[HS Media Notice]《THE LOUNGE H VOL1》album

Below is the translated notice from HS Media.


Team H (Jang Keun Suk & Big Brother) Greater China Region – 1st Korean album 《THE LOUNGE H VOL1》Pre-Order Notice

Date: 4 September 2011

– Multiple contradictory charms and the perfect combination of rock and electronic music
– Manifestation of invincible charm and mind-blowing power
– The torrential momentum of the first EP & his refreshing energy and presence

Hi everyone, this is HS Media!
Are all the eels ready?
Have you looked forward to this for a long time?

Now we will tell you this piece of important news. The 1st album of JKS & Big Brother’s Team H in the Greater China region 《THE LOUNGE H VOL1》will be officially released at the end of September 2011.

JKS’ era has arrived. In order to make the first shot successful and to thank all Chinese fans for their support of JKS, a special limited fans’ edition of this album will be released. This special edition of previous collection value is only available through purchase with the respective fanclubs and will not be released publicly in stores. Fans who wish to buy the special edition can proceed to pre-order with the respective, authorized fanclubs. Relevant information as below.

1. Album contents

Limited fans’ special edition comprises one CD and one DVD

CD: 4 new songs + behind-the-scenes voice recording of conversation in the studio
DVD: the MV of “Gotta Getcha” + behind-the-scenes of MV filming
[Aphrael’s note: no mention of subtitles]
Special gift: Long, foldable set of 5 postcards

2. Price of album

China: RMB 45
Taiwan: NT$ 340
Hong Kong: HK$ 80

3. Pre-order period

Tentative release of this special edition is 23 September 2011 in above 3 countries.

The pre-order starts from now. For details, please refer to the respective notices from thte authorized fanclubs. The deadline is 12 September and on 13 September, the fanclubs will report the pre-order quantity to HS Media and make payment at the same time. The albums will be distributed to the fanclubs from 23 September.

4. Album sales

The sales of this special edition will be counted in the total sales of this album.

5. Authorised fanclubs

China: (1) Baidu Sukbar, (2) KeunSukChina
Taiwan: (1) KSW, (2) JKS International Fanclub
Hong Kong: (1) Suk Star, (2) Suk Nation

6. Album delivery

This edition will be delivered to the authorized fanclubs who will then distribute to the buyers.

Source: HS Media

———————————- Aphrael’s Note ———————————-

(1) Of course I will buy.

(2) Despite HS Media’s announcement saying that this special fans’ edition is only available during this pre-order period, my personal guess is that in the near future, it may very well appear on various websites for sale too.

(3) As of now, only Sukbar has posted their pre-order notice and purchase details. Payment to Sukbar is via PayPal only.

(4) For eels in Singapore, I MAY be organizing a mass order which I will then send to one of the authorized fanclubs, but important to NOTE that our costs will be higher because of the additional delivery charges (but hopefully not that high as we’ll be sharing the delivery costs). I’m in the midst of making enquiries with the fanclub on various details including reassurance from the fanclub that the plastic album cover will not be cracked in the delivery process (think that happened before to some Chinese eels). Kindly wait for my pre-order post if you are interested.

(5) For eels in Korea and Japan, I think it is best for you to enquire through your official JKS fanclub.

(6) For non-Chinese speaking eels in other countries, I can provide the PayPal payment details and act as your communication go-between, but you have to make payment via PayPal directly to the fanclub. I think they can arrange delivery to your country directly.

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    • Hi Nitty,

      I’m checking with Sukbar. You should be able to order if you are prepared to pay the delivery costs from China to Thailand. If you have a few friends sharing the delivery cost with you, it should be relatively cheaper compared to one person buying.

      But the most important thing is, you need to be able to pay via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, my suggestion is, please go and set it up quickly.

      As I’m busy with lots of other things, you may wish to check the blog here from time to time.

      • Hi Aphrael,

        I have also left message in Suk Nation to ask about the pre-order of the HK version and let’s see if they get back to me.

      • daydreaming, thanks … I dunno why, but it is very problematic for me to enter Suk Nation’s forum. Lots of technical errors and very user-unfriendly.
        I’d rather order through China ^^

    • The only difference is that China version is in simplied chinese while HK and Taiwan versions are in traditional chinese.

      By the way, Suk Nation replied that they will ask Singapore in charge to give me a call…so wait for her call and see how….

  1. Thank you for your information. Not single buying, I will share transportation cost with my friends. I have paypal account so no problem on payment.

    Thank and hugs ….

  2. Hi. I am from the Philippines. Is it possible for me to order those? And if it is, how can I? I hope you can help me with these. 😉 By the way, I’m very thankful to your site. I get to know daily updates about Sukkie, which I post to my blog.

  3. Aphrael! Am also interested! Shall wait for your latest news! Am also from Malaysia(jb) so its possible to get into Sg. Pls keep me posted when u order pls…..Thanks! Loved ur blog has been following everyday =)

  4. Aphrael, Yes, I m in too, awaiting yr latest info, Thanks for all the hard work and effort , pls let me know if there is anything I can help

  5. I m his SG fan, please include me in for the pre order, would appreciate if you could update me the details once u have… Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. I ‘m from Thailand. Please answer me. I want to Preorder Fan Edition CD + DVD MV and Making + Postcard 5 set (Lounge h) where I can purchase. What to do.


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