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  1. Aphrael, thanks so much and big hugs to you. You know! you are Eels’ guardian angel. Eels will be lost without you here. Please stays well and healthy. Take your time with subbing…. will patiently waiting for the rest videos.

  2. NOW this video makes me feel good! you see that look on KHD? and its not even the whole video yet!
    no more empty gestures….

    but wait, if he dated first GF for 2 years, and 2nd GF for 5 years, does that mean they just broke up????? 24-5-2=17 years old when he first dated? and he was in nonstop4 at 18 when the girl visited him? intriguing……..

      • Yeah sounds like he was two timing. Lmao. Ahhh young love. I hope he grew out of that phase though. Sounds like he just broke up with the five year relationship. Hmmmm. I wonder if she is famous. We will never know. =/

      • ^_^ Farina, when I watched the vid the first time.. I was thinking what Sukkie will say.. “long distance love will not last” (standard answer by most men to push the blame away) but when Sukkie said he broke off with first girl friend because the new girlfriend is more beautiful, I actually smile as not only I don’t feel disappointed of his answer, I feel that he is so frank (& brave enough).. and he is putting the blame on himself.. I believe the long distance love affair may also be the main reason as imagine 2 years is really long for such relationship at his age then (18-19 yrs)..quite abnormal for a young man or teen to keep that long.. his 2nd relationship is 5 years long (more close to Sukkie’s sentimental nature ^_^) I saw the picture of him with lady#2 in BaiduSukbar, really pretty like he mentioned!

      • Carol, I just happened to be attracted to this thread in BaiduSukbar as it is a long tread with 113 pages at this point & still growing.. & it is a thread which new & young eels with questions for senior eels who would answer the questions if they know.. and senior eels who know the answers will share info and it seems if the info is sensitive or if affecting Sukkie, senior eels will not share…this one seems ok as it is shared..

  3. Thank you again Aphrael77 for the english subs! the part when he talked about the hardships he went through when he was younger made me cry. He really deserves all the success he is currently experiencing and I hope his success continues for a very very long time. What an awesome guy! This just made me love him even more.

  4. Thanks, Aphrael…you’re my lifeline to JKS.

    I wish you the best of health and more energy so you may continue doing these for all the fans. I agree with KaileyCA, that you really are the Eels’ guardian angel. I just hope JKS will acknowledge your effort as well. 🙂

  5. hi! =) hmm..if I remember it right, early last year, when he was in hong kong, he mentioned that he still misses the girl..so it seems that they broke up around late 2009..and the girl is not from showbiz rather, a private one..that’s what I only recall though..

  6. Hi, I believe he really serious with his relationship, eventhough he is Asian Prince…did you’ll notice, he cried or so touch when he sang “My Precious”…I strongly felt that there is a reason behind that song tho….

  7. 😮 it was good that he did break up with his first love if he had met somebody else I just really hope they BROKE up because he broke it up and not because the other girl found out he was seeing someone else >_<… also who else found ADORABLE the way he narrated his first love experience??


  8. i am a fairly new JKS fan (like just about a month ago). i love his personality – he is so free-spirited, it is actually contagious.:-) i greatly admire his straightforwardness and sincerity.

  9. first of all thanks a lot for shering with us this wonderfull videos and translating them .
    i’m a new fan of JKS and i’m becoming more and more addicted to him . i find his personality verry complexe .in his works (dramas/movies..) he seems so mature and verry manly but when we see his shows (like this one ) or we look at his messages on his tweeter ,we’re surprise to notice that in fact he is a lonely young boy who works desperetely to gain the love of every one , that’s why he sometimes does some silly actes (like praising him self or the gifts he gaves to the mc in this show ) .
    any way i’m greedy to see all of his shows(with eng sub) so if someone can poste them or their links i’l be verry thankfull.
    ps: the links to Kneedrop Guru (14 Sep 2011) Part 1 and 4
    are not working in “megavideo” and the ones in dailymotion can’t be played on vlc or kmplayer .so would you please be kind to reposte them on megavideo . thanks in advance

  10. it worked ! i’ve finally downloded the whole show (the 8 parts) .
    a verry biiiiiiiiiiiiig thank to you for reposting it . this way i can watch it anny time i want .
    like i’ve said before it’s my daughter who introduced me to the korean cinema .
    i think the first drama i’ve seen was” coffee prince ” with goong woo (excuses my orthograph , i still can’t wrote their names correctly) it was so amazing and refreshing totally the opposite of the americans ones witch i used to follow on tv .
    althought their traditions and behaviors are fare from my people (arabe) but it seems there where some similitudes in their lifes wich matched ours more than the US ones .
    so , goong was the first koran actor i liked , his acting remainds me of tom cruise .after that i watched more of his works(dramas/movies) including the last one “finding Mr destinny ” but the magic of the C P drama wasn’t their .
    after this i became addicted to koren artistes and i watched some of wonderfull dramas like : winter sonata , witch star are you from, goong, stairsaway to heaven … and manny others which i’ve have downloaded from differents websites .
    but honestely speaking i’ve never followed an actor before kim hyun jung .i’ve watched all his dramas and most of his shows (the translated ones ) and there are severals unlike JANG GEUN SUK who has started earlier than him but if we search it’s only latelly after the big success of his drama YAB (big thanks to the japanese fans for it) that the korean producers became really interested in him .
    i don’t understand where was the probleme .i really think he’s as good artiste as anny of the big stars including the masters like Bae Yong-joon (no ofense) and if the probleme was his personality , kim hee shull as i’ve read somewhere has a more weird one and KHJ was knows for his 4 dimensionnel one but they where in every show and interwiew , so why not him ? did he decimate his people in his first life or what (like they usually said in the drama)
    anyway i hope this sensure will not last longer , so that we can see more and more of him .no ofense to the japanese people but i prefere seeing him doing korean works(drama/shows…) they seems more warm to me
    another time thanks for the links and for your hard work

  11. first time I see this and woah! I couldn’t say any words how to describe him but his really the one who makes me happy when ever I am in the deepest sadness of my life and makes me sad when ever I heard someone say words against him for me his an angel fallen from heaven that brought someone hearts desire and happiness

  12. I have looked everywhere for the subtitles to this!! I am so thankful! I love you for taking the time to translate it all!

  13. The more I watched talk shows of JKS, the morr I admire him. He is so good in telling stories. So straight to the point but never been offensive. Oh, JKS, so admirable!! Thank you so much for the english sub. This really meant a lot, Aphrael


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