[27 Jan 2011] Samsung Galaxy live showcase

Now, how does one blog about an online, broadcast showcase that one has not seen? Basically, I don’t care what happened at the showcase (haha) so long as I can feast my eyes on Jang Keun Suk, and boy, was he gorgeous!

The ‘gorgeous’ part might be a bit debatable though, depending on your sense of fashion, because JKS has again managed to stir up a bit of controversy over his dressing. I suppose the point of controversy is his see-through shirt, which adds to the delectable part. My own sense of fashion is deplorable to the extent that I don’t trust my own taste, yet may I venture a small suggestion that perhaps it was that black strip across the chest that makes it look like … a bra? Couldn’t the translucent and black form other patterns i.e. straight horizontal black strips, or a heart shape, diamond shape, whatever shape? Still, overall, I think he still looks great 🙂

I guess the programme went pretty much as planned. JKS was interviewed, he talked about the functions of the phone (is the Galaxy a phone? Ha), he played a game with some of the audience … ok, that’s as far as I can go in event summary, so why not let the pics do the talking?

And if you scroll down to the end of the post, there’s the link that will take you to the Baidusukbar webpage that has 64 pics in it, all for your taking! Just don’t drool too much, ok?

Credits to Baidusukbar eel who compiled all the pics and as tagged in pics

Envies the fan!

Loves his eyes ….

Wondering what’s so funny …


His usual, cheeky tongue-out smile

Starry, starry eyes …

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  1. a beautiful creature, but his taste in clothes ??? can’t say i like to see him in that see-through shirt. by now, it must be the talk of the week!

      • actually, i don’t mind the see-through effect; it’s the position of the black patch that i don’t like! 😀 it’s at a certain strategic position. his clothes in the past were strangely stylish, but they were stylish, no less! this shirt is weird!

        so, for the above photos, i keep looking at his beautiful face and keep scolding his stylist at the same time. 😀

  2. I suppose he had som contract with some clothing company . Yes, I agree that the bleizer was un-happy chosen.But as I’ve noticed he usually is very elegant and well dressed.That’s why I think it’s something he had to do. I’ve seen a clip posted today that I didn’t like at all.(?!)

  3. his clothes are usually “eye-catching” , i think its a kind of publicity stunt. his good looks, his hair style and his clothes compliment the intended attention, its good publicity to keep people talking. How many men can dressed up like JKS and still look attractive and popular?

  4. His top has the pattern of crown. he is the prince. so he wore the shirt havintg the pattern of crown. I’m not good at English. I want to uproad the picture with the explain of his top. but i dont know how to do it.
    so jks’s pans don’t worry about his clothes.
    hi i’m from korea. and i’ve lived in korea.
    when jks visited thi, i found many foreign website about JKS. And i’m very happy for jks with many good forign fans.
    and i like this website especially.
    I’m not good at writing English, but i’m good at reading English.
    so i have read all your article. i love all.
    i’m going to attend his fan meeting 3’clock, 8’oclock on 29th jan.

    at 3’oclock fan meeting he is going to sing many songs of him for bye bye kang mu gyul
    so you ‘re going to attend his fanmeeting. JKS makes you very happy.

    • hi cutecute,

      thanks much for the explanation! that black patch on his top is supposed to be a crown?? my goodness, the idea is good but they should have made one that looks more like a crown! my drawing is bad enough, but the fashion designer or clothes-maker isn’t any better… at least when I draw a crown, it looks like a crown …. more or less…..
      So, many people are ‘agitated’ over his top just because some fashion designer didn’t draw a crown nicely? * faint *

      and you must be the first fan I’ve come across online who actually comes from Korea!
      (ok, I know there are a lot of other fansites I don’t really visit, so I don’t know that many fans online)

      What?? JKS is singing songs during 29 Jan fan-meeting? I thought he said he would not sing at this fan-meeting due to short preparation time, which is why I decided not to go to Korea for his 2 events on 29 Jan!!! Arrrgh!!! What have I missed out!!! And I read somewhere that the event tickets can be bought online, but read somewhere else that the tickets can only be bought on 29 Jan that day itself, so I was confused. And the online ticket purchase website is all in Korean, so I don’t understand it…… argggh!!! I’m so sad to miss his 2 events!!!! Someone, kill me!!!!!

      anyway, hope you enjoy the events (sob, sob……) …. and if you have any pics or videos of the 3 pm fan-meeting to share with us, please let me know.
      i’ll be very happy to share your experience with the others here 🙂

  5. hahaha
    i’m sorry you’re not comming to fanmeeting here.
    JKS said the first events of two is the concert of bye kang mu kyul and talkshow.
    yes the ticket was sold on line. and today(on 29th) you can buy the ticket at the fanmeeting place .
    I’m not going to take picture of him, i’m just looking at him always.
    but We know somebody would take his pictues. and bidu would have many pictures of him.
    Many Korean fan page sometimes get the picture from bidu.
    Bidu is very amazing.


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