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  1. Wow, once again JKS shows off his amazing acting!

    When he was ruffling Mi-nam’s hair, just the way he looked at Mi-nam and his expression gradually showed he realised she’s a girl – every single nuance of his expression speaks volumes.

    In comparison, I cringed at Jeremy’s acting – so restrained. I miss Hong-ki as the wildly extroverted, playful, exaggerating and extremely cute Jeremy!

    • Yess Aphrael agree with you even i dont understand what Suk saying but by looking his eyes ekxpression,his gesture i get it if Suk recognize she is a girl..he’s truly has high quality skill acting..
      Somehow while i watch Suk hugging minam(jpn actress) get my memory back when HTK(JKS) hug minam(PSH) to recognizing she’s a girl ^^

  2. He is a super actor. Here you can’t think of any bit of Korean version YAB, because here he portrait a totally different character, with such a short scene, he did perfect! Well done! And yes, it’s super sweet when he said he love to eat grilled eels. 🙂

    • very true as I notice that also when he is in MMM, I don’t see trace of HTK, when he is HTK, don’t see trace of him in BV or HGD, totally different (cry differently, smile differently & the voice & tone can be different too..), superb acting!

      • QQ..if you dont mind can you telling me about hidden rules on korea entertainment industry related your post comment about SDA result
        if you feel uncomfortable or inappropriate telling me in here would you mind to Email me at aprilia_santoso33@yahoo.co.id
        i dont mind to attack anyone or the organiser only for answering my curiosity..yes im little bit upset and down when the result comes out, i dont get it SUK win 4 category why only get 1 for the best drama MMM
        SUK didn’t get best actor i still can accept cos he’s #2 in yahoo but cant make my sense is the best OST how cant be MY BUS?? as i know for the best OST voting only at FB…thanks^^

      • Cherry, it really takes me a while to reply you as I need to think of the best way to convey my message correctly ^_^ Actually, many in the BaiduSukbar feel very angry & disappointed with the results as the SDA (FaceBook) voting, all the 4 categories (best actor/best actress/OST/drama) – all are voted#1, in fact I print screen and kept a copy too as I did that for last year Yahoo to see before & after void of votes. (that is why i know votes are deducted across all contestants..) This time round, I understand from Baidu discussion, the voting contribute 70% and remaining 30% is to be decided based on the market interest and other factors (this is the one which is not transparent). For market interest, drama MMM has the most has it was sold to 16 countries with record broadcasting rights for some countries like China. Like you, many China eels initially thought of demanding an answer from the organiser as most feel lack of transparency and the eels really voted day & night & confirmed by the organiser no cheating in votes.. but after some hard thinking, any good to Sukkie to pursue the matter if Sukkie have the open heart to take it (I believe all are informed of the results way before 31st Aug’11) and who knows if anyone can reject the awards due to other commitment or for other kind/sensitive consideration.. we don’t know actually as there is possibility right? Also, the other consideration by most eels are the impact for Sukkie if the eels pursue? I only can think of negative impact as it may give rise to other problems.. remember the unfortunate Cyworld case? (below is a link on the story).. I must admire Sukkie to be such a honest & direct artiste but in the internet world, there are many “internet demons” whom we can’t avoid in the internet world…best way is learnt from the past & move on positively….

      • Another thing to add on the new voting rules set by BaiduSukbar, which is now in the rulebook of the bar. We may notice many voting sites & some may have other purpose to organise the voting (e.g. attract more hits so to attract the internet users to certain advertisement etc), the main purpose of these sites is to gain higher hit rate & not really so much on the voting purpose (most popular, most handsome etc..) Matured chinese eels have noticed that many uses the bar to lobby for votes but actually many of those sites are to attract mainly teenagers/students & the nominated on the list for voting are those popular idols.. actually I hope Sukkie is not norminated for these as he is actually in a different category already ^_^
        Most significant awards should be those acting related awards organised for the right purpose by proper organiser (e.g. TV stations, movie industry/organisation etc). I fully support these voting. Also, the best way to prove Sukkie’s popularity is not via internet voting… in action, purchase Sukkie’s drama DVDs, magazines, Photobooks & his merchanise etc…(get the real copy & respect his intellectual property rights), I think that is the real action eels can do also.. like many Chinese eels have said.. Sukkie is not the face on “RMB’s Yuan” (coin), they can’t expect everyone to like him but as long as eels standby him.. he will be the most shinning star ^_^

