[ENG-SUB] Charlottee Love CF

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English subs: Aphrael77

The advertisers sure know how to capitalize on JKS’ sweetness …he looks more delicious than the chocolate!

Now I know what guys think of JKS (at least the sweet version of him). While I was subbing this, my brother walked to my PC and happened to watch the part where JKS was rolling on the ground, smiling sweetly and saying “Love you”. After a while, my bro only had one word – “pervert”…. Don’t think he’s insulting JKS, but rather saying I’m a pervert watching this!! …. it’s not my fault that the ad lines were so mushy…..:)

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  1. Agree with you, he is delicious and sweet! I do want to eat him up. Sorry, eels! I think I am fell in the “pervert” category too. hahahaha.

  2. Lol. My bro calls him the girlie looking guy. He does not like Sukkie at all. He doesn’t understand why I find Sukkie so appealing. He is used to my crush on Robert Pattinson (which to me is like the polar opposite of our prince, lmao) That’s okay, my mom and sister likes him, so it helps balance it out!

  3. If it makes anyone feel better… I sometimes feel I’m too told to be a proper Eel (too old to be a noona but too young to be an adjumma). I’m in my 30s but adore him but he’s in no way my normal type. But I get a kick out of JKS. I wish I were younger and Korean sometimes. Not sure what the issue for men is though… yes, he’s beautiful but also very masculine too.

  4. yeah same here… my father n my bro don’t like JKS, but my mom, my older sist and my younger sist even mt grandma crazy about him. So who care…!!! we just ignore them. They said it’s ok if we crush to Lee Min HO or other manly artist but we just get into JKS’s “trap” can’t go anywhere else LOL

  5. Aphrael, I guess your brother doesn’t know how many ‘perverts’ there are here….lol!!

    Andrea, don’t worry about yr age….so many of us are ahjummas and like you, my family & friends ( even I ) don’t understand the obsession I have for this kid.

  6. he is so cute and adorable just want to bite him hehe … he is so sweet cant get over it hehe.. but then the ad is so fruity i cant help but laugh and awe at it hehe…

    girls dont worry my little bro. like Sukie hehe… YAY one boy fan of sukie ( no my bro is not gay lol )

  7. Hii Gals..nice to meet all of you..^^ i’m really glad i found aphrael blog..it’s meaning alot to me that i knowing more eels overseas with our unique story about our impressive with sukki..FYI gals i never ever been liking korean actor,even i like watching Kdrama but none korean actor capture my attention & my heart..but after i see sukki the 1st think out of my mind is he’s absolutely different with most of korean actor i’ve been seen before..and this is interesting..most of my friends like K actor becouse his manly look wih six pack body,masculine appearance..but i think manly look not only drawing from outner appearance but more over from inner look,personality&good behave..and i think this’s that few K actor have, and the one is sukki wich is his still young age that’s way i really adore him so much.. 🙂

  8. Hmmmm actually i believe most of us here do not have any “specific” answer as to why we get hooked to Sukkie ….
    Is just seems there is “an invisible magnet strength”, his charm that suck our attention LOL
    I can only say “dun know why” ……. but just like him out of no reason against so many Korean male artists hahaha

    • Haha that’s what i exactly say to my family. “I don’t even know why I’m so obsessed with him” lol. Based on looks…well there are a few good looking korean stars out there that can be more “cuter” than JGS at some points. BUT still, i find him the most attractive actor for me.Long hair.! Clothes that are not my taste! A drinker! Has this showw off kind of humor! And no abs! (Lol) and still ,i adore him. I just started becoming an eel during my summer vac after watching YB.. fell for the smile 😀 And usually when i do become obsess with one actor, it fades away after a month. But pshhh I’m been an eel for almost 4months 🙂 Happily stuck in his trap forever.

  9. thanks for sharing farina! wow..now he’s singing the national anthem..so happy for him!

    by the way..as for the CF..all i can say is “aah..now can he be soo teasing!”..=)

  10. I want to share the nuanced lines Sukkie said in the CF here. It’s very difficult for me to translate the exact meaning into English, so still don’t know how to share about it. But I’m sure my struggle will help you to enjoy this CF much more, so I’ll try!

    The key line he said is “Aishite-ageru.” “Aishite-age-nai” means negative of “Aishite-ageru.”

    The nuance is came from “-ageru.” 

    The character Sukkie played at CF is like Hwang Tae Kyung. He knows how much the other (a woman who don’t appear on CF, all female viewers?) loves him, so he said the line mischievously, ” (It’s OK for me) I WILL love you (to please you)… :p”

    And “Mou Aishite-age-nai” means “I WON’T love you any more (if you make me upset).”

    “-ageru” means to do something “for someone else” affectedly. So in this situation, he is superior to the other, woman about love. In the CF, he is bossy, but at the same time, he is as sweet as chocolate! 🙂

    If someone understand the nuance I want to share and know the better impression in English, please let me know. 

      • It’s like “I will love you for your sake, but if you upset me I won’t!”
        so sweet with a bit of mischievousness just like the chocolate he is endorsing ….. nah! he’s way sweeter ^0^

      • cri-J, your understanding is perfect!!! Yes, “I will love you for your sake” is what I mean to express exactly! Thank you ^^

  11. Happy that I could help. You don’t need to thank me since you were always there when we needed English subs before. I watched the video I gave you to sub and I am more
    “mero mero” for sukkie if that’s even possible! Thanks so much Tenshi and Aphreal for giving us so much of your time.


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