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Yoona and me, and In Guk eating grilled meat for lunch together!!! We are engrossed in the smell of grilling meat during filming!! sone, taste the grilled meat!!!! hahahaha ah haha, but are Busan women pretty or Taegu women pretty? Exactly where are we going tonight…..
我和允儿还有仁国一起中午吃烤肉!!!我们沉浸在烤肉的味道中在拍摄!!sone们啊 尝一下烤肉吧!!!!哈哈哈哈啊哈哈 不过釜山女人漂亮还是大邱女人漂亮?到底今天晚上去哪里。。

Some free time during filming. Chatting with women, no response from these girls…. asked them which actor they like. without hesitation they said directly, Gong Yoo…… you all are out…!
拍摄的时候 有点空 在和女人们聊天中,这些孩子.. 真没有反应 问他们喜欢哪个演员…. 连犹豫都没有 直接讲是孔侑…… 你们out..!

Japanese eels, big news will come out soon. At this moment, eels’ power needs to be consolidated. Let us create record together keke …How are Japanese women? Cuter than Busan and Taegu women? If like that, I’ll go to Japan immediately! www
日鳗们啊 即将有非常大的新闻出来 这一刻需要聚集鳗鱼们的力量 我们一起创造记录 呵呵..日本的女性怎么样?比釜山和大邱的还要可爱?如果那样,我马上去日本!www

Primadonna ah !!!!!!!!!!!!I’m wrong…. don’t know…. to me, there are eels!!!! and also sone!!!! but … going where ….. -_- ??
(* Primadonna are FT fans,sone are SNSD fans)

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    • here comes psychologist aphrael with her magnifying lens to scrutinize JKS’ behaviour and give out free analysis…
      (disclaimer: well, for anything that comes for free, quality and accuracy are not guaranteed! ^^)

      (1) He uses it as a quirk but cute way to avoid awkward questions i.e. in Kneedrop Guru

      (2) He uses it as a fun tool to keep eels guessing where he is.

      (3) He’s drunk (when the words come after midnight)

      (4) At moments of serious self-reflection on his life, he uses these questions to check his direction in life, his goals and his self identity.

      … LOL

      • Hmmm… I like your point abt him being drunk, lol! What I noticed is that these questions came about just after he was confirmed for Love Rain (correct me if I’m wrong though)… so I was think if perhaps it has something to do with the drama… maybe he has amnesia?

    • I was also thinking about these frequent questions he asked in his tweets.. seems a combination of aphrael & Farina’s analysis, he is changing roles too often in real life (omnivores, bipolar) and in dramas/movies that he wants the eels to guess? ^_^

  1. His tweets are so confusing. I guess in Korean it makes more sense? Cus in English it just looks like a whole bunch of gibberish to me, lol. The only think that is consistence is his energy over everything. He so hyper and excited over the littlest stuff. So freaking cute. You just want to shrink him and put him in your pocket.

  2. I feel so bad about the whole Gong Yoo thing. I have to admit until I found JKS I was totally into Gong Yoo that I had his picture on my cell phone. But once I saw You’re Beautiful I was lost forever and Beethoven Virus floored me. Still like Gong Yoo but just not the same way. I wrote in an earlier comment that JKS isn’t even my type but for some reason I love and adore him. Well, Gong Yoo is more my type but I’m committed to my adoration of JKS. I’ve never followed a celebrity like this in my life!

    • Andrea, I think many eels feel the same way and some eels I come across actually hated Sukkie before but they grow to like him when they know more about him & his unique personality… I get to know him through BV & HGD as an good actor and then from YAB, I get to know his other talents like singing besides chameleon images & superb acting.. then really trapped when I knew more about his real life personality, really one of a kind!!! I’m always grateful he comes to this world as he really brings joy & inspiration to many, I don’t see him as an idol but someone with great personality that can pull people to him for various reasons…

      • I super duper agree,at first (while watching He’s Beautiful) I am more fascinated to Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo character.But as the story gets deeper,Hwang Tae Kyung
        stole my heart.The moment I finished it, I searched for JKS,I want to know more about him,and then I found out that so many fans loved this guy.No question co’z I loved him too!Every now and then I play his song,without words and what should I do before I go to sleep.I often ask myself why just now I get to know that a guy like Jang Keun Suk exist..I even made an account to weibo(even if I don’t understand it) ,m2day,twitter,etc.just to look for this guy..hahaha..Signing up every fanpage & following accounts that follows him.As i get to know more about him,the more love I felt for him,he is not just a star but a guy that love’s life and cherised people closed to him.

