6 thoughts on “[01.10.2011] YMP exhibition opens today in Japan”

  1. love them both really
    Can’t wait 2 see the movie >,<
    Dear aphrael ..
    may I ask you something I really wanna see the Asia Tour in English
    I can't find it any where unfortunately 🙁
    I wanna understand it 🙁
    I hope you can give me an answer thanks really 4 every thing and your blog

    • Rama, I think there is no English subtitle from Youtube
      So far 2011 Asia Tour is not out yet ! But only 2010
      You can get a copy from Yesasia

  2. I add some pics to this post ^^ I myself can’t go there because I’m so busy these days…

    This seems it’s an official YMP poster in Japan.

  3. hello….to my dear friends…….. i am a student and go to school so i can visit you… i cry cry cry …… and Welcome to new contributor of JKS Forever Blog…. i am veryyyyyy happy…. but i am very tired …. so good bye…… love you


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