6 thoughts on “[03.9.2011] YMP on MBC Section TV”

  1. Aaaah! Thanks aphrael for the quick subbing! Muacks!! 🙂
    Didn’t expect KHN to be so funny! She prefer JKS to call her Queen instead of Legend bcos it sounded ‘old’?! Hahaha! This pretty lady is quite a joker herself too!
    This pair is so cute! Awwww…. i can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  2. He is the #1 actor the actress avoids being partners because his face is too small? They are afraid of him be prettier then them? Lmao. I feel kinda bad for him. He is literally prettier then most of the actresses out there.

  3. aphrael, Thanks again for super fast translation!!! ^_^
    From this vid, more can appreciate the poster as it takes 2 professional artistes to take the YMP poster… can sense from BTS of the poster that KHN really was not comfortable with the posture too but Sukkie can sense that and able to cheer her up with the rest of the staff after the photo shoot. Now, looking at the poster, I will laugh when thinking of the funny expression of the 2 behind the scene…LOL


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