      • Just to share some update I read from BaiduSukbar.
        Sukkie will be launching his DJ LoungeH album in China coming 5th Sep’11 (mon). Initially, some Chinese eels were worried for Sukkie as intellectual property rights law is not as strong as country like Japan which sales of “Let Me Cry” album has reached top of the chart, but it seems many Chinese eels really wants to show their support for Sukkie even though many are students & young adults also.. some are saving money to buy his album & merchanise, some are inspired to study & work hard so that they earn more money to buy his merchanse… some even inquire what course to study in order to work at Tree-J ^_^

      • QQeye, tq for your info. I also want to ask what course to take/study in order to work with Tree J ……hahaha

      • thanks for sharing the info, QQeyes … any news about Love Rain leading actress … who is the actress most favoured by Chinese eels to pair up with Suk in the drama?

      • viv, I learnt in BaiduSukbar that HHJ is still having high chance though earlier her agency has not confirmed accepting yet due to other movie/drama offers & hectic schedule, also, she is the most popular candidate for Love Rain even for Chinese eels..

      • I read on FB tt an actress has been given the script n tt PD Yoon wl b making announcement within these few days

      • QQ..im really appreciate you had been take your time to answering my question.. 🙂 thanks so much for your clearly and educating explanation i got alot of”knowledge” and this is make me become mature eel^^ (FYI previously i never been fans of any artist even it’s my country or hollywood star)
        once again thanks QQ.. also you too Aphrael i’m really glad know ing your great international blog so that i can meet all of you gals..the superb eels..^^

      • Gosh, same here haha, I paused and rewind so many times….his expressions are so spot on, such a fabulous actor!! And of cos, he look really very very cool here ^^

    • Thanks tenshi-chan for uploaded the English sub. The one Aphrael uploaded is already block. ……. I miss Sukkie in drama so much. Can’t wait for Love Rain. Watching a short script of him in this scene I am beyond happy and trilled. Our Sukkie is by far outshines other actors in this drama. I only have eyes for HIM.
      Omo … his voice is as sexy as ever.

    • thank you teshi ad friends to sub the vid, OMG what a lucky coincidence since my nickname for almost a year is the same as HTK japan, it’s a Ren.. btw i still love and missed JKS ever 🙂

  3. Thanks tenshi! :)) He really shines above the rest right? He’s so handsome! This just make us miss him more in a drama! Cant wait for him anymore! waah! I hope its okay to say he’s WAY WAY more handsome than the lead there…(Peace)! aww. miss him so much. so beautiful.

  4. Thanks tenshi-chan & farina 🙂 for sharing the link with eng subs
    sukkie’s acting is very different here… can’t wait for his new drama…

  5. The little old man telling grandfather story….wish I know what in the world he’s saying…. Btw is Kang Ho Dong here?

      • Farina, Thanks so much for finding this as the last time I saw this vids were last year with Chinese sub (by Taiwanese eels). Can’t find the vids as I can’t remember the title already.. I know in this show, Sukkie talks about his past love life ^_^ From this vids, I understand he is a gentle, romantic & sentimental guy…imagine writing love letters.. how many guys are doing it in modern internet world now?

      • QQ, do you know if I can see the video with Chinese sub? I know you always can find some. I really would like to see this video. Read what you said makes me think, awww, he is such a sweet person and also yes. As Micky Huang (the Taiwan MC) said he is a very emotional person which is so precious in the show business but always people has it as a great artist.

