28 thoughts on “[27.9.2011] JKS visits “Winter Sonata” musical performance”

      • I’m still recovering. Things are a bit complicated for me since I tried to go to work but it backfired at me and the Doctor was angry.
        But every time I visit this place I feel so much energy that I couldn’t just watch anymore without saying something.
        Love you all gals!

      • I have been a bad patient and my doctor is angry.
        now I’m typing with one hand and it makes me feel how precious every part of our body is.
        But I’m all energy Aphreal thanks to your amazing blog and all the wonderful people that visit it. Love you and missed you so much!

  1. His hairstyle really can change his looks! with a light make-up, he looks like a newcomer actor, very cute plus a little bit mature face, hum love!

  2. Ah… he looks so good in those photos! Ever notice no matter how he does his hair his sideburns always look the same (okay, been studying him a little too much… its not creepy)?

    • Andrea, I like his sideburn as it is so unique & nice on him… and if you study further on Sukkie, you will be surprise how his face can change to different images (from playful teen to matured man in late twenties, from ancient to modern.. from feminine to manly etc..) Initially when I get to know Sukkie in early 2010 , I was studying him like you are doing now.. wondering why I can’t tell it is the same actor in BV, HGD, YAB until I saw the same name LOL.. I’m normally good in identifying someone if I have seen before by first glance but I got tricked by Sukkie due to his complete different images in dramas.. never seen an actor like this before…

      • Oh… I notice… LOL… the pictures here made me think at first that it was Oska’s (from Secret Garden) little brother because of the hairstyle. I’ve been studying him so closely that I’ve been calling him a chameleon (I’ve noticed someone else here says that too so I am guessing others feel the same).

      • This is why I noticed him and distinguish him from others. He is so versatile!
        I love love love how he looks with this hairstyle!!!

  3. Vid of above with Chinese sub. Mainly Sukkie said he would like to do something the director for his new drama, so he came to show his support to his musical show. The director thanked him and said he worked very hard on the past two days shooting and also Sukkie is busy for school too.

  4. dont worry, we are all creeps for Sukkie… to make you feel better, i have my share of creepiness too.. i have a record of his voice saying ‘saranghe’ on my phone.. LMAO!

  5. Wow! … i really like Sukkie’s new boyish image with that haircut … i think he has gained a little weight which makes him look great … in the vids, i can see that PD Yoon is fond of Sukkie … and proud of his new drama’s lead actor i.e. Sukkie …

    • yeah.. does look like he’s put on good weight. I read that he lost weight for his role in You’re my pet? So he is getting back where he needs to be to stay healthy.


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