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Practised dancing throughout the night at yoyoki park…. Ah … when I opened my eyes in the morning, my whole body aches… do I want to continue learning dancing…
在yoyoki公园练舞练通宵…啊 早上一睁开眼 全身瘫软..要继续学舞吗..


Ah…doing some strange exercise, seems like it helps weight loss … -_-;; I think I have fallen in love with that mask
啊..做些奇怪的运动 好像可以减肥..-_-;;我好像爱上那口罩了

7 thoughts on “[14.9.2011] Tree-J twitter”

  1. again….the prince of asia…managed to tickle my funny bones with his sense of humor….bless him for making people around him smile and happy.

  2. So lovely. Sukkie succeeded to enjoy his holiday till the end!
    According to jksjapan twitter, our prince was back to Korea in safety!!! 🙂 Frau staff and we Japanese eels are finally able to sleep well from tonight… ha ha…-_- ;  We felt as if we were riding in the endless JKS’ roller coaster together… But it was absolutely lovely and exciting days. 

    One of the happiest thing for me is Many ordinary Japanese who encountered Sukkie seemed to like him more than before according to their twitter. I think it’s great!  Because they found that Sukkie was a truly sincere and funny guy through seeing him in person. I’m really happy to hear that 🙂
    Now that Sukkie is a big star, so even children recognize him. But he didn’t behave himself bossy and he was very kind to everyone. So once people know him, his malicious gossip will be forgotten easily. Sukkie deserves to be loved by everyone, boys and girls, the young and the old ^^


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