[21.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter …. & new hairstyle pic!!

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Ah, end of lunchtime. You all laugh at me for being so free with nothing to do, I am a very busy man!! Don’t challenge me. Until 6 pm today, more people who follow me…what to do, I don’t even have half the numbers of Lee Hong-ki? If performance is well, I’ll really upload my pic after I cut my hair. Will become eel at first glance! Now is the era of eels!!!
啊 午饭时间结束 你们笑我闲得没事干 我可是很忙的男人啊!!不要挑衅哦 下午六点为止多些关注的人吧..怎么办我连李弘基一半都没有?表现得好的话真的上传剪完头发的照片哦 一看就会变成鳗鱼!现在是鳗鱼时代!!!

Changed my mind…. Won’t reveal my new hairstyle pic. Fans also didn’t increase in number. The response is smaller than I thought. If no one follows, twitter…. closed………..
改变主意了..不会公开剪完头发的照片了 粉丝数也没上升 比我想象中的反应小了点 不关注的话 推特 哗地 关………………

Japanese eels, are you fine? I’m here checking news on my mobile. Eels, be careful of your safety! I want to protect you all ….

Almost no one is following me….everyone doesn’t follow me …. Sister Lim Soo-jung also doesn’t tweet…. In order to get my reply, some strange messages are written …. Twitter …. close…..
几乎没………怎么关注我 大家…不加关注…….林秀晶姐姐也不发推特……为了让我回复写一些奇怪的话…….推特……..关………

If you all want ….. me ……you can come and snatch away my heart ….. Give you 30 minutes……….


Cannot wait for 30 mins!!! Eels, I also love….. love….. like you, ah ha, now is the era of eels!!!! My hair looks ok right!!! How how?
等不了30分了!!!鳗鱼们啊 我也爱。。。。爱。。。。喜欢你 啊哈 现在是鳗鱼时代!!!!我头发还行吧!!!怎么样怎么样?

33 thoughts on “[21.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter …. & new hairstyle pic!!”

  1. The new hairstyle is nice and cute, and it seems to affect the shape of JKS’ eyes, more crinkly and smiley??… but i feel like laughing every time I see his hair …… haha XD

    … …. maybe it’s because I’m getting old and as a noona, I’d advise him not to be so fixated about the number of fans following… i assume Lee Hong-ki has been on twitter for a much longer time, and his fans are accumulated over time…. hope JKS can be a bit more patient and not hope for lots of fans at one go….. …. but seriously, he seems to be very insecure …..

    as eels, we don’t mind what he says, but to other people, it may come across as desperate…..

      • Agree with u. His fans isn’t from Korea area..but also from all around the world. Please twitt in English !!!. I’m headached with the “grass writing” ( Korea, Japan, Mandarin ) !!!

    • He is very impatient, lol. You can tell underneath he is insecure and needs validation from his fans and peers. I wish there was something that can put his mind to rest. He already collected tons of follower. I have to say he is very honest too. Whatever he feels at that moment, he blurts out. Should be a little more careful. The media can twist his words and hurt him again.
      His haircut is perfect for the new drama. Love it!

      • yah no matter at weibo or twitter he seemed to be very conscious abt the figures… aniwae his new hair looked rather nerdy, but dark color at least

    • i agree with you. i like his post, they can be a bit over whelming at timebut they make him seem more human and not just a star and its nice to see what he’s up to. but it worries me that some people might see it as desperate. Jang geun suk you have tons of eels so don’t worry too much! enjoy a bit^^ you’ll get more soon enough!

  2. aphrael, his new hairstyle is really cute on him (we call mushroom hairstyle) & this really remind me of the Beatles in the 70s… he sure looks good in any hairstyle!

  3. He cuts his fringe !!! Agreed with QQeyes …. the hairstyle really like 70s
    But is a trend now !!
    Whackkkk so long never see him with fringe ….. so cute now ;p

  4. hahaha.. just like you aphrael i can’t help not to laugh with his new hairstyle but he really looks cute with this hairstyle and looks more younger.. 😀

  5. Love his new hairstyle! unexpected & quite refreshing ^^ Im not on Twitter yet, but for JKS, think I’ll will register n ‘follow’ him, but wonder if he replies in English sometimes?JKS is really honest about his feelings haha, got to appreciate that 🙂

  6. He looks so much younger than in his two other films (YAB & MMM)! How i wish he is not so skinny though ( his “shower” pic is proof enough that he has to take care of his health more…) i do hope he stops smoking and lessen his drinking sprees…they are not good for his health…this is coming from a concerned fan…thanks to aphrael for all the updates…i wonder how you juggle your time versus your other activities…be healthy, too.

  7. OMG! What a newbie! But after i watched his daily clip on 2009 which was sent by QQeyes007, suddenly i miss his manly look with short hair cut, huu.. why?why?why?

    • ren121, this hairstyle is for his role in the 70s in LoveRain…but as he will be going to Japan for Arena tour next month, I think he will style his hair accordingly to the occasion, if you have seen the BlackEngine CF below, you can get what I mean as in the same CF, he changes his hairstyle a few times.. I think his current hairstyle is easy to style to those short & hot look as well… he has a very amazing chameleon image, can change from young to mature looking & vice versa ^_^

  8. Really cute and his new hair style is fantastic but he looks a little skinny.
    Sukkie put on a little weight – you will look great like in Murder of Itewon.
    Don’t worry more eels will twit with you soon.

  9. the hairstyle pics that he tweeted were cuter than the first pic that he revealed..hehe..

    keun suk..you really look like lee hong ki’s younger brother! kkk..but way way cuter than him. =)

    agree..i mean he’s been in twitter for less than a week right? and hong ki (well..i just knew hong ki’s tweeter account through jks) has been for some time now maybe..

    ..hmm..as a loyal eel, i don’t care that much..but as a concerned eel..if he continues to tweet his feelings impulsively..hmm..yeah, his insecurity may unintentionally be magnified and misinterpreted. araesseo?

    keun suk: no need to worry about the figures =) gokjong hajima..there are a lot of people out there who admire you and yet cannot follow you for various reasons (like my mom, she doesn’t have any account, even on facebook..and my aunt, and my little cousins..so me following you is 1=7 people..hehe!…try to multiply your followers into 7..that’s a lot, right?)..=)

      • ^^! yup..in our house, whenever i share some of his stories to my mom..that’s what she always say to me..he’s bright enough to reach us wherever in the world..=) that’s how popular he is.

        another note..have you read tree-j’s twitter 2 hours ago i think..i just can’t understand the translation per google..but it seems like there will be a limitation in the posting of photos..not sure..>_<..

  10. I don’t like his new hairstyle,I like him more with his long hair…:(…anyway with long or short hair,I am a big fan of him,and will always love him!:X


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