Z-Zin Interview

—————- Guest voice—————–

Now I am not forcing myself to laugh, nor am I forcing myself to act.

I am not just simply standing in front of the camera, but standing in front of you, the audience, and making my surroundings happier.

Hypocrisy is always intentionally arranged and flawed, and I only want to make everything frank and happy. Just like the story between you and me

———– by Jang Keun Suk ————–



Addicted to Jang Keun Suk. This is how he looked like 5 years ago in front of my camera.
Not yet rid of youthful air, no, I should say, JKS still a youth. Here – November 2006.

To this youth, 5 years is a period of brilliant growth.

After drama Hwang Jin-I, he acted Geon Woo, Tae-kyung, Mu-gyul etc, using his own way to digest the characters, learning acting techniques, considering what he should do for his fans, possessing the confidence to express himself in front of the camera.

At this moment, the whole of Asia is addicted to him.
I know he will not become a fleeting Hallyu star.

He understands people’s hearts. Maybe because he is young and may be misunderstood by the world, but he knows that true sincerity is something that connects the world, he knows the meaning of adhering to loyalty and faith, because he still dreams of freedom.

———– by Photographer ZO SUN HI ———–

Z: How have you been recently?
J: Just undergone 6 days of labour exploitation, here I come.

Z: What kind of labour exploitation?
J: How to say it? In my eyes, everything is exploitation.. haha

Z: Didn’t you come directly? But let me understand. You’ve been busy since returning to Korea?
J: Suddenly had to film over the weekend, now not very energetic.

Z: You don’t even have time for romance.
J: Too busy recently, I cannot even find time to review myself. Got a desire for new market. Besides this, no time.

Z: Oh, seems good.
J: Hahaha

Z: Z-Zin’s theme this time is addiction. Recently, many people are addicted to JKS, me too, haha
J: That’s good, completely my good child, hahaha

Z: I first saw you in the winter of 2006. Based on the photo (of you) then, you seemed really young. No matter in the past or now, you still feel the same.
J: Where was that? Ah, Cheong-dam park.

Z: Good memory. This photo felt like a youthful JKS. Since when did you shed that youthful air?
J: No, I still have it now. Lots of it! Now, I am also a youth!

Z: Really? Not long ago, I watched episode 1 to 16 of “You are Beautiful” in one go, 18 hours! Haha, my eyes hurt but it was interesting.
J: So you like emperor Tae-kyung ~~~

Z: Yes, emperor Tae-kyung. I should meet a man like that, haha. Next time, look for this photo. Unknowingly, JKS has really become a man.
J: Not intentionally. In fact, when filming “Beethoven Virus”, I wanted to become a man quickly, so I did lots of exercise, cut my hair short and kept a moustache. Now I feel it’s hard to do that. When I was young, I wanted to grow up faster, but people will not easily accept this. I’ve had this experience, but with the passing of time, I want to be naturally myself. Now, rather than the idea of trying to become a man, I feel that I am still a youth. Why can’t I become an actor forever with espresso fragrance?

Z: An actor with espresso fragrance is very handsome! I also feel that I am a youth, haha
J: No, that is too much. Too much~~~ hahaha

Z: Nevertheless, everyone is addicted to JKS. What is the meaning of addiction to you?
J: Addiction… addiction is what I am charmed by now? Addiction to my career? I feel that my path now is a path no one has taken before. Not just drawing on the influence of drama to hold fan-meeting overseas. Step by step, I am at the stage of adapting to this market. I’m going to release an album on the Chinese market, and have released an album in Japan. Of course, previous Hallyu actors have also shared the good path, but everyone’s way is different. Also, I feel that it’s not feasible to walk a similar path as others, so I want to consider the path that others have taken so that I can walk out a path of my own. The process in search of this path is my current addiction. Is that being addicted to myself?

Z: Besides acting and singing, what are you addicted to?
J: It should be, escape!

