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At this instant!!! Asia Prince JKS, for the photography crew who are working till late at night, foots the bill!!! Using his own funds!!! Here comes news of hosting their dinner!!! Ah!!! Hallyu star full of warmth!!! Especially it’s a potential world star!!! His name is Jang Keun Suk!!
说话的瞬间!!!亚洲王子 张根硕 为了辛苦工作到深夜的摄影工作人员们 自掏腰包!!!用个人的私费!!!传来了招待(他们)晚饭的冲击性消息!!!啊!!!人情味十足的韩流明星!!!特别是 准世界明星!!! 他的名字就是 张 根 硕!!

Megastar JKS Asia Prince!!! wants to become world star!!! Long live JKS!!! Emotionally touching tears at the scene are pooling into a big sea~!!!
巨星张根硕 亚洲的王子 !!! 要成为世界巨星!!! 张根硕 万岁 万岁 万万岁!!! 现场感动的眼泪已经汇成了大海~!!!

ha… another serious matter…. me with a fans count much lower than Lee Hong-ki, Choi Jong-hoon and brother Joon-yong!!!!?? endless sorrow…eels!!! Walk out of the world out and take a look!!! Follow me!!! Stop provoking me, keke
唔哈..又一个不得了的事。。粉丝数比李弘基比崔忠勋比勇俊哥都还少得我!!!!??无限感慨啊…鳗鱼们啊!!!走出外面的世界看看吧!!!!跟着我!!!不要再刺激我了 喀喀

I finally finished filming!! The hairstyle for the awards ceremony is being blown by the hairdryer, later will transform into carnivore man… who am I going out with for a drink and to where….oh ho…
我终于拍完了!!颁奖礼的发型正在用吹风机吹下来 等下变身为肉食男..今天和谁去哪里喝酒呢…哦吼..

kekekeke. work namecard and work mobile have come!!! Will take these out with me tonight!!! Shower and sleep!! I am going out to play, bye cri~! and… Halloween party is a trap… who wants to come??
额呵呵呵呵 工作用名片和工作用手机到了!!!揣着这个晚上在大街上晃晃去!!!洗洗睡吧!!我要去玩了 bye cri~!还有…万圣节派对是陷阱..有谁要来吗??

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  1. I read somewhere he’s pretty appreciative of the people he works with. I read at least one report where he cooked and served food during long late night meetings. He’s pretty generous without being pretentious (looks like the food is basic but good instead of overly fancy).

    I love the smirk too. I don’t care what he’s doing in a picture as long as I see his beautiful eyes. How can someone be such a chameleon?!

  2. hi =) hmm..tree-j company tweeted something about keun suk’s photos..but i can’t understand the message much (per google)..can anyone translate tree-j’s tweet?..now they refer us only to the official website..

  3. Sukkie….. ya, ya….. we already know you are the Asia Prince
    The name card printed as Asia prince instead of Jang Keun Suk hahaha
    His hair ….. not stop laughing seeing his new hairstyle XD

    When will be the Hallowen party, Sukkie? I am going ……. though there is a trap ;p

  4. i have a question.. i am new in twitter and doesnt understand it that much. 🙁 when you see for example, JKS: @ana_g.@JKs blah blah… is that a reply of JKs to anna’s comment? and what do you mean by listed? 🙁 thank you! 😀


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