[My Thoughts] JKS Travel Bug Bites – Part 1

Celebrities really have the power to stimulate the economy i.e. get people to spend more money. Just look at Jang Keun Suk for example. His popular dramas and movies must have sold lots of CDs and DVDs overseas notwithstanding online proliferancy, not to mention all the “You Are Beautiful” accessories (stickers, earrings, keychain, pig rabbit stuffed toys etc). Then he embarked on his Asia Tour 2010. Not only were all his fan-meeting tickets sold out usually within the first day of ticket purchase (and they don’t come cheap), fans trailed him from country to country, spending on airfare, hotel etc.

On the rising tide of JKS’ popularity comes more commercial offers. Ever since his commercial debut at the age of 5, JKS has been fortunate, with commercial endorsements pouring in almost every year. Just this year alone, he has been to China and Thailand to shoot advertisements.

Then the guy decides to cut a music album – a prayer answered for thousands of fans. On the same day of the album announcement, pre-order was available in Japan and on the first day, some official website Twitter somewhere announced that the limited edition with DVD was sold out. By the second day, his album pre-sales has already topped the HMV Japan chart.

I digress. Going back to my topic, and no it’s not about the travel bug biting JKS; instead, it bites me. Hard. Ouch! Every single country that JKS visits, I think about visiting it and catching one of his events, or just to catch a glimpse of him in person. I wanted to go to Bangkok, but gave up, knowing how hard it is to communicate in a foreign language. Also, he wouldn’t be giving any performances in Bangkok and I thought I wouldn’t be able to see him much. That was a right decision on hindsight.

And since this Tues, I’ve been doing desperate research online, hoping against hope that I may be able to factor in a sudden trip to Seoul for this Sat’s casual fan-meeting and Lounge H – two events in a day in the proximity offered by a ticketed venue, isn’t that worth it even if it means that I have to fly there on Sat and depart on Sun? Then the buts come in. But I don’t understand Korean and won’t know what he’s saying at the events without a translator. But I don’t know how to get tickets to the events, being all in Korean. But he won’t be singing – I want to hear him sing live in a concert. But it’s -12 degrees celcius in Seoul when I think that 18 degrees is freezing.

Every time JKS travels, it’s a battle between my logic and my impulsion to see him. Since my family and I don’t run a bank, it means that I’ll only have funds for one, or if I’m lucky, at most two trips budgeted for this year, provided that I really, really save up. No money, no go. So I’ll only go if I get to see/hear him sing at a concert or a fan-meeting, provided I get the ticket beforehand. And I’ll go only if I understand the language the country is using.

After much painfully rational thought and calculation, Seoul this weekend is out (argh!!!). And so is JKS’ album showcase in Tokyo on 27 Mar, for which I have been doing some research too. I shouldn’t be paying for a chance to catch a glimpse of him from a far distance away in a crowd of 20,000 …..

So ends Travel Bug Part 1, quite abruptly because I need to go get my precious 5 hours of sleep to sustain me through the next working day. But it hints at more parts to go, as I’m sure that the Bug will bite again, after all JKS has also said that he’s planning more fan-meetings this year, in Japan though (I think), and with his new album, perhaps more promotional (concert!) tours. Till the next bite, and good night!

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  1. Hi! You’re right. He is a “brand” almost.And I remember when other actors and singers helped with their notority to increase the welfare of their country. Hope he won’t get tired too soon. By the way , I’ve listened and seen some of his electronic music. It’s something else but not bad.I liked “Toucholic” even it ‘s a little bit bold .I’m used to it in our music, but how did your people received it ? Where are you from, Aphrael?

    • Yup, that’s right, JKS can really form his own brand, and all the fans will support him.
      in fact, with all the side products that he’s released, it certainly looks like he has his own brand and line of merchandise.

      oh, so Romanian music has lots of electronic element? i would have thought something along country and folk 🙂
      but then I really know very little about your country.

      I didn’t like Toucholic at first, but that’s personal, cos I don’t really like rock, metal or electronic.
      i prefer slow, sentimental, melodic songs… but sometimes I do get to broaden my musical horizon, like the 1st rock song I really like a lot is Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life”.
      so after listening to Toucholic a lot, I grew to like it too. so i guess one cannot stereotype a country by its perceived musical preference, cos it’s more of a personal preference.

      I’m from Singapore. If you look at the map, it’s that tiny red dot below Malaysia.