Z: What kind of escape?
J: Until last year, when I went overseas, I could still do the things I wanted to. When fewer people knew me, I could go shopping. I was also very happy during my leisure time and could meet up with friends. Now I cannot. When I was walking along the street previously in Japan, I was recognized and chased. Now the situation is I cannot go out without bodyguards. When I suggested taking a stroll outside the hotel after dinner, staff would be very flustered and say no, I cannot go out. I am a free person, now I have to look at other people’s expression. My relaxation time is also being taken away. Of course, increasing popularity is a good thing, but in spite of this, when I want to feel free and cannot, I feel it is no difference from being in prison.

Z: If you are like Hwang Tae-kyung thinking whether you’d be followed, what will happen if you go out?
J: If fans recognize me, they will greet me, take photo and search for me, but people around me think that this is dangerous, so they restrict me. So the thing that I want to do most now is to escape.

Z: You must feel terrible.
J: Terrible. Sis, I’m now leading the life of an idol, the kind that is unreasonable …

Z: Since when were you unable to go out?
J: From this time when I returned from Japan? No, since the Asia Tour last year. I have not even seen Hong Kong’s night scenery. Fans’ cars are always following mine. Up to now, I don’t even know what Hong Kong’s night scenery is like.

Z: What a tragic thing.
J: I’m completely trapped and cannot see what is outside. It was like that in Shanghai too, not long ago. Fans blocked the road ahead on the expressway. This is the path I have chosen to walk, but I don’t want to live such a trapped life.

Z: I believe that gradually becoming addicted to this situation means that you’ll do very well.
J: When will there be a technique for escaping? I will not give in. If I have to live a life that I do not want to because of popularity management or fear of scandal, I absolutely cannot tolerate it.

Z: Yes, this is more tragic.
J: But I will not lie. I can also handle this in an upright manner. But if there is anything inconvenient or strange, of course it will not be like this. I am not doing anything wrong now.

Z: Hope you can be like this, this is like you. Now, by Korea’s count, are you 24 or 25 years old?
J: In actual fact, 23 years old!

Z: Still a very young age, don’t you think you have fulfilled many dreams already?
J: This year in March, I was feeling a bit bitter. Felt like Asia Tour and Japan Tour have not reached my target. Now the (JKS) craze in Japan may also become a bubble at a certain time. Nothing is certain. This is what I truly feel.

Z: Is everything you’ve said up to now your genuine feelings, or only the question just now?
J: No, not because of interview or wanting to appear cool…

Z: I know you’re working hard not just because you want to be cool, haha
J: Now, there is lots of work, and also more well-known in Asia, but it can all become nothing at any moment. No matter what I am doing, I cannot just anyhow do.

Z: As a photographer having the name of Zo Sun Hi, I also often feel uneasy, because at any time everything may turn into nothing, so no matter what photo, I do my best to shoot it. You have the same fear?
J: Rather than fear, it’s more of a feeling that I do not want to live a life gripped by compulsion. I want to live my dream healthily, not just believing in my popularity now but to work harder, not wanting to live imprisoned and hidden but to live a life of freedom. I want to complete each and every one of my dreams carefully, and will not hide just because of anxiety that I’ll lose what I have now.

Z: What is your dream?
J: My dream? To conquer the world!

Z: Ah yes, you say everywhere that you want to conquer the world. Before this interview, I did a bit of research. One of your lines that I like most is “To the very last, rather than be a star, I want to persevere in acting”. I also often dream that until I die, I will continue photographing. What do you specifically mean when you say that line?
J: I will say this until I die. Even if I step into the coffin, I hope that I will feel anxious about whether I can act this character well, reading the script, [in future I can enter the coffin having seen what is realised of the world map.] Everyone hopes to bring something with them on their last journey; for me, a script is enough.

Z: From our conversation, I feel that you have really been persevering in acting skill, and in being an actor and artiste. Since when did you become like this?
J: Firstly, it’s after Nonstop sitcom when I became confused about my real identity. My co-actors had good career development except for me without any work for 2 years.

Z: Really? Why?
J: It’s just… no characters that I can act in, my acting skill was not very good. At that time, I was playing a lot and not reading the script, so it was very confusing. After I had the thought that I must learn acting, I had lessons at the university for 6 months and after that, entered univeristy and acted Hwang Jin-I, and after that I got to know you.

