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  1. Rose!!
    Thanks so much for sharing a wonderfully-detailed account~
    First, they provide translator machines?? For all JKS fan-meetings in Seoul? That is fantastic! What are we waiting for? Should start planning for next year’s trip to Seoul already! Haha~ not to mention that you’ve gone once and would be great if you can be our guide! Hehe~ i wanna go, i wanna go~~ Did he say roughly when the 20th anniversary show will be?

    “If the Cri shows in other Asia country have more drama contents in it, the Cri show in Seoul has more real “JKS” in it”
    – … somehow this touches a chord in my heart…. No doubt that he appreciates eels from all countries, but home is always most comforting, isn’t it? Another reason to attend his show in Seoul!

    Also equally touching, Rose, is that when you tour the streets of Seoul, what you remember is JKS and his scenes from his drama…. I have not been to Korea before, but from a lot of online information, I know it has many beautiful places, but I think I can safely say that we want to understand more of Seoul (and Korea) because JKS is there ^^

    • Aphrael, thanks for posting my fans account and allow me to share my experience with fellow eels here 🙂

      With regards to the translator machine, yes they provide translator machine for Seoul Cri show and the best thing is that, it’s free! I heard that it was also provided during the FM in January this year. So, I assume that the translator machine will be provided for all Seoul FM (knowing that the event will be attended by international eels).

      He didnt tell us a confirmed date for his 20th anniversary show but he did say that he wanna do it as early as he could. He asked us when he should do the show and he jokingly answered January or February next year. If what he said is true, we have to start saving and planning for the trip now! hahaha…

      I am already addicted to his show and would like to attend as many of his show (especially his show in Seoul) as much as my financial can afford, hahaha… It is true that he is most comfortable in his home country (as there isnt any language nor language barrier), so this is reflected in his performance. He was very relaxed and happily chatting with fans. I enjoyed myself a lot during the show. Come Aphrael, let’s go together for his next show in Seoul. And of course I can be the guide but not to worry, the maps and directions and signboards in Seouls is very tourist friendly. In fact, the whole city is very tourist friendly, plus Koreans are very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed myself a lot during the the trip (also due to the fact that Korea is JKS’ country, hehehe…). In fact, I have been telling my friends that I have left my SOUL in Seoul and I have yet to find back my soul. The only way is for me to fly back to Seoul, to retrieve my soul. hahaha…

  2. Rose, I’m sure you’re still in a daze after returning from Seoul. That was a great FA. Can’t wait for you to update us more… Hope Tree-J will release some details of his 20th Anniversary celebration, so that we can plan our trip, would really love to attend this celebration.

    • Hi WQ, yes, I am still in daze now even after more than a week since my trip. I also hope that Tree-J can release information about the anniversary show as soon as possible. But for now, all we know is that, it may probably be in January or February, based on Sukkie’s answer (jokingly) during the fans meeting.

      • hi rose, you were so lucky, ive got to watch him in malaysia crishow but unluckily tickets i just had the photo shoot only, cuz tickets for autograph were sold already. You know what, I went too seoul before malaysia crishow but i guess i had no access to contact him that time so i just watched him live in malaysia. Korea is a nice country and so many places to visit, i just there will english translation machine so that it woud be nice too. or i would rather learn korean language…hehehe…hope to get in touch with you so that i will be more confident to go to seoul for the anniversary show….and be a friend of yours…if it is ok with you…anyway we are both certified eels….:)


      • Hi mitch, I got the autograp pass during the Malaysia Cri show. Happy to see him in person and got his autograph. Sure thing, we shall organize a trip to go Korea together for the anniversary show.

  3. Pardon me fellow eels, but may know who is Jang Suni? I hope he include the Philippines for his next Asian Tour so that eels here can watch him as well…

    I really like this blog site coz I get to know more about JKS and get to know that I have you fellow eels to update us about him… putting this site in my browser’s bookmark… noted!

