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It’s you all who said I’m having lunch with a girl… I’m wronged, wronged… haha
是你们说我和女生一起吃饭了吧 冤枉啊 冤枉ㅡ额哈哈


Good restaurants should be promoted. An authentic Korean restaurant in Gyeonggi Province, Hanam City is my mum’s favourite place … friends who like clean and refreshing Korean food, come come! I didn’t upload this because I benefited from it, it’s really delicious!
美味的餐厅要广泛地推广 京畿道河南市的一家韩正餐是我妈妈最喜欢的地方..喜欢干净清爽的韩正餐的朋友come come!绝对不是收了好处才上传的,是真的好吃!

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