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I heard about the hurricane in Japan. Everyone! must! be more careful!! I’m very worried…! Fighting!

Should I buy the pot that is being sold online… vexed… now I’m starting to shower. Cri… if the number of fans increases, will post a shower pic, kekeke bye cri. Now is the era of eels!!!
网上在卖的锅要不要买呢 苦恼啊 现在开始洗澡cri..如果粉丝数有上升的话 来一张沐浴照哦 喀喀喀 bye cri 现在是鳗鱼时代!!!


I’ll upload the pic… in order to get Rt twitter has made me more proactive and fans has increased in number. Girls who don’t pay attention to me will be disappointed … tweeting … should be stopped now… if you’re well behaved, I’ll release the drama image photo and new hairstyle
我会放照片的..为了得到Rt 让我变得积极的推特&粉丝数也增加了 不关注我的女生们会失望的哦..刷屏…现在该停止了….你们乖一点的话 会公开定妆照跟新发型哦

I know it will become like this… say it frankly … don’t you have hair under your armpit? If I shave it, people complain that I don’t have, if I don’t shave it, people still complain… I know you all also have armpit hair! Let’s co-exist in harmony… and explaining words! (1) eels = JKS’ fans (2) Eels’ era = eels + [* not translated] (3) ㄲㄲ = keke I’m putting on make-up…keke
我就知道会这样.放开说吧..你们腋下没毛吗?剃掉起哄说没有 不剃也起哄..我知道你们也有腋毛!和平相处吧.还有单词整理!1、鳗鱼=张根硕的粉丝2、鳗鱼时代=鳗鱼+少时.3、ㄲㄲ=喀喀 我在化妆..喀喀


Ah!! Uploaded pic..!! But if you feel grieved, you can join www.cri-j.com kekeke very funny, not happy, not happy, aiyah my stomach~~ eels, let’s go to the castle gogo!!
呀!!照片上传了。。!!但是觉得委屈的话就加入www.cri-j.com 网页吧 呵呵呵 啊 好笑 不爽不爽 哎呀 我的肚子~~鳗鱼们啊 来城堡吧 gogo!!

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  1. Anybody to explain me how can i join cri-j.com…. I understand the registration form… what’s the ID cart? and if i don’t live in korea, how can i make for address??

  2. Sukkie, you are so funny & desperate to increase the no. of followers in twitter
    LOL till i dropped …. the way he mentioned his & eels “armpit hairs”


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