      • @ Charlotte… that funny because I was the same way with YAB at first. I found Shinwoo more appealing until Taekyung redid his hair and it was no longer in his face and I saw JKS for the first time. It was like seeing an entirely different person! That’s when my “obsession” started and I started checking out everything I could. I’ve only watched YAB twice and the second time I was saying “poor Shinwoo” almost the entire time.

    • me too…. at first shinwoo (yonghwa) more appealing….really at that time KS is not my type, and hate the HTK character, but then after hwang tae kyung cut his hair, i falling in love with him….search every series, and fall in his trap even more… and now, what happened to me? i’m willing to trend hastag twitt for him in the late of night….the craziest thing i ever done after i opened twitter and weibo account….

      • .. hahahahah… It’s 2017(learned about JKS last Oct 2016) and I did the same thing as these bunch of eels did 6 years ago..

        Love reading these posts. 😀

  3. just like andrea…I’ve never followed artistbefore the way i follow him now…… the more i know him..he’s just so addictive… he’s truly blessed and one of a kind.Just so grateful to know him though it’s only through medias…

  4. Agreed with you eels.
    It just like “Fall in love at first sight”.
    Came to know him from Hwang Ji Ni, like his acting skills and baby face and always
    eager to know who this guy really is?
    Now really trapped in his pond after watching MMM, now I found out what I’m
    looking for???

  5. Totally agreed with most of what’s been said here. In the past, I had no interest to watch drama series, thought they are for those housewives only. Not even crazy abt movies-only sit with my family for occassional western blockbusters. Read about JKS in local daily and was impressed with his popularity in Japan and SEA and so out of curiosity, looked up my nephew’s kdrama collection for YAB. My 1st impression is that he is a typical pretty korean boy. After YAB (finished the 16 chapters in 2 days) I was hooked. Just love to hear him sing. Surprised at myself, I have NEVER idolised any singer or actor my whole life, even at younger age. I supposed he is unique and I am not the only one he touched. Such young and talented personality.

    • When I first watch YAB, I liked the other guy better (forgot his name, the dude that like the heroine too…brought her shoes, etc) I felt really bad for him. But when I saw Sukkie smiled at Mi-Nam after getting lost …I was wow..this guy have a awesome smile..then I start noticing this cute facial expression. I start paying more attention. His acting was remarkable. I don’t think I ever saw a Korean actor with his intense stare before. I had to see more of his movies…BV sealed the deal. I became an trapped eel….hook, line and sinker. Lol

      • Chica.. the character name was Shinwoo in YAB. But yeah, it was the smile that did it for me. If you haven’t seen Mary Stayed out all Night aka Marry Me, Mary then check it out. I’m 1/2 way thru it right now. A lot of people say its bad but I am enjoying it. JKS is very emotive in it (some quality acting without exaggeration like the whole mouth thing from YAB)and shocker of shockers there is an actual REAL kiss in this drama. Yeah, I was floored. I’ve seen enough kdramas to know that barely touching lips is an industry standard (like the lack of any kissing is in India) so its occassionally nice to see a real one.

  6. Thank for updating his twits in English! He’s such an unstoppable twitterer! Twits all day long.Hope after some months he’ll get tired and start writing less.Of course.it’s great of him to twitting so many but he could bore his fans,because fans love some mystery about his idols,they don’t really need such detalised reports like what he’s eating,drinking, with whom he’s chatting,etc. I’m his fan from Kazakhstan.I’ve been so since first seeing him in Hong Gil Dong.I really liked his good looks,acting and charisma in HGD,he’s my first Korean actor crush.

