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  1. Sukkie gets tanned easily after his trip to Phuket just before Japan.. happy to see he is so at ease with the boys even without his sunglasses ^_^ I remember he ever mentioned in an interview that he envied his seniors in Happy Life who lead a life of freedom even they are actors.. he hope he can be like them too… (which I think a bit difficult now as he is getting so popular..)

  2. Hi gals, I still hesitate to confess my feeling now…. It’s very hard to express how I’m feeling exactly about his stay and his activities in Japan. Honestly, I’m sure he’s enjoyed himself more than 100% about his stay in Japan. But I think it comes from his suppressed freedom as a super star, the prince of Asia.
    As all you know, he is a free man. But his popularity in Japan now has become much bigger than he expected before. Once he could walk around Tokyo freely, now he was prohibited to do the same thing before during his official stay in Japan. Because if he do so, it’ll cause a great fuss in Japan easily. But he lives his own life. He thinks he’s good at self-management and he’s mature and smart. So I think he tries to do everything he’s wanted to do, but not permitted to do officially now. Many Japanese eels understand his wish and have requested his fans that even if you witness your lovely prince accidentally, please don’t disturb his privacy… It’s our way to express our love. I can’t deny I really miss him and really want to see him, but I have to be patient against my emotion.

    Sukkie, I’m always with you even if we are apart. I’m happy to know you live your own life as a 24 year-old Korean guy.

    • I’m sorry to put my personal comment for Sukkie, but I want to share my idea with you gals, my precious friends.
      Sukkie, listen to me.

      You’re such a mature guy that you know well what to do and what not to do.
      So it might be unnecessary for you to share my belief to live my own life.
      But I’m sure it’s useful for everyone, so I wanna share it here.

      It’s a very simple rule of life my mother taught me when I was a little girl.

      “Do whatever you’re sure it’s OK to do.”


      Is it a very simple advise, isn’t it?

      That implies other meaning.

      “Don’t do whatever you’re sure you don’t want to be done by others.”


      You are a free man, right?
      You have a right to enjoy your own life freely and fully.
      Instead, you are responsible for your actions.

      You’re so smart and mature and good at self-management.
      I’m sure you won’t do anything makes people sad.

      So you can do everything you want to do as far as you’re responsible.
      Just enjoy your life!

      But I hope you’ll understand why people around you worry about you.
      It’s because you’re so special in the world! 🙂

      • Kaori-chan, I’m so touched to hear your personal feeling.. I actually understand very well when you said your heart beating faster knowing he is around but can’t go near.. and I’m also touched by what your mum has taught you.. which I think Sukkie is matured enough for self-management.. from all his past history, he did well in self-management as I find he kept growing stronger after learning from mistakes or wrong decision.. also I believe his mum’s teaching of him since young to be sincere at heart really is in-built in him now wherever he goes.. that will bring him far in whatever he intends to do..

      • Thanks QQ for your comment (T_T)
        Many people are worried about his unexpected but straight acitons, but they shouldn’t tell him what he can’t do or should’t do. He’s smart enough to think himself. So even if his decision after much consideration resulted in failure, I think it’s OK for him. So I want those who around him to let Sukkie do whatever he thinks it’s best time to do and tell about his idea.

    • Well said tenshi_akuma I too am touch by words that you have express towards JKS!

      I think if I saw him on the street somewhere I too would give him space and respect his privacy by not taking pictures but actually treasure the moment in my mind… 🙂

  3. I do hope eels have cool head to give our super start personal privacy time. Like before he was in Taiwan, fans followed him to the night market, which he would just would like to enjoy the street food with his friends, but some fans not only followed him there and also took pictures. Which you can imagine definitely he wouldn’t appreciated. So is good Kaori Chan you expressed your feeling here and being understandable and respect his privacy. That’ s all our eels should do. This is also a way to show our love and support to him.

  4. @kaori-chan..been waiting for your perceptions about keun suk’s recent posts..thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I, too, am very worried about him, about his desire for “freedom”. I remember watching the 2010 Asia Tour video where they bet and danced in one of the streets of Osaka and shopped, and no one’s caring about them..I wonder if he can still do that these days (not only in Japan, but also in other countries)..maybe those are the times that he misses. We know that he was exhausted and at the same time limited to “lurk” around wherever he wants to go, because of various reasons..but i guess that also made him more burned out.

    ..anyways, i think he made it clear to us, eels, that he also wants some privacy / private time. So..just as he tweet-ed, we should be able to become a lot more “broad-minded”, and permit or allow to just watch him from an “appropriate distance”.

    kitto..i’ll always support him. yakseo.^_^

  5. This is one of the reasons why I love this blog so much because of Eels like tenshi, aphrael, QQeyes and many others who have contributed in this blog, who never failed to give words of encouragement and beautiful heart-felt advices and comments to all eels when we are feeling down or hurt by bad news regarding our beloved Sukkie. When it comes to Sukkie, I feel sad when he’s sad, I feel hurt when he’s hurt and I’m happy when he’s happy. Crazy, right?

    Tenshi-chan, I’m touched by your personal comments and Mum’s words of wisdom. I can understand your Mum’s messages by heart because it reminds me of my grand-parent’s advise so long ago; thought not exactly the same words. Grand-Mum used to say people are like trees; in term of a tree that had grown with a strong foundation and roots which could withstand any weather and a tree that has a shallow roots would failed under rough environment at any given time. I believe our Sukkie is like that deep-rooted tree who had overcome many bad incidents in his career life (I’m sure personal life too) in order to become who he is NOW, a Prince of Asia, and will withstand any pressure and challenge that come in his life in the future. Needless to say, Sukkie is my only start for life.

  6. Awww….love you guy for all these wonderful sharing of thoughts & feelings! Sukkie is such an inspiration to us all; even though he wants us to give him personal space, he makes it up to us by making himself available on Twitter/ Weibo/ iPhone apps etc…. In his own way, he’s reaching out to us. The most wonderful thing is that he has made us all friends from across the oceans. This is what I treasure the most and for that Sukkie, I THANK YOU!

  7. honestly, when i first come to know him, i just can ‘t help it but to adore him…but now…with this blog..it’s just addictive…thanks to all eels for your work well done…and it shows just how loving and caring eels are towards him…


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