[27 Jan 2011] Showcase snippets

I must really report two snippets: one shows the usual wit of JKS in answering questions, and as for the other, I really need to spell out what I think of JKS’ friend.

Snippet (1):
Emcee: Where have you been recently?
JKS: China, Thailand and Japan not too long ago.
Emcee: Who did you go with?
JKS: Definitely not by myself.
Emcee: Don’t tell me you went with your girlfriend?
JKS: Closer to me than girlfriend… … I went with Samsung Galaxy player!

【Credits: sukbar 三星showcase直播】 主持人問他去哪里了這一陣,他說去了中國,泰國,前不久去了日本 主持人問他和誰一起去的?他說肯定不是自己一個人。主持問他難道是和女朋友?他說比女朋友的關系還近,結果是說和三星這款机子一起去的

Snippet (2):
During an interview with JKS’ friend, the friend revealed that JKS is actually a very frivolous person.


Me: Frivolous? Frivolous??? JKS?
Pardon me, I do get worked up occasionally if someone criticizes JKS and if I think the criticism is without sound basis. Either I have misunderstood the context in which his friend said this (after all I didn’t watch the showcase), or his friend doesn’t really understand JKS. I think JKS is a man with many different sides to his character, therein lies his charm. He can be playful and horse around without any care for his image, he can be serious, mature and responsible when it comes to his work, he’s passionate, dedicated and multi-talented. Even if JKS is occasionally frivolous, that would be just one part of his character. If JKS is a completely frivolous person, he wouldn’t have so many fans. Huh!

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  1. hi aphrael77, ever since i found this blog i checked it several times a day, every day, even if i don’t comment. this blog is awesome, i love it!!! thank you so much for your hard work, the news you share and your witty opinions.
    i couldn’t agree with you more, i never thought of jgs as a frivolous person, i wonder what kind of friend is this????

    • A frivolous friend, I think!

      thanks for reading the posts, it’s always good to know that i’m sharing JKS news with people who care.
      sometimes i wonder whether i’m talking to myself n going crazy! *winks*

      • no dear, im with you too..im also posting some of your article at other site with proper credit..Keep it up!!

  2. Hi, Aphrael!
    Don’t tell me not to be angry as this is the so-called “entertainment industry” with bad and good. Honestly I was afraid it would come. He is still very young and young people are , I think, too much confident in “friends”!!! What DO THEY MEAN BY “FRIVOLOUS”? Do they want him to be a NUN IN A MONASTERY ? He enjoys life as any other young man. But he IS applicative , serious and hard worker. This is the reason I’ve told you a video seen this morning on Facebook. A very CONSERVATIVE SOCIETY won’t understand him. BUT i’m sure he’ll manage this situation in a correct way! See you!

    • Oh dear… The Korean videos of the interview segment are out already, but there are no translations or subtitles yet. Maybe that “frivolous” part has been taken out of context, but let’s hold it till we can really understand the interview…. u know, the strange thing about Korea, it’s a traditional country, but in some ways, they are not that conservative? some of the singers’ MVs I see really shock me, skimpy clothes, sexy dance and all that …. anyway ….

  3. If you’re check on Facebook I’ve posted an article fron “Hancinema” which I receive online. You’ll recognize it after my name repeated.

  4. Ok, the subs are out finally. That’s the same guy who played his bandmate in M3. Here’s my take, I think the guy was trying to make a joke, BUT he was so nervous (not used to being interviewed) that the delivery came out all wrong. JKS tried to jump in/cut him off + help him out. The rest of what he said was all nice things about JKS. You could say maybe he has a grudge against JKS for something to do with M3, but I doubt that’s the case (if only because he’d be an idiot to air that in public).


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