[Blog Notice] Welcome to new contributor of JKS Forever Blog

Dear friends,

If you’ve noticed the author line below the post heading, the post “JKS 2012 Official Calendar Pics” below has been posted by the new contributor of JKS Forever Blog, and she is none other than … … * drum-roll *…. dear tenshi_akuma~!!!

Yay!!! I’m very happy and grateful to her for agreeing to contribute posts on JKS news (um, saving me some work ^^), and more importantly, providing more JKS news to all of us. What’s more, as our special Japan correspondent, we can also look forward to more JKS news and a unique fan perspective from Japan, something which she has always been generous in sharing with us. Thank you, tenshi dear!

As news, tweets, events and pics of our World Star explode over time, this Blog team would gradually expand to include contributors other than myself. We have only one objective: to continue to bring JKS news to eels worldwide so that eels will understand JKS more and continue supporting him. Hope that you enjoy visiting!


25 thoughts on “[Blog Notice] Welcome to new contributor of JKS Forever Blog”

  1. Well done Aphreal, Tenshi San and those eels who have contributed to update, share, translate all abt JKS news. Sincere to thanks all your efforts towards JKS. Salute to you all.

  2. YAY! this blog is getting bigger and bigger! will always be here to support, morning, noon and night.. and multiple times on weekends!

    thanks for always updating us with Japan news… he is more loved there in Japan and we are all so grateful for the love your country has given him 🙂

  3. Kaori-chan, really appreciate your contribution along with aphrael here… I’m always happy to hear from you each time with your views on various topics on Sukkie & really happy to have you in this eels pond…
    This is for ALL EELS here again as I think the vid said it all in the last part about eels ^_^.. for new eels in case you have not seen before this shared by Vietnameels (created for Suk)

  4. A very warm welcome to tenshi_akuma … you’ve been contributing to Aphrael’s blog for as long as i can remember … i appreciate your hard work and dedication and look forward to more updates and fan accounts.

  5. Fantastic news! Congrats! In this wonderful occasion, I would love to thank you both aphreal and tenshi for your wonderful job of subbing and bringing us news. You make a lot of people happy and in my case , you and the rest of the dear eels here has made me pull through one of the toughest periods in my life.
    This place is more than a blog , it’s a home , a second family for me. And I would like to send my thanks to everyone here ….. dear sisters you will always be in my heart <3

    Special thanks to others that may not have their name under the news thread , but they always provide us with a lot of links to things we missed dear QQeyes007 and dear Farina.

  6. This is wonderful. I’m new to this blog and its quickly becoming my favorite website (definately one of the first I visit when on a computer). I love news on JKS. I don’t know everyone yet but its been fun meeting and discussing.

  7. Olá, sou muito grata pela existencia do jangkeunsukfoverer. Sou fã do Suk e tinha um pouco de dificuldade de acompanhar seus twitter’s, weibo entre outros. Visito o site varias vezes por dia para ver as novidades. Não deixo muitos comentários mas adoro o trabalho e parabenizo pelo esforço em conseguir todas as materios do Keun Suk. MUITO OBRIGADA. Aproveito para desejar boa vinda ao novo membro, sucesso.

  8. Thank you ladies for putting time and effort into this blog! You ladies are the greatest! I would never be able to get these news on Sukkie without you guys! Love ya! *muah*

  9. Wow this is great news!!! Yes indeed this blog is getting bigger and it definitely needs more helping hands. Thank you Kaori – chan for agreeing to be our source of info from Japan 🙂 I can imagine the time & commitment you will be putting aside for us, really, a very heart-felt THANK YOU! Needless to say, the same gratitude goes to Aphrael for providing us this platform to meet international eels aside from satisfying our endless cravings for anything JKS!!

  10. wow, this is a good news!! more of JKS news especially from Japan.. this blog is getting and getting more awesome.. thanks that i found this blog since its started.. i love reading Tenshi _akuma comments here and of course everybody whose here.. MORE POWER to this Blog and stay healthy Aphrael and Tenshi.. God Bless.. and thank you very much..

