21 thoughts on “[07.10.2011] Red carpet @ Busan International Film Festival”

  1. i like him if he has that hair’s style…
    it look like HTK…hahaha….he’s cute
    but i don’t like his forelock…
    by the way, does JKS has military school???

      • yeah right,a bit strange! but JKS pull it off,what else do we expect,hahaha..he is really amazing!! love him everyday=)

  2. He is the first and only one celebrity that fully enjoyed himself on the red carpet. That’s him. Nobody would miss it. Maybe the look makes you think of HTK, especially the hair, but that’s Sukkie, our only unique Sukkie. Love him being so him, lol.

    • Kaori-chan, really fast!!! Thanks!!! The mood is so lively with Sukkie & YHN on the red carpet… I saw from BaiduSukbar the eel fans are cheering the loudest for the 2 of them ^_^

    • Thanks! I just saw the video and it looks like they were having a lot of fun walking down the red carpet and teasing each other.

  3. OMG!! Our handsome Prince is driving all his eels crazy!! Hahaha! 🙂
    I bet he haven’t gotten over his LMFAO party from Tokyo yesterday. Hahaha!
    Still stuck in his shuffle party mood! 😀

  4. They both look awesome together! He looks like he is having an awesome time on the red carpet. This is his first time there?

  5. i cant keep up with this guy! but im loving all the exposures he’s getting… all prestigious, all big deal stuff! he is getting bigger and bigger each day..
    He does look like HTK, and now becoming HTK.. uber famous!

    I love this guy.. his being transparent and free will is contagious! even Kim Haneul have loosened up when around him… remember how aloof she was and very reserved? is it because of the “KISS” 😉 LOL

  6. hi! i ‘ve just seen the clip in twitvid , it’s really awesome the song matched perfectely with the pictures of JKS. i wish i could let a coment on it to ” maymay aka Sarah ”
    but i don’t have a compte their . so if you see this thanks a lot maymay and good job .
    i hope we’ll see more and more of him in wonderfull videos like this one

  7. OMG! Only JKS can do the craziest things in public and still look incredibly cool and handsome! I wish we were all there at the red carpet event when our cute prince started shuffling! We would have definitly cheered the loudest! “Go Keun Suk! Go Keun Suk!”


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