    • Thanks Farina for sharing the link, I wish I knew what they are talking about. Hopefully some eel can help us. Maybe Tenshi, since it was Japanese sub. We have asked her so many times, whenever you have time, Tenshi dear, help us to translate. This was seems from just after or was when he was shooting Beethoven Virus. I remember somewhere I read, maybe it was at this show or somewhere else, not sure, that Sukkie claimed that someone from the shooting team was not being friendly to him, but I’m not sure if this is the program he said that. The guy who was in the car with him, they were both on Nonestop 4, when Sukkie was still teenager. So they have known each other for a while.

      Anyway, from the link you share I found this one as well: I believe this was from a year ago, when he went to Taiwain for the YAB concert. That lucky girl, omg, I wish I was her. I love Sukkie’s English, I even love his accent. Sooooooooo cute! Of course, do not mention that killer voice. 🙂

      • Cherry,
        Kang Ho Dong is one of the most famous MC of Korea.
        JKS had atended some of his shows : Yashimanman 2006 (with Moon Geun Young) ; Yashimanman 2008 (with Lee Hyori); and next will be Knee-drop Guru 7.9.2011
        In this vid, he talked he had cried almost one month after breaking up with his girlfriend.

      • Quyen…Thanks so much…he crying almost one mounth..??i guess is bcos he loving her deeply..wouww very sentimental guy..^^

      • He is very honest isn’t he? When I first start researching him, I was a little shocked how open and honest he is. But I thought it quite refreshing. He says how it is. Very different from all the other stars.

      • … just a personal opinion, when one hears so much “official responses/answers” from other stars, it gets boring, doesn’t it?

        and yes, we love Sukkie for his refreshing honesty – it’s such a rare trait.
        he shares his thoughts and feelings with eels, and we get to see his genuine personality behind the actor, and we love him as a person too! ^^

        and what’s more, JKS has the experience, the maturity and the tact so that when he’s being honest, he avoids being offensive

    • 2 of them really have great chemistry & I believe Noona Kim Haneul really can joke with Sukkie & can also take his jokes without feeling embarrassed ^_^

  6. how long actually this movie run? if 1 ep got 4 parts, each part is about 11 minutes, and ends until ep 8, is it?wahh, so long this mov! correct me friends if i’m wrong, i’m downloading the vid right now..

  7. I saw this today & quite interesting to see this version… Dear eels, you spot any difference between this version & the earlier version shared here earlier? Now I understand what it means when TBS’s drama production director has requested Sukkie to retake even there is no NG take.. and Sukkie is praised by all Japanese production crew for this professionism. Kaori-chan, I’m curious actually which version is shown on TBS broadcast for ep8?

    • I think it’s the same vid only somehow it’s reverted (not sure why…I came across City Hunter where all the credit roles are opposite too; it’s like a mirror effect). Should they broadcast this version, it wld show that the handshake between Sukkie & Mio are left-handed so I doubt it.

      • Farina, I initially thought so mirror image.. but when I compare the 2 versions.. not possible for some scenes especially the camera position & some parts seems different (the sitting position of the band & arm chair..) looks like re-take for whole scene ^_^ I read an article that Sukkie was requested to re-take even there is no NG & he happily agreed to that without complaint.. in the end, he also feedback that he has a wonderful experience in shooting the ep8 & understand the difference between Korean/Japanese drama production…

    • QQ, the difference between this video and previous one is left-right reversal, right? I’m sorry but it wasn’t related to the retake. I heard that Sukkie himself had offered to retake. Anyway, I’m sure that the vid was just recorded(edited) as a mirror image. So the previous post was the original vid. The reason why I’m sure about it is I can see the reverse logo of TV station, TBS. I don’t know how it comes to that strange vid (?_?)

      • Kaori-chan, I was a bit confused initially but when I see the standing position & the hand which Sukkie used to touch Mio’s head, really it is a retake of many scenes.. but not sure why this vid is found in youtube now if not broadcast ?_? (puzzling too…)

      • QQ, I watched the original VTR on TV, so I’m sure the previous vid was original, but I’m also puzzled that they didn’t look simply reverse… as you mentioned above. So strange!!!! We strayed into JKS’ magical world ?_?

      • LOL….Kaori-chan, yes.. an unsolved puzzle of JKS’s cameo appearance in Ikemen Desu Ne ^_^ Mero Mero again…

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