Z: I don’t really watch television. I first saw you in Hwang Jin-I. Are you unhappy with that?
J: No, it’s all right. I also don’t really like to watch my past dramas, hahaha

Z: Oh so what I watched was just nice. Was it at that time that you started having the thought that you’d like to hold a script until you die?
J: Yes.

Z: Will you be able to persist until the very end? Isn’t it possible that at one point in time, you’ll have depression and start hating everything?
J: Depression will affect everyone and not just me. Same for actors. To an artiste, this is a frequent thing. Aren’t ourselves the only person who can solve this? Isn’t this a problem that we have to resolve personally?

Z: Then do you have your special way of resolving this problem? Although I want to continue photography till the day I die, occasionally I do think of giving up, thinking that I should be able to do something else. If this happens, what is your unique way of solving the problem?
J: Mm, first I will seek to be alone. Whether I want to go feel the seabreeze or take a walk, I’ll just do it. My method is to go back to myself and give myself freedom. Not necessary to go travelling or that I must be overseas in order to be free. If the weather is good on the filming set, I can lie down on the ground near the swimming pool, chat with staff, or take a walk by myself, thinking of absolute freedom like this. In order not to lose this kind of time, I often get into arguments. Instead of taking my manager’s car to the filming set, I drive my own car there.

Z: Mm, by yourself?
J: Yes.

Z: So during filming, there are many times when you sit by yourself, listen to music by yourself and also reflect alone, what do you usually think of at this time? As I look at you, I’m more curious as to what you are thinking now.
J: What am I thinking? Haha, just in a daze and not thinking of anything at all. Not thinking at all, just being in a daze… observing the passers-by?

Z: What do you look at when you observe passers-by?
J: How they walk, sit, talk or what they drink…. All these things will in the end become a source of my acting, so I observe in detail.

Z: This question has been asked many times before in interviews. I also want to ask once. What is JKS’ acting?
J: An apple tree without apples.

Z: Apple tree without apples …. There are also many other trees.
J: No special meaning, haha

Z+J: Hahaha

J: There can be peaches or other fruits, in short it’s a tree without fruit! Haha

Z: “Poisoned (or addiction)” in the dictionary means “thinking being influenced by something and as a result cannot make normal judgment”. Besides acting, what can make you be in this situation?
J: Not letting me see myself? Being at home staring into space with nothing to do, eating all that I want to eat, eating when I’m hungry, sleeping when I’m sleepy, drinking when I want to drink. To me, rather than living, I’d rather continue to have dreams. I always have dreams that can be fulfilled in real life. If I abandon a dream, I will have another new dream.

Z: If you don’t fulfill this dream, you’ll have another new dream. Ok, this is your current motivation, right.
J: Yes, hahaha

Z: There are times when one doesn’t feel like working or feel forced to, but I feel that you’re always putting in your best during filming.
J: Yes, because I don’t want to be lazy.

Z: Don’t you want to be lazy sometimes?
J: Yes, there are times, when I am by myself.

Z: Will you take a break after this movie filming ends?
J: No, there is Japan Tour in October and new album recording in November.

Z: I think you are not far off from breaking into the Europe market!
J: I’ll try it before I die, hahaha

Z: Is there any singer or music that you especially like?
J: I like English rock, and for bands, Oasis and Stereophonics.

Z: I’m totally ignorant of music, I should listen to some.
J: Yes, very nice.

Z: Then from where did you get inspiration for your Showcase?
J: Have seen many singers’ concerts and found areas to learn from, then I think of how to make fans happy. Anyway I am not a real singer, so it’s appropriate that I think about how to have fun with fans.

Z: I haven’t seen your Showcase yet and cannot imagine it. Can you think about how you looked like when you rested during our photo shoot? We were in England then, weren’t you dancing happily with Byung-gun on the streets?
J: Yes yes, I will also dance in Korea in August. Sister, you come and watch too.

Z: Haha, definitely! Speaking of addiction, I remember “domestication” in “The Little Prince” and think it is another theory of one person being addicted to another person, it’s a very beautiful description of being addicted. What do you think is the meaning of someone being addicted to another person?
J: It seems like one can only be addicted to someone different from oneself. One won’t be interested in someone similar to oneself. Moreover, in my work, I don’t like to be similar to others, so I will interpret a character according to my own method. Sometimes it’s not myself, but someone else who uses a new method and I will remember it. Not just in terms of acting technique, I don’t like to be similar to others in terms of living my life. I think that being uniquely different leads to success.

