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Ah… yesterday after dinner, I went to the hotel and then decided to attend LMFAO after-party, but… dozed for a while and woke up to find that the time was late….huh!!!! Is there anything worse than this??? What happened yesterday!!?!! Fresh liver failed in Japan due to adjustment to the time difference….
啊。。。昨天吃完晚饭后到宾馆决定去LMFAO After party,但。。。暂时打了个盹起来一看是这个时候了。。。哼!!!!有比这还冤枉的不???昨天到底发生了什么事情!!?!!生肝到日本后适应时差失败。。。

I’m on TV, kekekekekeke
我上电视了 呵呵呵呵呵

You – you say whose fan are you, don’t you know that now is the eels’ era? No matter what, call ‘pet’ loudly! Now is eels’ era!!!!
你-你说你是谁的粉丝 不知道现在是鳗鱼时代吗 不管什么大叫宠物吧!现在是 鳗 鱼时代!!!!

Everyone, together~ shuffle world~~~!! LMFAO with Jang Keun Suk..! I received the invitation to go to LA, one more time~~!!
大家一起~shuffle world~~~!!LMFAO with Jang Keun Suk..! 收到去LA的邀请,再来一次~~!!

From Tokyo to Busan, reached safely… the Busan I like….time to light the fire … You’re my Pet fighting..


Tree-J: Eels waiting for actor Jang in Busan! Actor Jang’s event will start very soon.. See you on the red carpet ^^
JKS: hoho, let you see what is called a big celebrity …
【树推:在釜山等待张演员的鳗鱼们!马上 张演员的活动就要开始了.红地毯上见^^】【suk:吼吼 让你看看什么是大人物..】

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  1. @QQeyes007: thanks so much. gosh, he’s so…handsome, sexy, gorgeous, jaw-dropping,…name it!..and i’m starting to like him pairing with khn. they’re a good-looking pair.

    • yes! both of them look so compatible in the clothing & Sukkie looks really charming at red carpet & according to the Chinese eels who were there to support him at red carpet.. he did shuffling again & made the event so lively & his “owner” KHN laugh.. see the photos here ^_^

      • haha! saw it! no question as to the after-effects of the shuffle dance, he just came from shuffling in Tokyo! ^^ and maybe that’s what he calls showing the power of the eels. hehe!

  2. With everything I’ve seen here and other places like Facebook its obvious he had a great time. His twitter early Friday morning it seemed he was disappointed to miss out of hanging out more with LMFAO but he really REALLY needed the sleep. So glad to see him so happy last couple of days. And had time to let off some steam and relax.

    • Andrea, we are also liven up when he is getting cheerful or crazy LOL! I was actually worried when he starts to do many things at one time as I always remember the period he went through during MMM filming… I can’t imagine then he had only 2 hours sleep daily as he has to juggle between dramas, fan meeting in Japan for 4 weeks & recording for MMM OST..all together & worst still then, the script writer changed 2 times & last ep 16, Sukkie has written the script.. and I remember clearly then as I followed closely on his filming.. the last scene for ep16 was completed just a few hours before live broadcast in Korea.. I really can’t imagine the pressure.. all production crew must be very professional to meet such crazy timeline… Good that Love Rain is well planned & scripted.. hope Sukkie can shuffle during his break as he looks happy each time when he shuffles! ^_^

      • Wow.. I’m watching M3 right now and that explains so much. He really looks tired and haggard (yet oh so beautiful despite that) in the last couple of episodes of that drama. He looks so “flat” and pale (again, yet handsome because he’s Sukkie). Since I’m a relatively new fan this is really the first I’ve experienced of him day to day. I like that he’s so forthcoming and shares with his fans and as such they respect his boundaries. I’m kind of relieved that he took a nap and ended up sleeping thru the night and that his people let him sleep even if they knew he wanted to attend another party. He’s been looking really happy and healthy last few days.

      • Andrea, yes.. I don’t know why Sukkie don’t have dark rings for 2 hours of sleep daily as I would look like panda already for just 1 or 2 days without enough sleep! hee.. Oh yes, if you recall the scene of YAB when GMN fell on HTK (in deep sleep…), if you see the BTS of this, actually Sukkie was really sleeping on the bed when they took this scene as PSH was teasing Sukkie in sleep & the director let him sleep through as he just had drips back from hospital the day before due to flu or exhaustion.. no wonder when I watched YAB for 1st time, I told myself then wow.. this actor really can act so well sleeping as he looks in deep sleep & handsome too!

      • In YAB.. that was the scene when she tazered herself right? LOL Wow I will have to look at that again. He must be a deep sleeper not to react in his sleep. 2 hours a night is definately not enough. I get insomnia sometimes and after a week of that I am usually near hysteria. Its almost a relief to get sick and have to take medicine just to slow down.

  3. i totally agree with you he looks really illuminated in this pictures unlike the ones in the party , and also he seems really enjoing himself . as have said “QQeyes007” he creates history . it’s the firt time i ‘ve seen someone (including the americans artistes )dancing on the red carpet . it seems that he owns the world and he follows his own rules .lately he has been talking a lot about schuffling .actually he did it in every interview so i think perhaps this dance is his DOP “medecine for athletes ” witch helps him continue doing so perfectelly many works at the same time and steal looking so shining .by the way did anyone notice that he loose some weight .his cheecks seems slimer than in the pictures of winter sonata .
    perhaps it’s just coincidance but as i’ve read and written some comments on this topic so i thinks as he always cared about the opinion of his eels and his public image he did another of his diet .am i wrong ? if not this is really the power of the eels .
    ps : he maks me melt when he bit his tongue like he always do when ambarassed


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