28 thoughts on “[Jap magazine] Woman《女性自身》”

    • Farina…. OMG! LOL till I drop
      Sukkie !!! U did the most hilarious things in public
      Look like a lady… but have harsh and sexy voice LOL
      More girly than he was in Go Mi Nam Generation LOL

    • Farina! I totally agree that this was his most embarrassing act ever LOL the first time I watched it I didn’t even believe it was him. Does anyone know what was this show about? Because he wasn’t the only one doing embarrassing things on that stage lol!

      But I guess saying “I love you” in that kind of way while surrounded with males is embarrassing if you’re not gay.

    • I remember I saw an interview with Sukkie last year in Chinese sub & this is the performance which Sukkie mentioned he would not want to do again as it seems he took up this because of some circumstance.. can’t remember the details but it seems he regretted taking up this in 2007…

    • haha! yeah, i remember this video! haha..o well, he mentioned this in the 2010 Asia Tour series, right? =) although he said there that at least he has done something that NO ONE ever dared to do! yup, you keun-suk can only do that! embarassing maybe, but i still admired you here (hehe..i just laughed off the presentation anyway.).

    • I Agree tooo.. I was rather shocked when I first saw this video even till nw..I tink this is a footage which he wanted to erase more than his undergarment commercial poster.. the audience are like seeing a joke…

    • Oh my! That is not an image of JKS I ever want to see again. Artistically I found it enjoyable but can’t say I was too comfortable knowing it was him. I ended up skipping forward to the behind the scenes footage (audio and video seemed to be out of sync) and that was interesting while they were assembling his makeup and costume. He didn’t seem comfortable with all the makeup.

      The play is pretty bizarre to begin with but with a lot of artistic merit. I don’t think I’ve seen many productions of it available in the US even though its origins are US. It seems to be popular in Korea though. I think Kim Jae Wook was in a recent production of it before going into the army.

  1. i love the last pic….! hahaha….. omg…omg…I’m drooling to see how beautiful & attractive he is, rolling around and say “love you”, whose idea is that? he is like a sweet young girl try to tempt a man…. T_T no wonder he was embarrassed…
    Suk VS chocolate, the winner is suk, he is more sweet n tempting….so cuddly, i want to hug him….hehe…
    wait wait…
    this cf is a love lesson, a way for a woman to tempt a man.. rolling around with chocolate..brilliant idea!

  2. I loved this CM! And feel in love with all the pictures and website is just like a dream *_*
    Wish I could taste this T_T again loved his clothes!

    • cool, QQ baby, you’re the best youtube provider. Google should give your award. hahaha.

      I meant to put under this one, but I accidently put on another post. Well still double the praise, better!

      I really got kick out of it too when I watched this.

      • SukkiefanNC, you’re welcome ^_^ but I will give the award to Farina as she is the Queen here.. heehee. Farina, hor? ^_^
        Actually I enjoy sharing with more eels especially those nice vids I come across myself.. anyway, many eels are sharing vids every now & then here… we all enjoy to spread the love & smiles of Sukkie, right!

      • (so shy!!!) it just shows how free I am! It’s just a pleasure to release my love for him by sharing whatever pix/vids/news that I come across with people who understand my craze for this kid.

        I just wish Suk will reply more to international eels even though his English may not be that good. That will be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

  3. Forgot to mention.. of the pictures above my favorites are of him with the guitar and the one direct below because they seem to least posed. He looks best in candid photos. Not saying he doesn’t look great posed I just like it when photographers catch him in those moments. They get the true gems when the photo lacks artifice.


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