  4. Thanks, Rose! Your FA is also as superb as his Cri Show in Seoul. I really wanted to his Seoul Cri Show, but I’ve had a plan to attend other his FM in August. So I gave up to join there. But through your detail FA, I feel as if I were there. I also look forward to attending his 20th anniversary show! 🙂

    • Hi Tenshi-chan, thanks. Your fans account for the MMM and NR event is also very good. Like you, I had to forego the event in August (in Japan) as I have burst my budget already… Well, I would like to attend his Arena tour in Japan in October too but I got to know that I may have to travel to another country for work purposes during that period. Well, JKS knows what his eels want very well. That is why he created many FM and opportunity for us to meet him and be closed to him. As he said during the Cri show, his FM is very special because it is his gift to his eels. So, he will always plan for FM (eventhough he is busy filming and working) because it’s a gift to his fans (and he knows very well that it makes us happy). In my opinion, if I miss Arena tour, I will find chance to attend his other show (his anniversary show). Let’s attend together and have a mini eel pond gathering during the show ^.^

  5. Rose, thanks for the interesting FA & I’m sure you had a very good time!!!
    I’m surprised to hear a few occasion from eels from different countries that Sukkie bring rains whenever he goes to a new place ^_^ Oh yes, I also find that he is most at home in Korea as I saw DVD for his Last in Seoul Asia Tour.. I love the way he interacts with eels like friends and a lot of chatting… though I don’t understand what they are talking about, how seeing him on stage chatting with eels really is a joy! ^_^
    It seems like once we attended one of his FM, we will get addicted for life & wants to follow him around.. yes, I’m planning for next year to0..

    • I second that QQeyes007. I attend his show in Malaysia and now I’m totally addicted and wanna plan to follow him around the globe next year. hahaha…
      Yeah, he mentioned that he seems to bring rain to every new place he go. But there is a chinese saying that says “water/ rain represents prosperity”. So, I’m sure it’s a sign from God that he is bound to conquer the WORLD and sign is shown in terms of rain/ water (prosperity). ^.^

  6. Rose GOD really blessing you wich is your 4 wishes was granted ^o^..your FA was awesome even with not lot of pic but for me your story very detailed i feel like i’m in that show..yes he so enjoy,SUK more being him self at Seoul Cri Show and more he hosting the show by him self
    i think you have wonderful journey right Rose?? no wonder you ever mention before that your soul still on seoul when you back home 🙂
    i hope i can have wonderful memorable like anyone who already saw his show,when he have FM in indonesia ^o^

  7. Rose, thanks for yr detailed FA. Seems vy exciting ! !! Should not be missed…
    Wow! Next will hv 2 shows? Cri Show & the dinner show? Omg which one to attend? Hv to start saving & plan now…..hahaha yet to go Korea in Oct, but has been thinking abt next year…
    Can i contact u thru email abt yr Korea trip?

    • Carol, yes, you can have my e-mail address from Aphrael 🙂 Believe it or not, I am already planning for my next year trip to Korea (in fact, am already thinking if I can go again November this year, hahaha…). Korea is definitely country that I would like to visit in all four seasons.

  8. thanks for sharing this precious encounter of yours. i agree with many eels here, that we werent there but from reading your post, it seems like we enjoyed as much fun as all those who attended the cri show in seoul. I would love to visit korea too, one day – and it’d be great to be able to attend his events in his own country 🙂 All eels, Im glad to know that because of JKS, many of us are somehow ‘united’ and ‘linked’. He is our precious and we are his precious! ^.^V

    • addie2804, yes.. eels are his precious & he is eels’ precious ^_^
      I would like to share this vid I saw just today, I think uploaded by Japanese eel fan.. it is the best close up version of Sukkie singing “my precious” during his Yokohama FM last Nov’2010 in Japan during MMM filming period & this was broadcasted live over Japan by TBS.. I feel touched everytime watching this scene as he walked passed the sea of eels..singing “My Precious”

      • OMG! QQeyes007! this video is superb. If he is so close to me, I’d have difficulty catching my breath. hahaha…

      • Again, I’m amazed how Japanese eels behave. When he came down to the audience, he was so close those eels, but still they are in good order and manner. That’s very nice and I hope all the places he go the eels will be such good order to brace their super star.

      • QQ..thanks so muchhh…*hug* i ever watched this vid but no completely like vid that you share..so wonderful& looks like he so close to me..hahaha

  9. Rose thanks so much for sharing your wonderful detailed FA with all us Eels. Indeed, you are one of the blessed and luckiest Eels to be able to attend this show. I enjoy reading all the detailed descriptions of the places you saw: subway, cloudy sky, side-walks, T-J building, Olympic Hall entry, beautiful garden, playground, palaces and museum. Omo….. you won’t even leave out the toiletry part. I feel like I walked the walk with you on this event. You have such a great memory.