Z: Now you’re unique and successful too. You have your own style in wearing clothes, you can wear appropriately clothes that other actors cannot pull off. I see a unique Jang Keun Suk. I have watched your dramas analytically, this has become another of my strong points.
J: I know very clearly, if I treat now as success, then I will not work hard in future. This is man’s innate laziness, and I do not like laziness. I do not like treating my achievements now as success. I feel that any success before the age of 30 is just the tip of the iceberg, and will vanish at any moment like a bubble. I will never treat now as success.

Z: What a good way of thinking. Hope you’ll be like this in future too. That video which we collaborated on previously also nearly did not fit into your schedule, it was after much persistence on my part that I got one precious day. You have such a sense of loyalty and faith at such a young age. In actual fact, it is not easy to adhere to these principles at my age. I have seen much, and think that there are only 2 types of people, those who have put on powder and those who have not. Hahaha

Z: Is there any food now you’re addicted to? For me, it’s the fried new year cake I ate previously.
J: Haha, mine is Grandmother’s flavoured crab paste.

Z: Didn’t you say in spring that you’ll let me have a taste of that?
J: Yes… or you’d better buy it in Sinsha-dong, haha

Z: Why ~~~ why?
J: Recently my grandmother’s health is not good, she’s getting on in years …

Z: Oh I see. What about books? Any book you’re addicted to?
J: I don’t like books very much, nothing that I especially like.

Z: You’re too frank. Where then do you get inspiration from?
J: I watch many movies and dramas.

Z: I get my inspiration from others’ photos. Don’t you feel it’s too similar and smacks of imitation?
J: Sometimes yes, but after being creative in character, it will turn into mine.

Z: In that case, then photography and acting are very similar. Which is the character which you’d been most creative?
J: Who is the lead in that movie “The Devil wears Prada”, ah, Miranda! Hwang Tae-kyung in YAB is born from this creativity.

Z: Really? When I watched YAB, I felt that was Jang Keun Suk …
J: In fact, when I was acting this character, JKS had become like Hwang Tae-kyung, hahaha

Z: What about Mu-gyul in “Marry me Mary”?
J: I hope to live a life like that of Mu-gyul.

Z: Then, Hwang Tae-kyung is reality and Mu-gyul is a dream. But from which episode does it get interesting?
J: Don’t watch, don’t watch~~ it’s not interesting from beginning to end.

Z: Hahaha, aren’t you too frank? But that is also your drama.
J: I am very frank. During the filming, there were many problems. When I was filming, I felt that it was not interesting.

Z: Overseas fans like it a lot.
J: Because Jang Keun Suk from YAB has come, watch it once, hahaha

Z: Really envious of your frankness!
J: Hahahahahaha

Z: After hearing your story, 25 years old is really not easy. Is it better to say you’re fantastic, or satisfied?
J: I am not especially clever, just that I learned much from my parents since young. The result is, I know that a sincere heart and truth are the only break-through solutions to deceit and conflict (war). I feel that the genuine me is what connects people to people.

Z: Occasionally, relations without a sincere heart still need to be maintained.
J: It is at this time that one experiences life in society. Obviously there is sincerity, but sometimes it is not seen, and is noticed very much later than hypocrisy. Even if other people insult me and scold me, so long as I have the correct truth, I have me.

Z: Right, I also often tell my children that a sincere heart is always needed, one should live based on this belief.
J: Sister and I also got to know each other through a commercial activity, because of work responsibility. If we avoided work, we would not have met. But Sister and I have been through 5 years. We see each other every year, work together and get to know each other. This is only possible because Sister and I have a sincere heart.

