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Plan to get into trouble… to Jang Keun Suk, what is a dream…? It’s only what’s next on the schedule, hia hia, boasting slightly…. Hia hia my dream is to conquer the world!! Turn all earthlings to eels, hia hia hia, eels, swim!!
打算闯下祸…对张根硕来说 所谓梦想…?—只是下个日程 嘎嘎 稍微虚势下..嘎嘎 我的梦想就是征服世界!!把地球人都变成鳗鱼 嘎嘎嘎 鳗鱼们啊 游起来!!

Ya, it’s not yet time for surprise… regarding the Halloween party, will organise soon and inform everyone, gathering for eels. Ah, after getting wet in the rain, having eaten kupa is like having eaten 3 flu pills… time for me to get some sleep… zzzzZZ
(*kupa = rice in pic)

Jap twitter:
The sample for Budapest Diary has been sent here! \(^o^)/ Must quickly let Prince see it~~
BUDAPESTDIARY的样本送过来了!\(^o^)/ 要快点给王子看一看才行~~

The YMP showcase schedule is finally out! The showcase with the two leads JKS and Kim Ha-neul participating! Our cute pet ~ momo will also bring us a good stage performance?

Totally a schedule that’s killing… recently, it’s really been &*……%.. Devil promotion ambassador


“You’re my Pet” Busan – Seoul shoqcase introduction. 8 Oct (Sat) 6 pm – Busan Lotte Cinema migilore. 10 Oct (Mon) 7 pm – Seoul Lotte World Park stage
《宠物情人》釜山-首尔showcase介绍。10/8(周六)晚6点—釜山乐天Cinema 西面(migilore)。10/10(周一)晚上7点-首尔乐天世界公园舞台

I want to eat some meat, hia hia
我要吃点肉 嘎嘎

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  1. OMG! The Budapest Dairy set is like a dream! So beautiful… *_*

    And YMP is finally approaching too! Too many amazing things sukkie is everywhere lately even the infamous Tokyo Dome! Solo none the less!Hope he will sold out the tickets in less than five minutes! Let everyone acknowledge his popularity.

  2. Keun Suk’s been so busy and yet we see so little of him on screen. His dramas are select ” limited editions” – only one movie and one drama a year. This year his drama is even going to extend into next year too! Which means effectively, we are even short of one drama for 2011. Sigh! Such a long wait before we get to see him act again.

      • Thought he did The Itaewon Murder in 2010? Which I believe by the way, that his character is WHOLLY INNOCENT. Keun Suk to me would simply do no wrong!

      • NOOOOO, Keun Suk was FRAMED (absolutely)! The other guy with the wealthy father did it! He even joked about it as he was getting into the lift with his girlfriend in the last frame.

      • i have my doubts…

        been some time since i watched it, so my memory’s fuzzy.
        remember police brought suspects to the scene of crime, n JKS re-enacted how the murder was carried out?
        The murderer stabbed the victim in several places, n JKS’ character re-enacted how it was done, with exactly the same strokes/stabs?
        no one besides the murderer will know how he killed the victim, so that convinced me he was the murderer…. i got the creeps watching that scene!

      • actually I also can’t tell who is the murderer in this movie as it is meant to be suspense, what Staying Up Late said I also thought about it when I watched but remember Sukkie has that mysterious smile in the end? ^_^

      • Till now it’s an open case. The producers left it as an open ending though in an interview, Sukkie mentioned something abt his character being bi-polar & that he believes himself to be innocent & that was the challenge that he had to portray that belief.

      • Also, his acting in BV is really good, when I first see him in the first scene in BV as the policeman, I still can’t imagine later that his man will be the same actor as HGD and YAB.. totally different images & I really can’t link initially.. also in BV, you may notice he has the tendency to move his eye brows & form the folds on his forehead.. really look very rugged. Some of the Chinese eels even commented that their favourite features of Sukkie is the folds on his forehead.. LOL! Sharing here another MV with Sukkie singing this ballad for BV, one of the favourites

    • nikkie, it’ll be released in Japan in October, but it has only Japanese subtitles, so in the near future it’ll be probably released with English subtitles. I asked when they plan to release the international version to Frau (Japan FC agent) before, but they didn’t know when it is then. So I recommend you to wait for the international version.

    • hahaha, Farina I just watched that but I think at the end those critics said means you can’t copy Sukkie, his style can’t be just copied. I think it means he is unique, go for your own style suits you. If you just copy it, it could be a disaster which I think the same way too.

  3. I do too love him in BV, exactly as QQ said, the role in BV is totally different than in YAB and MMM. That’s why I love his acting, really you can’t see any similarity in this roles. That’s what I call great acting. Honestly, I always think a very good actor you have to be a bit “crazy” I mean have a few personality in you so you can portrait each role so well. And I also believe somebody just has that in their blood and Sukkie is the one. I’m really looking forward him to going longer and longer for his acting life, like his said until he is in his coffin, he hope he still has his script on hand… can’t believe that’s from a only 23 year old guy’s mouth. He is amazing.

    • I’ve only seen him in 3 dramas and haven’t seen any movies yet (hard to get for some reason?). Anyway, the first was YAB and didn’t become entranced until he changed his hair so it was off his face and I could see his eyes betther although he was compelling before that. The second was BV and I have to say I was in love from the moment he was sweaty on the street directing traffic. I even love that he had a bit of a tan complexion which really brought out his eyes. I just started watching M3 and he shines in every scene (I just finished ep11 and from what I read there was a change in writer so from there the feel of the show changed? is that true?). I love his eyes. He is one of the most emotive actors I’ve encountered in any of the dramas I’ve seen. He doesn’t even have to utter a word because in the course of less than a minute he can convey so many thoughts and emotions just by his expression. There are other actors too but not like him.

      I think of these 3 roles the best leading lady to compliment his talent has been Moon Geun Young. I did not like the lead actress from BV (Lee Ji Ah). I do like Park Shin Hye though and she really brought out a lot of Sukkie’s charm and playfulness. But for emotional impact I am definately going with Moon Geun Young because they seemed so comfortable together on screen. Anyone know if they are friends RL?

      I am planning on hunting down some of his movies problem is not easily found unless I want to buy or go to some of the mirror bootleg websites.

      • I think amazon might have a few of his movies…. I own MMM and YAB, the rest I watched on youtube. Lol. He looks so adorable in Baby and Me. For some reason I could see him as a great father. I saw some btw video of him playing with baby mason…oh I just fell in love all over again. Lol.
        He was really good in Itewon Murder. I kinda cringe at his accent though. But his acting was great. So evil with his intense eyes. I had nightmare after seeing the murder scene. *shivers*
        I think I seen all of his movies and dramas except that robot sam movie….

      • “Baby and Me” is a good movie~! a more positive movie with less bad vibes than Itaewon Murder… and my eyes are always glued to JKS’ face in whatever drama, compelling acting and don’t want to miss a single expression on his face!

        i always recommend Hong Gil Dong too ^^

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