    Yeah… I remembered a while back you mentioned that you had planned this vacation a year ago when you had no idea that the Seoul Cri Show would ever exist. That’s what people call a “fated meeting” and it must be real special for you.

  10. Hi all (those are in “love” with JKS, this include me “smile”)
    Me stated to know JKS 1 month ago, watched MMM aired on TV recently…
    And that is it…stated to hock on with JKS and been searching and reading his news anywhere and everywhere I could find…also trying to sign up in his fan club but difficulty to understand all the pop up message…
    Out of so many site, Rose and fellows friends here, I feel most comfortable…and here I wish to join the “club” …hope this is ok with you’ll…
    I am so happy and grateful that found someone have the same “Love” to JKS…friends surrounding me keep giving the excuses for not able to understand Korean language and others reason for not having the same interest like us to JKS…
    Rose, your sharing help me to pull through my regretless and sadness for knowing JKS so late… and help me to heal some of my BIG MISTAKE for not knowing his GREAT shows all this while…(admit I did miss a lots of his shows )
    Please share all his info/show/news with me from time to time and I will try my level best to join (apart from clashing with my job requirement)…
    I am looking forward to go for all his shows and get the feel that lots of JSK eels have been experience…I want to experience it myself too….ya…lets party together….
    Something to share about my personal changes after JKS come into my life 😉
    1. Feel energetic as there are something to look forwards in life..
    2. Become cheerful and happy on my daily life…I got less gastric as have less stress…
    3. I will need to recharge myself by listen to his song everyday..(my house, my office, my car, my handphone..everywhere I spend time with are full of his songs)
    4. 1st time seeing his smile in TV, his sincere smile ..he has cheer up my day/life and will make sure keep looking at his smile (I keep some in my FB)..as and when I need to recharge especially when I am down / depress/stress with my life…

    Sorry rose for writing such a long msg in your wall…please don’t get mad with me…looking forward to have friends with you all..and looking forward to travel with you all…..not sure how to go about and contact you…
    p/s : this is my “virgin” for writing in a wall/blog….sifu out there please guide…

    • Hi Meggy,

      Welcome to the ever-growing pool of eels~! 🙂

      Friends don’t necessarily share the same love, so that’s ok.
      Hope you continue to be as happy every day, looking at our dear Prince!

      So would you be planning to go for his 20th anniversary show next year?
      Which country are you from?

      Hope that his date will come out soon… if not very hard to arrange schedule ^^

      • aphrael77, I am from Malaysia..Definitely YES…I am keeping an eye and plan my trip ahead…I want to attend all his shows (included his 20th anniversary show) if the situation permit. I dislike the feeling of regret which I felt …ya..when he was in Malaysia I was in HK for a business trip (I still dont know him during that time)..”sad/crying”…

        FYI, I have not been to any concern/live show ..as I am not comfortable crowded places…but this is my 1st time in my life..feel so excited and eager to attend a live show (JKS change my life) …I would’nt want to miss seeing him live/in person/close….
        Dont worry, I won’t do stupid stuff (i.e. touch , drap, grap or things that hurt him)..I will be professional and support him with all my heart….”smile”

        Also, not sure which site is real and which is not tho..saw lots of FB account with his name too…but I guess Weibo is his recent active site….

      • all the FB pages are fanpages. He communicates via Tree-J twitter, his official Japanese twitter, his iPhone app, and Weibo

  11. Hi Meggy711! Welcome and let’s circle around together in our pond! even i’m not actively commented here, but it’s a must for me to read this blog everyday after addicted to him because i watched MMM in astro KBS world dec 2010, so attracted to him at the first sight 🙂 , and almost earlier than that YAB aired at 8tv but at that time i was not really like him.. and now at 8tv MMM at 6.30pm every sat and beethoven V at 7am every sat and sun, what a gloomy day without him.. i’m so proud knowing my prince, hopefully you too, and hopefully your wish to meet him will come true!

    • Thanks Ren121, totally agreed, after I watched MMM, I started to addicted and was hunting for him, I went to look for his (vcd and cd, I am lucky enough and bought 3 dramas and his 1st single cd “let me cry”,) i hv to play his song at least 3 times a day or else I will feel uneasy/missing something tho, I thing I got his “virus” 🙂 will surely visit here as much as I can(at least once a day) to avoid miss out any of his info/latest news update.


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