Z: That’s right, thanks, haha. Now for the last question. Looking at how you think of your parents, I should raise my children like you, very filial child. You have started out in society very early, helping your parents. Sometimes you do what you like if parents are fine. You respect your parents’ opinions very much, why? Another person in your shoes may feel that this is very difficult. What kind of thinking has made you become a filial child?
J: I have two wishes in my heart. One is to become a good child, a filial child at home. I think that family is very important. Another wish is quite recent, I want to become a man with my own happy family, I want to become a good father and a good husband to my wife. These thoughts started one by one. But in the company, my relationship with my mother is purely a business one, so I don’t call her Mother but Director. I am very calmly neutral in work, but at home, I just want to be my parents’ beloved son. Even now when I want to buy something, I use both soft and hard wiles on my mother to get my father to agree. This is the basic principle I insist at home.

Z: In comparison to the 1.87 million that you said recently, you have earned much more than that?
J: More than that time, yes, and also have my own personal savings. Hahaha, I am this kind of person.

Z: When is that? In less than 2 years from that time when you had 1.87 million, fantastic!
J: Hahaha

Z: Thanks for today’ s interview. Take a break when you can.
J: Yes, see you again, Sister.

Z: Ok, let’s drink a cup together in future, my treat, hahaha. Oh yes, our Bague team says we should have a celebration feast, the others are very excited.
J: Ok, try fixing the schedule with Brother Byung-gun. It should be interesting!


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76 thoughts on “Z-Zin Interview”

  1. One of the best and most original interviews ever ….

    Like someone else has said, the questions asked by JKS’ photographer friend are more original and interesting (I roll my eyes heavenwards every time some interviewer asks JKS about his ideal girl type – don’t they do research??)

    I am completely bowled over by JKS’ intellect, maturity, spontaneity and frankness once more, and find myself agreeing with so many of his viewpoints. And his perspective of life is really, a source of motivation for me too… even a seemingly simple thing like saying, he does not like laziness … (oops, ok, I shall go face the wall and reflect on myself…. :p )

    JKS understands himself, he understands how the world/society works and he is absolutely right in saying that JKS, the genuine, true, real him that we see outside of his dramas is the glue that connects people.

    He is more than an actor, more than an idol or star.
    We like him and support him because of who he is in reality, because of his genuine and sincere personality.

    Even that part when he asks Sun Hi not to watch M3 …. we know JKS is frank, which is a good thing …. but I worry…. KBS is asking JKS to do various little promotional trailers for M3 overseas and an upcoming promotional M3 tour in Japan, promoting M3 as a very good drama and here JKS is openly telling people not to watch it … it is not hard to guess that the Korean TV stations must have a love-hate relationship with JKS for having the guts to openly air such issues … guess JKS must be equally tired with having to promote a meaningless drama that he really dislikes …. ….

    • really good insight of him like the Olive interview they did, good friends with very honest chat and really show the down to earth Jang Keun Suk and his real feeling..

      • yeah the ending for mu gyul wasn’t suppose to be a good one. I read somewhere that before rewriting the script, mu gyul was suppose to die in the end as well.

    • Me too, I feel really uneasy about the M3 part. I don’t understand why he said that. I always love him for being frank but maybe he went too far this time… 🙁

      • Tam, actually many of Sukkie fans already knew about the MMM issues on the script writers being changed 2 times & the last episode being written & salvaged by Sukkie as the earlier script writers intention to make this so called “romantic comedy” announced during the MMM press conference turn out with sad ending (Mary ends with Jung In & Mugyul left with his mum…) how can the eel fans take it? I can feel the stress he had during MMM filming especially with so much issues on scripts…

    • talking about M3, to my personal opinion the plot (story line) of the drama was not very good. But Sukkie was definitely the best in the drama. I actually really like his acting in it. To me, Mu Kyul really has a lot of himself in it which I really love that character and he did great job for the role. in YAB and M3 both roles are having the similar lonely soul and hurtful feeling from the mother, both are very talented in music, both are trying to find real love they want from the ones they love, but Mu Kyul in M3 is more free and more real to me than Hwang Tae Kyung in YAB. YAB is very cute show but in M3, Mu Kyul was more deeper character that he played. But I learnt that he wrote some plot himself because original plot for Mu Kyul was not very good, especially at the end. He puts his own work in it which helped the show. In Korea, actually, actors or singers in show business really has a lot less powers and they have to work their @$$ off to pay back the agent company. Sukkie is smart to has his own company and he involves of most of everything for himself, of course there is still a lot that he can’t control but he has to do it. I believe he is the real great actor and also a talented in many ways. Finally, again, this interview is more like a chat between friends, he is half joking I think. Nobody really hates their own work (which like a child) they put lots of efforts in it. Of course, not every drama he plays would be perfect for him. He has high standards on everything. That’s him. I have no worry. This is his beautiful part.