  2. Weeeeeeeeell,
    I know some about Singapore and Malaysia too. When I first found out about Korea I wanted to learn about all Asian countries.So I ‘ve looked for some pictures and some articles to talk about you country too. I know Abin is Malaysian but I have some of his songs too. In Romania we listen all kind of music : rock, pop, less ballades (youngsters), jazz,etc. For instance I ‘ve been grown up with Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, but also Scorpions, Eagles, etc. My son likes hard rock, alternative rock, jazz, like “Ramstein” from Germany. I’ve fallen in love of Korean music since with the music dramas. Then I began to look for others and I ‘m watching “Yu Huyeol’s Schetchbook” , that show that presents new musicians from Korea and I’m looking for them on YouTube to listen more. Honestly I don’t like girls’ voices as, for my taste “scretches my ears”, BUT I DO BOYS’ VOICES WHICH ARE VERY WARM AND SEXY.Their voices are coming from their throut and it seems so deep.It happened with JGS of whom voice I’ve fallen in loveFIRST, before I saw him

    • wow, you really did lots of research!
      … I don’t really like Western / English pop, so most of the names you mentioned are unfamiliar to me 🙂
      but i guess music nowadays has really gone international. we are listening to music from so many countries!

      i actually had a prejudice against Korean music initially ….. i.e. i didn’t think much of it cos i don’t really like all those popular boy groups like Super Junior and Shinee. Then came YAB and JKS’ songs. But the 1st Korean song that made me admit that there are very nice Korean songs is Tae Yeon’s (Girl Generation) “If” – it’s one of the drama songs in Hong Gil Dong. “If” is so sad and expressive. Have you seen this MV? My favourite, and it compiles some of JKS scenes too 🙂 Does Tae Yeon change your impression of Korean female singers’ voice?

      and i really love to hear JKS sing. i really must hear him live in a concert one of these days. ya, charming and solid voice is one thing, but he puts feelings into his singing that touches hearts too. totally cool…..


  3. I can explain.I have an acount on YouTube and somebody uploaded a clip only with the song without images.I’ve first saw him in “Hwang Jin Yi” but I was at the begining and didn’t pay much attention as I was fascinated by the subject. By the way , from “Hong Gil Dong”THERE IS AN UPLOADED CLIP WITH A SONG SANG BY .. PARK WAN KYU!!!
    Well , I’m in tears every time I’m listening it, for instance NOW! It triggers my emotions in a very special way!About JGS’s songs, may be you’ll laugh but I love a song composed (they said!) by Fukuyama Masaharu,”I will promise you” to which I hardly tried to find the translations and the lyrics romanized. From “Hong Gil Dong” I also like a song , something “John Hoon” but I don’t know which is the real title.I like the sad song from “Mawang” and the songs from “Cinderella’s sister” and so on…The boys which are singing in those groups or better say I like they are good when I’m doing my gym exercises as I like to dance and move.

  4. And there are two stronger voices between girls , Luna and Crystal , who sang the songs from “Taming of the heir” and also like T-ara whom I like also how she’ acting in “Jungle fish 2” and acted in “God of study”. What do you think now?

  5. I’M LISTENING IN THIS MOMENT TO TAE YEON !!! yes, you are right she is something else: soft but powerful voice, well articulated, worked. I suppose she has some musical studies or at least training.

    • Tae Yeon has totally improved my impression of Girls Generation. there’re so many girls in the group that i don’t even bother to find out who’s who, i thought they’re just good at dancing! but Tae Yeon’s voice is so clear, strong even at high notes, her singing skill is superb, and if one girl in the group has that kind of quality, i think the group’s standard should be quite high!

  6. Sorry but STILL don’t like women, in fact I don’t like sopranos. I’m listening JGS ‘s “One last cry” and and his voice is spreading around. I like women ‘s voices only if their voices come to ALTO just a little, other wise they seem like cats stepped on their tails.

  7. same here fellow eel.. same here.. but as far as im concern.. being a JKS fan.. i have bought two rings.. signifying his rings on You’re Beautiful and MSOAN… then printed pics of him.. going to buy Samsung Yepp (the one he endorsed with the song Toucholic and such)..

    i hope that in by doing so, i will be a much closer to him… 😀

  8. I am touched by your thoughts, sames go to me, I am struggle want to follow his event, I even want to learn Koren, just want to understand his words. But I am really not good at language, being 17 years in Singapore, still not master English, so I am only wish JKS will speak in English, in stead of I am going to learn Korean. He is such talent person, love him.


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