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Big… big matter….sorry, what to do …. news cannot come out on this!!!!!
大…大事不好了…对不起 怎么办好……这个不能出新闻啊!!!!!

L.Joe: I am L. Joe of Teen Top. I’m Brother’s fan!
JKS: Ah? Are you drunk?
L.Joe: I didn’t drink. There’s a person called L.Joe, you’d know if you search the internet. Really want to tell you that I like you very much.
JKS: I know L.Joe, the one who dances very well? Are you a senior high student now?
JKS: All in Teen Top can dance very well, right?
JKS: Come back again, come back, come back~~
L.Joe: This is Infinity’s song TT


Ended!!!!! I’m back, hello, herbivore man is back!!!!
结束!!!!!我来了 你好 禽兽男回来了!!!!


Time to become a herbivore man …er …. sleep well ….


Cannot sleep.. my eyes are still wide open, keke but… don’t even have 100,000 fans.. have over 700,000 fans in China..ha ……… twitter like a ghost god
睡不着..眼睛睁很大 呵呵 不过..粉丝数连10万都没有..中国的超过70万了呢..哈……..像鬼神一样的推特

Very strange character… if I tweet, say I’m noisy~ say not going to follow me~ if something happens, you want to come out~ want to respond~ getting into trouble… so what to do? sleep first, huh!!!!!
性格都很奇怪啊..发推特的话说吵~说不关注了~出什么事了的话 又让你出来~让你回复~出乱子..到底是怎样?先睡一下..哼 !!!!!!!

and a funny thing, world star Mr. Jeong, la from the crushed ice world, be of the photography world, 3 men arranged to meet for lunch, so going to a Busan restaurant to have lunch, kekekeke
还有个搞笑的事 世界巨星郑某 刨冰界la某 摄影界be某 三个男人约好中午吃饭 于是去釜山料理店吃中饭了 呵呵呵呵

Ah~ I’m awake… have to go eat lunch, with a woman…kekeke
啊~ 睡醒了..得吃饭去喽 和女人一起…呵呵呵

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    • yeah…i hope so…it is very pity that i can’t understand even one word!!!! heeeeeee~ does it mean he doesn’t like us (foreigner eels)??? he only twitts in Korean…i wanna cry T_T Oppa please see us too :((((((


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