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At Busan city freeway tollgate,I didn’t even have 1000 won so a little nervous … Fortunately,toll box elder sister paid it for me~ Chinese eels~ this is the life of a Hallyu star ~KK~~KK~
부산 시내 고속화도로 톨게이트에서 단돈천원이없어서 무지긴장..다행히 톨 박스 언니가 대신 계산해줬네..중국장어들아 이것이 바로 한류스타의 삶이야 ㅋㅋ

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  1. Why is he nervous? He dosent have enough money to get through a toll booth? And a fan paid it for him?
    That what I got from that.

    • Nervous cos he didn’t bring cash with him, I guess… our dear Oppa is always like that… how to say, a quirky side of his character?
      He doesn’t like to bring cash out?

      Once (this year or last year) JKS and manager Kim were debating about whether they should get the petrol station to wash JKS’ car. It wasn’t expensive, but JKS thought that this expense is a waste (maybe cos he likes washing car himself, lol) and he didn’t want to spend this money. After 10 or 20 mins of thinking, manager Kim paid the money for JKS and teased him that he’s a star but so stingy quibbling over car-washing expense~! When I read about this (straight from JKS online…), man, i was laughing so hard XD

      Then a short time after that, JKS bought manager Kim a New Year (or X’mas?) present, which was a suit and definitely so much more expensive than the car-washing expense!

      i have the impression that he likes to quibble about small costs sometimes but has no qualms spending big amounts, and is quite generous to friends and colleagues….

      • That is a funny side. I wonder if he just dosent have cash on him and use only his card and just don’t like spending a few bucks here and there.
        Well, we all know he is a generous person anyways. Lol.

  2. Pook sukkie..he really looked nervous here =) He’s also being paid back for his generosity. They can’t let Keun Suk get stuck in that! haha.


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