  7. I actually first watched him from Baby & Me. My niece and daughter were ooh-ing & aah-ing at his good looks. At first I was not tempted even though I agreed abt him being cute. I was chasing Hyunbin then…. It took me months and extreme boredom before I decided to give Baby & Me a try. I liked him there though I thought they could have chosen a better girl (sorry if any of you liked the girl). After that I watched YAB and my heart was stolen from first sight at Hwang Tae Kyung regardless of hairstyles 🙂 And yes, that sweetest killer smile he gave Go Mi Nam after they found their way back was THE one which actually drowned me. Just for the record, I’ve watched YAB like around 20 times if not more….!!! There were too many memorable scenes that I loved from that drama and I mean ONLY HTK scenes. His expressions, be it his smile, anger, different types of crying, gleeful (the part when he scored 100 points and he smacked the rabbit’s butt was priceless!) and many more… he simply stole the show.

    I can go on & on about this kid. That was like only the appetizer lol!!

  8. hi! =) this is ione from the philippines..i like your topic right now =) ..if i may join / share..i also knew keun-suk through YAB last year and yes, fell in love with him at first sight (if i’m not mistaken, that was ep 2, when he threw Go Mi Nam’s ring ^_^!)..and then worked-back on his dramas and movies (One Missed Call Final, BV, Do Re Mi, etc.), and became a certified eel. =)

    ..it’s amazing that we did almost the same thing, hehe! (that is played back his movies / drama over and over and over and over)..but it’s his free-spirited personality that made me really head over heels attached to him. That’s why i’m more into his behind-the-scene footages (the 2010 Asia Tour series, the History of JKS, etc.) because those are the real side of JKS.

    whoa, just reminiscing of how we got to know him gives me chills. ^_^ so rare that we got to know someone so bright and gifted, yet gentle-hearted and down-to-earth at the same time.

    just too proud to be one of his eels.

    happy birthday, keun-suk. =)

  9. same here ! it was my daughter who downloaded his drama “you’re beautiful “and show it to me .she is a korean drama addicted . like you i was hoocked to him at first sight and i searched frenetically his works over the internet and downloaded all i can find subded.like FARINA, i ‘ve watched this drama severel time (in fact every time i feel down)but i prefer watching his shows/interviews/ behind-the-scene footages…because like what have said IONE he shows more of his reel personnality in them .he seems so spontaneous and generous with his fans .i don’t know if he ‘s like this because of his youthness or is it the fact that he’s a lonely child that he’s craving for his fans love .anyway this unique crazy personnality of him makes us love and want to protect him (he seems so sensitive) . so i’ll be verry thankfull to everyone who can post the links to his shows . thanks in advance

  10. me, too! i am now a certified eel. i first saw keun suk in marry me, mary! about two months ago and i thought he was really awesome in it so i started to know more about him. it was his looks and acting skills that got me first but i liked him more so when i saw his carefree personality and genuine love for his craft & his fans. he is so unpretentious which made me love him even more.

    i‘ve just finished watching BV, and he was magnificent in it! now i understand why he chose this drama over BOF. the story was really great, its meaning & message very profound.

  11. can’t help but to share how i knew him since eels are on the topic…
    well…honestly it’s been a while since i last infected by K-Pop.The truth is…i thought my spazzing time was ways back then and years ago… ( you see.. I’m working already so it limited my time to spazz like the old days)
    back to the topic it was on one fine day where my television cable network(ASTRO) got disconnected due to some technical errors and i’m left without television for days.feeling bored, i decided to borrow my friend’s movies to watch.And before you know it, I’m watching YAB! Honestly…. i really admired his character there ( the hard-to-handle ) and then i realized that i actually have seen some of his movies before YAB ! Probably because i love music-related movies/entertainment-related movies..YAB quickly become my favorite!! Soon , i found myself rerunning the movies again and again ( believe me, i still do now! ) Then, the chemistry between the casts was so cute that i started to search for every BTS and the making.THAT’S IT!! Like others…I’m a certified eels.Getting to know him through twitter,previous movies,weibo and so forth makes me falling more deep into his charms!!!Just love him…. his kindness, generosity, cuteness, his bubbliness, his charm, playfullness makes him such an adorable actor….hahahah…. just love him..can’t wait for his next projects….FIGHTING!!!

  12. Ok girls….been meaning to ask for a very very long time but kept forgetting; how old was Hwang Tae Kyung? It was one of the questions asked during the SG Cri Show but however many reruns I did, I couldnt find the answer….


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