      • True, JKS acted Mu-gyul to perfection, guess not even the critics have anything negative to say about JKS’ acting.
        i don’t have anything against M3 cos I enjoy watching JKS in it, though it seems that one lesson to be learned from M3 is that not even well-acted characters can save a floundering drama without a well developed plot….

        perhaps what JKS means is that he doesn’t like to re-watch or review M3 because it would only serve to remind him of the drama’s flaws?

      • Thanks for the translation Aphrael! ^^

        Anyway, seems like Suk is just joking when he said not to watch M3. He answered he wanted to live like Kang Mu Gyul in the first question didn’t he? MMM is still shown in Japan and other Asian Countries that’s why Suk didn’t answer the question on which episode does it get meaningless. And we all know Suk is such a joker and always give out unexpected answers…^^

      • i met JKS through watching MMM. and i have watched kdramas since 2005 but have never been glued to the main guy. after that “alley kiss” i had to start googling stuff about him, and THEN i watched YAB.

        my point is, MMM is a bad drama, storyline was horrible, but he stood out regardless.

      • JKS was the reason why I kept watching M3 at that time. I really admired and respected him and all the actors for their efforts to save the drama. I love JKS’s acting and character in M3 so much that I even bought the DVD set but I really don’t get it.JKS is an actor who puts his heart and soul into his work and after it has been done, it has no meaning to him AT ALL ?????We all know there were a lot of problems during M3 filming and JKS as well as all the actors did try their best to solve them.JKS even rewrote Ep16 to be able to give us a happy ending ( and I thank him for that) and despite all that they went through, M3now doesn’t have any meaning to him AT ALL, joking or not , his answer make me kind of angry. Don’t get me wrong. I love JKS and I will always love him no matter what he has done and will do, I just don’t want his co-stars to be hurt because of his jokes. May be I’m being too sensitive….
        Then again, this show how much I love JKS. He’s the only person ( besides my family)whose things he does and words he says can effect me that much.

      • hi Tam,

        I understand your upset feelings. I mean, I watched M3 several times just to ogle at JKS, haha, we all agree plot is lousy, KMG’s characterization is good, we love the OST, drama is ok but not ranked on a fantastic scale in terms of ratings and mass public appeal. For an actor to say that a drama he has acted in is meaningless is like a complete denial of his efforts, and for JKS to say this (no matter whether he was joking or not, I think not because we know how he feels about M3), I think the first person to feel hurt by this whole incident is JKS himself. As an actor who takes the quality of his acting as topmost priority, to admit that his drama is so flawed must be a heartache for him.

        maybe we don’t know enough about the context of how he said this to start being judgmental …. maybe i’m just rationalizing ….

        perhaps when he said M3 is meaningless, perhaps he means that it is the plot that is meaningless? (again, agreed by everyone)

        When JKS was going through that period of time, he said he learnt a lot from the process. All the stress of M3 has made him grow up more, and any process that contributes to his growth as an actor has meaning for him, no matter how lousy that drama is ….

    • Thank you so much for translation Aphrael! Agree with you that this is such a wonderful interview! It doesn’t feel as an interview, it is more like a chat between old friends where both are frank and express their true opinion. I love this photographer ZSH! I am really looking forward to get this new dvd ( Budapesht) because this should be something different, more like a piece of art from both JKS and ZSH. Once again JKS blowes me up with his intellect and maturity at 23 ( is his real birthday in September?).
      I don’t have a lot of concerns him saying not to watch M3. I kind of agree with him in a sense that there is nothing else to watch but him creating an amazing character and singing one of the best OST. Everybody knows about script flaws, but a lot of people ( including me) became addicted to M3 because of the character he created there, and this is not a secret either. He is frank with his sister- photographer about it, I am sure she watched it already too.
      He is also frank when he said that he fell in love with KMG warm loving character, and this is what he is going to promote and I agree with him that this is the thing to promote.

