25 thoughts on “[Pics] Love Rain: 1st day of filming”

    • Watching him dance just makes me adore him more! LOL… I’ve seen video of him dancing before but that collection was great. Its not even that he’s a great dancer (causes he’s not) but the joy he gets out of it just makes me forget he’s tripping up all over himself.

      • I find him hilarious when he starts dancing. He is actually pretty good. I tried doing his tectonic dance…I can’t do it for the life of me! He just needs more practice but he doesn’t train every single day like the kpop singers, etc.
        So I have to give him kudos for trying and loving it.

  1. He looks so different with the new hairstyle and clothes. Really looking forward to this drama. I love drama expand years for generation, it always have very rich storyline. They really look like college students. I have to love when he was “upset” because those told him that they love “Gong Yong”, I think those girls just will become “grilled unagi (eels)” hahahah. And right now, is Sept 25, which is the actual birthday for him.
    Here is the lunar calendar and solar calendar difference, 24 years ago, on lunar calendar Aug 04, which was Sept 25 on solar calendar, the big star of today, Jang Keun Suk was born, in Korea, the moment you were born, you are counted as 1 year old. (tradition in China too) That’s why in Korea, he will say he is 25, but he is only 24 years old in our way of count age. He said that on SmapSmap show, at that time, he was 23 years old, because Japanese uses solar calendar. Because the lunar year calendar changes every year (# of dates of the year), it is hard to trace the lunar birthday on the solar calendar each year, because it will fall on the different date. He use Aug 04 as his birthday to the public. But his actual “birth”day by solar calendar is Sept 25. I hope you can understand why he has two birthdays and why his age is different by different medias, and hope I’m not confusing most of you.

    Happy Birthday, my Prince! 생일 축하합니다

  2. Sukkie really look like an innocent school boy.
    Hope this drama will be a success and make Sukkie well known to the entertainment
    One again another birthday wish for Sukkie =

  3. Wow, I really like his looks in 70s. Even just seeing some pics, I can imagine how different the character he’s played before, and my expectation is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. His hairstyle like the Beatles in 70s shows him so innocent and sensitive and it helps him to act an artist. 

    I’m wondering how it’ll be like in his arena tour in October with such a cute and innocent looks, especially Lounge H session. How will he entertain us on the manly way????  The result is….???? Look forward to my fan account! 🙂

    P.S. Now I’m in Guam to attend my brother’s wedding ceremony. So it’s rather tough for me to catch up Sukkie’s latest news. But I can’t wait for the day to return Japan… So now I’m doing the Internet secretly ;P

    • Tenshi dear..i really miss your comment.. ^^ i’ve same wondering with you how suk looks at japan arena tour next month 🙂 im really looking forward as always your lovely FA. i heard that arena tour ticket already sold out..??

    • Kaori-chan, I sure miss you too.. hope you will be back to Japan soon ^_^ you’re really really lucky again to get the ticket for Oct Japan Arena tour as I heard the tickets for 5 shows in 3 cities were sold out within 30 mins.. not sure how many tickets are there altogether but 1 show is at least 10,000 seats!
      Don’t worry about Sukkie’s hairstyles for LoungeH.. he will transform from the current herbivores Suk (in Beetles hairstyle) to carnivores Suk (in new LH hairstyle)… he is chameleon Suk remember? Looking forward to your FA next month anyway..

  4. Happy B-day prince,ur now a year older but your boyish look never gets old.(mind if you tell me your secret cream)hahaha..every seconds,minutes,hour,everyday I checked on the internet just to see a glimpse of you,(wondering if when will I see you and watch your performance).Although you have no time to retweet all your Eels ,including me! were still happy coz’ you update us everyday.At least we get to see and follow your everyday life.Good-luck to your new venture,we will support you all the way.Can’t wait to see the finish product!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to @AsiaPrince_JKS,, I wish you good health and happiness!! Loving you will always be a pleasure @_@..

  5. Thanks for the explanation regarding his birth date 🙂 It’s twice the fun to celebrate it on the 4th of Aug and 25th of Sept. Thanks for being born dear JGS 😀 You are God’s gift to women 😀

    ps.. so love the 70s look.. he knows how to rock that hair do.


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