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  1. Oh thank you so much aphrael! I am still not sleeping (past 9pm here) because I am waiting for these part 3 and 4 of knee drop guru. Am so happy to be able to watch this before i go to bed. You’re always included in my prayers because at some point, you make me happy…through your hardwork, I am able to see one of the persons that brings smiles to my life.

    • hi makulet,

      thanks for thinking of me in your prayers~ 🙂

      JKS is really such a dear, he brings laughter and happiness to us, so let’s spread it around~!

  2. Same here. Good job and more power to you! It makes my day reading on his latest activities…i really like the last 2 episodes and the mcs realized how he is as a person—honest and true to himself…but who is that girl that he likes more than the other two?is it park shin hye? i did not get the other one aside from mary of mmm…thanks again

  3. Thanks so much Aphrael for subbing this TV show series. Finally, we have a closure to this TV show. I have to admit that this show started out very negative and offensive by the 3 MCs, but it has the perfect ending.
    Perfect because:
    1) MCs are charmed by our prince and he gained their respects at the end.
    2} Sukkie successfully laid some of the old untrue rumors to rest- nose job is perfect example. Ignorant anti-JKS people must accept some people are just born to be handsome and beautiful. Anti-JKS people, please don’t be jealous and don’t compare our Sukkie to your “plastic nose” idols. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to mention names – you know your idols best).
    3) JKS can be called many things, but never….never… should be called “empty gestures” again. Shame on those who dared even to say that to him in the first place.
    4) Proven loud and clear!!!!! Sukkie is the reigning supreme Prince of Asia whether Anti-JKS people like it or not.

    Sukkie, you are one smart and brave young man. I’m so proud to be your Eel. Please never give up your dreams, Sukkie. Eels will support you all the way. Fighting!! Fighting!!

    • Kailey,

      I always agree with so much of what you say!

      “some people are just born to be handsome and beautiful”
      – haha, yes, we are talking about someone who can sleep with his make-up on and still look beautiful~!

      “JKS can be called many things, but never….never… should be called “empty gestures” again.”

      – absolutely agree!! He does not face public criticism with pointless verbal rebuttal; instead he wants to work harder and achieve results, which will then speak for itself. Such determination, drive and positive outlook!

      JKS is a person who is not “empty” internally… he has his dreams and work hard to achieve them.

      Before criticizing others, I try to ask myself – have I done more and done better than the person I’m criticizing? If no, then who am I to criticise others? Have anti-JKS people achieved more than what JKS has done? I bet they haven’t! What right do they have to criticize?

      Although the difficult teen period in JKS’ life is over, I just wanna say, so what if he tried to act cool and posted strange text / pics during his teens? What’s wrong with describing his feelings about Paris the way he did with the wine bottle and making a reference to some French movie? Did readers even know about that French movie? JKS’ description abt Paris is so literary, ok…..What’s wrong with him saying that he liked that pianist (ok, i forgot pianist’s name again), did the rest of the public even know about the pianist?? It was just a young, impressionable teen absorbing different knowledge about the world and trying to share his feelings…. What is so wrong with that?

      • aphrael, thanks again for the hardwork to translate the whole series of Knee-Drop Guru, we all enjoy the talkshow very much as now more eels can understand Sukkie better as a person.. in fact, I agree with both KaileyCA & you that it is a good feeling after watching this as what I see is Sukkie got the opportunity to clarify many rumors in a unique way of his own.. what he did in his teens is normal & as growing up process.. what I admire most is he is so honest & candid in the sharing process & also work hard to prove to not only to the antis but a promise he made to himself to do well in different areas, really a mature young man!

  4. Thank you so very much Aphrael! My day is not completed without checking your site. Thanks to your hard work and effort, I feel a lot more closer to JKS. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • I faint at his new hairstyle~!!!! he looks so cuteeeee……..argh~!! hahaha~ he looks like a kid with that hairstyle, at least combined with his expression in that pic …. i still cannot get over his cute look… allow me to go off and work off my laughter…..

      for those who are not members of cri-j.com, i can only say….he now has bangs covering his forehead…..

      • @aphrael..me too! was really surprised with the hair..hehe..seems that a lot of eels really find the hairstyle cute based on their reactions..aah..it’s like he already took us back in time..O_O..(dreaming..)..

  5. i am so touch with the topic of him being empty gesture.. i don’t know but i felt his pain being misunderstood but he handle it so bravely and maturely.. he really deserves to be love by us.. wishing and praying that he will be recognize in the whole world as he wish.. Keun Suk Jang whatever happen to your career i will always be your fan.. you are really one of a kind…

    thanks for this blog thats give me a chance to know him more and more..

  6. @aphrael..me too! was really surprised with the hair..hehe..seems that a lot of eels really find the hairstyle cute based on their reactions..aah..it’s like he already took us back in time..O_O..(dreaming..)..

  7. Thanks apharel for the translation.. i always love watching him candid on interviews.. he is a lovable guy.. i appreciate your translations and every news in this blog that make us know and understand him better.. thanks so much.. ^^

  8. Thanks Aphrael for your hard work and time on this ^^ It’s such a heart warming interview….from part 1 to 4, you can literally feel the MCs being somewhat skeptical/questioning at first to sincerely respecting JKS for who he is and what he had been through ….I especially like the part where the MCs encouraged JKS after the interview section on “empty gesture” by telling him that they really wanted to tell him that he’s charming, especially touched by arrogant guru’s high five to JKS, felt they were very sincere 🙂 So happy to view this interview before zzz tonight 🙂

  9. Thanks Ivy for providing us with the entire Knee Guru episode. Keun Suk is so entertaining! I was completely absorbed while watching it. It’s no wonder that they actually extended the programme into two parts in order to capture as much of him as possible.

    Knowing ever more about his life until now just goes to prove that Keun Suk is truly a very special person. He is strong, tolerant, motivated, forward looking and at the same time always considerate of others around him (how he sometimes put himself down so as to align himself with the need for the MC to make the show entertaining).


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