    • correct! he was so brave saying that about M3 thou it is true, YAB is much better, and yet we watch it because it is him. haha

  2. Sallie, thanks for offering to help with translation.

    I saw part of your translation and wanted to ask you to help too ^^
    but sometimes email ding-donging back and forth takes up time too, so i thought i’ll just do it …. will definitely ask for your help in future!

    • Yeap! Just ask when need to (hits chest – no probs). I totally understand the ding dong thing thats why i do not want to intervene that much unless required + i’ve got lesser experience too.. may nt translate that well and you still have to edit etc.. To me, as long translation goes on smoothly and you can breathe hahah. We must b as pro as JKS.. You’ve got my email, you’ve get my help 🙂

  3. Thanks Aphrael, for your good work and take the time. 🙂 I love this interview it will save into my archive that I will read it from time to time. He is such a character, isn’t he. And here, I want to say, I feel so happy to know you and other Sukkie’s fans. Through our following for Sukkie, through this blog site, we get to know that we can be friends here too. To support each other, to make each other feel better and together to support our brightest star, Jang Geun Suk. Thanks, truely.

    And I know the “Project” deadline is coming, I will do it this weekend and send it to you.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I’m speechless with this interview …. his has special charm in every aspects..which i can’t explain why i like him so much
    Since my 1st sight of him in YAB
    Sukkie! Fighting !!!

  5. I think that JKS has a love hate relationship with M3 as well… because he did like working with MG and he does like the music (hes said many times that My Precious is one of his favorite songs) however as we already knew he said he chose this drama mostly cus of the character and not cus of the script… 😮 still feeel a bit sad tht he has to keep promoting this drama even though he doesn’t feel proud of it, however personally, it was this character that made me fall in love with him in the first place.

  6. Thanks Aphrael for your time on this ^^ insightful interview which let us learnt new things about JKS! I like the part where explained that stage of his life when he had the short hair (and moustach) look …. For a long time, I couldn’t reconcile or link his personality to that look, so glad to finally know the reason & glad that his current style is what he likes most naturally. so cute he calls his mum ‘Director’ and love that he’s so filial 🙂

  7. well, i read it and I can see that he is the most sincere and sweet person and has a very beautiful heart. and I can say that he is not only beautiful outside, inside as well. love you oppa Sukkie.

  8. I totally agree with catmeow80. Since he like joking around, I think he is just joking about not to watch MMM. He even one time in an interview that he normally don’t watch his work but he said he watched MMM 10x….got to find that again, wished I saved it, never thought he will say this! Anyways, he even say he is more like KMG and than HT and his only similarity to HT is he is a perfectionist like him. I don’t know what he is thinking when he said this…..the strangest thing too is that in every interview he find a way of mentioning MMM, why do you think if he feels this way about the drama. I know how prostrated he is that he was going to be killed at the end of the drama that he changed the ending because he said, that won’t work because it is a comedy drama! I don’t it is such a bad a drama, it is because of that drama that I became his follower. Take care and God bless you all. Praying for his continues success and may his eels give him freedom to move around and give him distance so he will continue feeling a human being instead of being a commodity. So he doesn’t feeling in a prison because of his success. He is such a giving person that he created Cri show so his eels could see him often but I hope his eels should realized that he need his space too so he can be free to do what he enjoy doing when he is on his personal ventures.

  9. Thanks Aphrael! As always, his interviews reveal his sincerity which is his true charm. I wonder in what capacity his mother acts in Tree-J; and if his father’s part too… They always accompany him during his fms.

    One message he’s putting across loud and clear to fans (since he knows this will be published) he wants people to respect his wishes for freedom. I can’t help feeling sorry for him; he knows the futility of his efforts; the contradiction… popularity=loss of freedom… When he says he wants to conquer the world, I think he wants to be acknowledged for his brilliance in his work, to be a worldclass artiste, to be amongst the ranks of A-list top actors of the world, not just Korea or Asia. But to do that means he will be more internationally known and that will in turn put more restriction on himself as there will always be fans chasing after him….hmmm, thank God I’m not popular!!!! Lol!!!!!! Happy weekend everyone!

