26 thoughts on “Lotte DFS behind-the-scenes pics”

  1. WOW thanks allot for the photos
    JKS I love him so so so much ><
    I am really crazy about him , I wish if I can see him in real life TT_TT even just for a one second TT_TT
    I already cried 4 or 5 times because of him 😛
    u may laugh at me XD
    LOL I don't care XD
    JKS I <3 u forever

    sorry if there was any grammar mistakes .

  2. Yes, he looks good in all angle (360 degree of charm) & I always find he has very nice & unique sideburn whether in long or short hairstyle ^_^
    also, Sukkie always shows great interest in reviewing the scenes captured and meddle around with those equipments at each MV BTS, I think he really wants to be an MV director in future as it is one of his dreams…

  3. I hv posted the following vid recently but today Dream & Live with JKS(FB) has shared the same but longer vid with Chinese subs! Aphrael, if u cld pls pls pls Eng sub it when u are free ? It doesn’t matter when, I don’t mind waiting…. Or if anybody cld just summarize what he’s talking about which caused the guy in pink look so embarrassed? Btw, is this Yashimanman show?


    • Sorry gals…i’m still cant stop laugh…*LOL* he’s so funny when he sing and dancing a what some kind like korean traditional song??(sorry im really dont know what is that) suddenly change tectonic dance..Also when his voice changing some kind like he was imitating someone voice…^^

    • seconded—eng subs, pls—i watched it and found some parts funny but would be glad to understand what’s going on, for better appreciation…thanks much…

    • Hahaha… this video makes my day. I laugh so hard, non-stop….hahaha…. It’s priceless watching Sukkie so happy and carefree. Our prince is sure very talkative and funny person. GOSH…. he looks so fresh and handsome here. Love it.

  4. Yeah… both are handsome men, but our Sukkie’s smile looks so natural and sweet compare to KHJ. Sukkie smile’s brighten up my world.


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