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I am this kind of person!! Video contents: For the land where I am, my homeland, my friends, my family, Korea even more……………. well done
我是这样的人!!! 视频内容:为了有我的土地 我的故乡 我的朋友 我的家人的大韩民国更加……………… 做得好

This is Cri Show, JKS trap, cri, kekekeke
这个就是crishow 张根硕陷阱cri 喀喀喀喀

Ah, frustrated, because of intellectual property rights on the Japanese side, video has been deleted…ah… a pity to watch it by myself….if you want to watch…. please buy it…… in order to hook you all, hee hee
啊 烦躁 因为日本方面著作权关系 视频删掉了 删掉..啊..一个人看太可惜了…想看的话…….就买吧…为了钓你们 嘻嘻

Ah, finally finished song recording…. as for the new song… I am really….. a talent….. ah, I recorded the movie OST today……….. this OST will definitely become popular….ah, don’t know, tweeting chozer!!!!
啊…终于录音结束…对于新曲…..我真的是…..人才…..啊 今天录得事电影OST。。。。。。这个ost肯定能红….啊 不知道 刷屏chozer!!!!

Because I’m having dinner with Rain, disperse on the spot!!! If you behave well, I’ll upload pics for you all to see. hahaha, behave well ~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
因为我要和rain一起来吃晚饭的 原地解散!!!你们好好表现的话会传照片给你们看 嘎嘎嘎 好好表现~~~~~~~~~


Look at Rain’s arm, hahaha, look carefully to see the namecard, hahaha
看看rain的手臂吧 嘎嘎嘎 仔细看的话还有名片 嘎嘎嘎


Tree-J: What JKS looked like on the day of the cri-j photo shoot. What kind of contents will the 3rd issue have? Please look forward to the 3rd issue ^^
JKS: Upload this now as bait, it’s still a long way off from cri-j trap


oh I didn’t upload this pic previously!! Love me more ^^

Heard that the world star has changed car…. joking, joking…. so late, tough on the driver, salute! Let’s salute together, keke, ah, this lonely night ..
听说世界明星换车了 开玩笑开玩笑..这么晚了司机辛苦了 敬礼!一起敬礼 呵呵 啊 这个寂寞的夜晚..

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  1. I laughed so hard for the last one! That’s Rain, my gosh! Sukkie is too funny. I wonder what Rain thinks about his card. Make me think of that what JHD said in Drop Knee Guru “why you (Criz-J, as crazy J) give me this useless thing. ” hahahaha Sukkie, just give it to me, I keep it nicely.

    He is full of trap. I fall, fall, fall in deeply. 🙂

    Reading his twitters makes my day.

    • Only Sukkie can get away with that kind of stuff. He so honest and sincere about it, that you can’t help but find him adorable. Sometime I have to feel second hand embarressment for him. He isn’t usually the type of star I fall for either….. But he have successfully trapped me. Lol.

      • Chica,

        That’s the right words to use – second hand embarrassment!!
        He can make me laugh like no other artiste can! lol

    • I’m in love too… he’s not even my type! I am just drawn to him like no other and have been enjoying his twitter bombs. I’ve been sending him messages but of course not getting responses but hey I figure he just wants adoration. I’m actually offended by some of the messages people send! He is getting so much harrassment from people for him to respond to them and insulting him because he hasn’t. Are people really that crazy?

      • Yes, some people are really crazy out there. I know he loves his fans and all but he has to be careful. Their are stalker types and obsessive fans that won’t take no for an answer. These people live in their own “psycho” world. I think he is used to the craziness though, he been around for along time and must have experience the insaniest people.

      • If he reads my comments he might think I’m crazy. I tend to be random. Yesterday I asked him what his favorite ice cream flavor was and told him mine was strawberry or lemon/citrus. I’m sure if he read that he would think I’m nuts. But mostly I just send messages about my interest in Korean culture and language. Oh, and I asked him to change his profile pic to a picture of just his eyes. Figured he did his mouth why not his eyes. (I think I’ve attracted followers on Twitter because of my random messages to JKS)

        I live in Washington DC so I am kinda used to weirdos. The closest I’ve been to celebrities is sitting in the same row at the Kennedy Center as Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) and running into Ralph Fiennes, Wallace Shawn, and Uma Thurman in NYC. I was curious but would never presume to interface with them.

      • I’ve been accessing twitter with my smartphone… basically I just go straight to his profile and touch the @ sign and it shows all the message sent to him. Not sure how to do it from a computer. I just sent him a message asking if he likes Star Wars (since thats what is on my mind right now). Anyway, most of the messages seem to be demands to tweet in english, begging for shout outs for holidays, and concerns for him because he didn’t seem to sleep much last night. (I’m concerned too about the last day because he started tweeting early 9am Korea time Friday and was on and off til 4am Saturday Korea time and then posted a picture of a blackboard around 9am again).

  2. Andrea, what’s yr Tw name? I wanna follow yr random thoughts 🙂
    For translations, follow @skthtj …. she’s really been wonderful for sharing her translations. Also sa_sha26 🙂

    • its @anddawede but I’m really not all that interesting. I’m trying to catch his attention at least once. I asked him to make a profile picture of just his eyes last night since he likes to change his picture often. I figured random is better than demanding attention. Maybe someday he will notice me. Either way, just want to show my support.

  3. what i found sooo hilarious is how he cheers “himself” from the last part of the video… hahaha…. thought i heard his voice…


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