this is an interesting story..even if he’s not a fan (maybe until that night..kkk), he’s still fortunate to encounter, and be entertained by keun suk, in person. (..dreaming mode again..).

  2. What a lucky guy, Jerry!
    If I could see and talk to JKS, waiting wouldn’t be problem for me! I can wait for him as long time as possible!!!

  3. So that’s how his autograph looks like. I haven’t seen it before and think it’s pretty cool! Wish I had a chance to meet him in person, tell how much I love him and get him to sign one for me! But that’s very unlikely to happen because I live in Sri Lanka and unless I finish school and find myself a job with a decent pay, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a trip to Korea. 🙁

      • OMG!!! That was SUPER DUPER CUTE!!! That video totally made my day! Thanks for sharing Farina!
        And one more thing. Does anyone know if the movie will be out with english subtitles? If not I hope someone would be generous enough to sub the movie ASAP for us overseas eels, who doesn’t understand Korean or Japanese.

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