[21.8.2011] Tree-J twitter

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Wow… first time sitting in this car … If this car is scratched, I’ll have to be sold. hehehe, Jason, why did you not prepare this car for me in China …. bad manager
哇。。第一次坐这车。。这个如果被刮花了要卖了我才行啊 呵呵呵 jason为什么在中国没给我准备这样的车呢。。坏经纪人

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  1. Very cozy ya! it definitely worth for you JKS for your very hardwork and tiredness these couple months, agree eels? we always support you.. and it’a a very very big pleasure for us too if you want to invite us to spend a bit time sitting together in that car! OMG what a big dream! ehaha!

  2. just a break… Just now i watched entertainment weekly in kbs world, saw that kim heechul was so silent and polite in super junior, don’t know what’s happening, act cool?:) yeah he is in an army now, i commented him after i watched this crazy vid in one program, our prince and him few years ago when they were almost teens, didn’t know what prog..have fun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lpLUdMtl0U


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