11 thoughts on “Zo Sun Hi speaks about Jang Keun Suk”

  1. wow, thanks tenshi and QQeyes for sharing this!!

    a wonderful video, and Sukkie is soooo sweet …. he even sang a song for ZSH!
    i’m very surprised that his guitar skill is good enough for song accompaniment already…. wow, does that mean maybe he’ll compose his own song in future? ^^

    loving JKS more and more!!

  2. I love him playing guitar so much! (i have passion for playing guitar)
    But i’m curious why they burst into laugh at the end? Was it because of Sukkie’s spontaneous stop??? Or maybe they’re just happy?….

      • It was nice to see casual like that but probably did say something funny that didn’t get translated or wasn’t translatable. Maybe something along the line of “thats it” but the way it was said rather than WHAT was said perhaps? Anyway, just love him.

      • yup the last line …is the word maybe like “that’s is”, “finished” or “what else” hahahhaaaa

        LOVE HIS SONG……! no wonder he sang for her..they’re really close friend *envy*

    • hahaha,,I observed that too,,he is so serious when he say’s ” my liver is as healthy as a 25 yrs old”..I am glad that Rain is friends with our Lil’ Boy Sukkie..Two Big Stars,,wow!!

  3. Oh! Suk is so sweet! He is so loving and he knows how to show appreciation… This boy is really amazing !

    Thank you Tenshi 🙂


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