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Reporter: A small JKS incident! Miss M met Keun-chan at a roadside stall. After greeting him shyly, she immediately started the game “What JKS likes most is …” kekeke, said he’s very good at drinking soju. As expected of Keun-chan, a straightforward fellow~
JKS: Brother, what Keun-suk likes is random game -_-

【娱记:张根硕的一个小插曲!在路边摊上和根酱相遇的M小姐,腼腆地打了个招呼就马上进入游戏“根硕最喜欢的是。。”呵呵呵 说是很能喝烧酒。不愧是根酱,爽快的家伙~】【suk:哥 根硕喜欢的是random游戏-_-】

Completed the donation of the proceeds from Haeundae travelling performance … and ah…. I am… eating instant noodles …. want to continue donating …at city eastern area where the big universal star is working

Uncles … don’t include Jang Keun Suk’s eels in your jokes… I … am scary when I get angry … I will protect my eels…. Eels, follow me…!!!!
大叔们..别想开玩笑什么的都带上张根硕的鳗鱼们…我…发起火来是很可怕的…我的鳗鱼我来守护….鳗鱼们啊 跟上…!!!!

whew the hardest thing this month is moving house…. finally finished arranging all my models!!! My guardians, kekekeke
呼 这个月最高的难题是搬家。。。终于把所有模型整理完毕!!!我的守护神们 呵呵呵呵

17 thoughts on “[11.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Oh! Did he move? or just rearrange himself at home? And what is with the some antifan attacking Eels on twitter. So nice he noticed and is protecting his Eels. I think he responded to the harrassment pretty quick. Gotta love him.

  2. I’m greatly impressed by his warning sen-ce like “I am scary when i get angry” and his being protective of his eels!
    Huh…i wonder what he can do when he’s angry… I think, anyway, he stays cute and sweet even when he becomes “angry & scary”!!!^^

  3. he bought another house… so everybody is moving, he said its so big that he’s afraid they wont be seeing each other in that house anymore…

  4. Aweeeee…..Sukkie is sooooo sweet and protective of his eels. Eels will protect you too. I read somewhere that people criticized him that he charged people money to see him performanced at the beach. Hopefully, this domination news will SHUT them up. My prince, do your very best in everything that you do, and show the WORLD that you’re the best.

    • The money from the street and beach performance.. the amount is so random there is no way there was a fee. And if you break it down then basically is was the cost of a cup of coffee so I don’t get the criticism. I’ve given tips to street buskers before (he was calling is guerilla concert but still, busking is busking). Doesn’t really matter if they are famous or unknown.. a good performance deserves a tip.

    • that’s really a pack of lies … a wonder people believe it!
      this is a Korean star popular in Asian countries and have held big concerts / fan meetings before, with proper ticket selling. and a star who has an enviable income too… why would such a Star charge passers-by pittance for a adhoc street / beach performance? ridiculous! as if JKS needs to ask for that kind of money!

      He was just being humorous by posting those performance pics on twitter and saying that he’s earning money for his next meal … if people cannot understand this kind of humour ….. i don’t know what they understand ….

      and like what many eels have said, such a free-spirited JKS who does what he feels like doing, and holding an impromptu beach performance, well, that’s just top fan service from our dear Sukkie. 1000% sure he didn’t ask for any “ticket price”!!!

      • you’re right..no one else would think of that way,,only JKS has the gut’s to go out and serenade fans the way he did..He was so happy that people from Busan welcomed him and as a token of gratitude,he perform for them,,such a sweet guy..As far as I remember he donated money to JAPAN..I am so proud of him..

      • that what I think.. its just ridiculous that some one would pick up on that when essentially he was busking for fun and people happen to “throw money in the hat” in appreciation. And he went along with it like his character from M3 who actually used the money to buy food and stuff. Just that media likes to twist and pervert everything that is why I love his openness to his fans so those that love and follow him know what is actually going on and aren’t influenced by people that are jealous of his popularity. Seriously though… the amount donated comes out to about $200 american dollars and with probably 100 passerby if not more that comes to the cost of a cup of coffee at mcdonalds

  5. He got, a new house? Can I live with him lol….
    But yea there is a anti fan…it hurted my feeling when I was reading what they post…..but then we reported to twitter so they could block him/her ….

  6. ..ooh..he already moved in =) i like the shizuka doraemon toy..hehe!

    ..for the ahjussi/ahjumma..don’t know what his/her intentions are, if he/she idolizes another star, then his/her idol should be able to tame his/her followers..exclude JKS and the eels in their trips.

    ..keun-suk: so proud that you’re my star. ^_^

  7. that hater was already blocked,Eel’s did their best to protect our prince..I felt so happy that JKS also protective to his eels,,so sweet JKS..He is so good to be true..I will be his Eel 4ever!!

  8. why am I always obsessed by you? I always think about you when I have free time. I even miss you more than my boy friend. But I love your style in Baby and I and in You are beautiful . In that drama you look so handsome and cute. I don’t like your style now. But I still love you so much. ^o^ u ar No ^o^


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