  11. Thanks a million Tenshi-chan for your commitment to this blog. You are truly an Angel like your namesake, for providing us with updated news and various info about our Prince, especially from Japan. Like Cri-j stated, this blog has become a second home to many of us Eels. This blog is like a “melting pot” of people all around world who can find happiness and joy by sharing feelings and experiences, not only related to JKS, but also from our daily life experiences.

    Also million thanks to Aphrael, our Eels Guardian Angel, for creating this wonderful blog for all of us around the world. Your Blog becomes my sanctuary, place to relax, to laugh, and to convey my love and affection to my Star, and most of important, a place I can meet friends who seem to genuinely care for each other no matter where we come from in this world.

  12. Once again, hi gals here! I’m tenshi_akuma (some already knew my real name Kaori…^^ ). I’m really happy to join this superb blog as a new contributor and share his latest news with you. As all mentioned above, this aphrael’s blog “Jang Keun Suk Forever” is my part of life.
    I think it’s not accident that I encountered this blog. I appreciate it as a miracle. Since then, my life has totally changed and my love to JKS has become bigger and bigger…
    As I mentioned about my studying abroad in the near future, it’s you eels here and, needless to say, Sukkie that inspired me to go to Canada for studying English. There I want to get more skills to communicate with others living in different countries and become an international eel ^^ It’s only for 2 months though, I’m really excited to live in the English spoken environment for the first time.

    Again, I’m very grateful to aphrael for starting this Sukkie’s fan blog and offering me a contributor! 🙂

  13. thank you so much, kaori-chan.. i’m also quite new here and i’m very grateful not only for the news and files being shared here in this blog, but more importantly, the insights that are being gained and shared here.

    i’m so grateful also to find this site and was able to be welcomed and join the discussions here. it’s really a good feeling that you know other people who value the same thing as you..and that is Keun-Suk. ^^ so glad that through this site, we, eels, are able to communicate with each other.

    ..to aprhael, tenshi, qqeyes007, and all other eels, we recognize and appreciate your utmost effort to keep your co-eels updated re: JKS..i suppose this is what keun-suk also wants, for his eels to share with each other, as much as he wants to share things about himself..^^

    all in all…- i love this site! chukae!

  14. great news… keep up the good work…. even since i come across this blog..it has always been a favorite.and now..it’ll be going to be bigger and even better….lots of love girls..and all the best..we’ll be here waiting to be updated with the asia prince….. * x0x0*

  15. Kaori, Aphrael, this is a fantastic news. I’m so glad. Yes, this blog is part of my life too. And I am willing to do all the contribution I can to help here. I wish I could know more skills like to add caption to the vid or something. Anyway, great job, whatever so far Aphrael and you and other eels did here. I really love this place.

    By the way, which part of Canada you will be at? I lived in Toronto for 4 years. It was a great city. I love it. Hope you have a great time in Canada and keep warm.

    • SukkiefanNC, I’m going to Halifax. I haven’t known the place since I decided to go there. I heard there are few foreign students, so I hope this atmosphere will work for me to concentrate on studying in such a short period.

  16. Kaori-sensai. Welcome. Thank you very much for contributing as a writer for this blog. I have learnt a lot from you in the past. You are a very valuable Japanese correspondent. It feels so warm as you are from Japan. This summer, I did not go to Japan, my cousins visited me from Kobe instead. I went to Stockholm with my family the end of August. I really hope to hear more about JKS oppa on his Japan news if you can translate so that I won’t need to bother my mamma that much anymore. But my Japanese is getting better because of you. Grazie !! Vi ringrazio molto per il vostro duro lavoro !!

  17. I accidentally went through this site and since then I regularly visit it,almost everyday..I guess this is the coolest and updated site for JKS that I encountered,,plus the English translations are awesome..Thank you very much to the contributors of this site,you bring joy to our lives,because of you guy’s I feel closer to Prince JKS..


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