    • Farina i also have same question with you about why his parent participation all over Suk has event or overseas,i thought it only devotion to his parents,but more than that, i think his parent are shareholder in his company(tree j company)..
      Aphrael i agree with you even MMM not to good in script but no critical at all to Suk for his act, indeed i have friend initially indifferent with SUK,now become SUKHOLIC after watch MMM

  10. Thanks Aphrael for another speedy translation. You are a SUPER and Awesome Eel.
    This is other great and interesting Q&As from our Sukkie. Every time, I read JKS interviews, I love him more and more…… I also learn some things from him. This time, I learn that life is really like living in the bubble, it’s can burst and disappear at any moment. So rather then worry about what had happened in the past or what will happen in the future —- Just do the best you can do on whatever you are doing at the PRESENT. Whatever you do, just be TRUE to yourself and you will live a happier life.
    First time in my life, I love a star for who he is – a smart, loving, honest, down to earth and at times naughtily mischievous person. I am proud to say that I am happily ADDICTED to JKS. Some of my friends said I’m crazy. I don’t care. JKS always put smile on my face ever time I see his pictures, watch his shows, or read about him. JKS makes my rather simple and dull life fill with dreams and happiness. Any man who can unite different kinds of people from all around the world, that man is worth of my love and devotion. JKS is the one.

  11. Aphrael…thank you so much for the translation!I really love how you translated this wonderful interview..I can feel each words that he said because it feels like I am looking at Jang Keun Suk’s heart..For me,this is the best interview ever..The BEST INTERVIEW that I’ve read so far.. 🙂 It doesn’t seemed like an interview at all but a CLEAR EXPRESSION of what’s inside the HEART of JANG KEUN SUK..

    He’s a very honest guy..and for a celebrity (A top Hallyu Celebrity) to be that frank is truly admirable..I adore his frankness and it’s Jang Keun Suk’s personality,you’ll just get surprise whenever he speaks because he really says what’s on his mind without pretensions and without thinking of his status.He’s really a natural person,and that’s what makes him stand out among the crowd of stars,Jang Keun Suk is a real person inside and out.You’ll love him even more as you get to know him better.

    The part wherein he said that MSOAN is meaningless to him,I don’t know if it’s just a joke but there’s a saying that JOKES ARE HALF MEANT..so maybe he really means it and FIVE STARS rating for that shining frankness!!hehe,,I also think that the plot of MMM is not that good,but I admire him for staying for MMM till the end.It may not shine as the BEST DRAMA with the BEST PLOT but the dedication and determination that he offered for MMM (as well as all the people behind it) is an enough proof that it’s not meaningless at all..maybe when he’ll reminisced his MMM days,he can still smile and say that HE DID HIS BEST.

    Personally,I love him more as Hwang Tae Kyung because we can see his dedication in acting as the A.N.JELL leader in YAB..That time,Jang Keun Suk disappeared and what we can see on TV is HTK,that’s Jang Keun Suk’s acting..he gives 100 percent of his determination to make his role ALIVE..he can give a LIFE to his character..Until now,I still can’t see the similarities between the roles that he portrayed…by looking at his photos from his past dramas,it feels like seeing a different person..From Hwang Jini to Beethoven Virus..to YAB..until MSOAN..JKS gave us a NEW him..a DIFFERENT him..that’s why I believe that his popularity will never turn into NOTHING..he will continue to SHINE as an actor and as a person.

    Upon reading the interview,I am now even MORE MORE PROUD for being his fan,being an eel is the happiest chapter of my life and I hope that this chapter will never end..I hope that JKS can have the FREEDOM that he wanted..he’s a human after all..a very SPECIAL HUMAN..He may be famous as in really really famous so other people might raise their eyebrows if they’ll know that he’s aiming for FREEDOM..It may be impossible to have FREEDOM with FAME..but I think all that JKS wants is to BREATHE..to internalize and have a SELF REFLECTION..to see life far from the limelight….I hope that he can feel FREE once in a while.. :))

    Again.thanks Aphrael for the wonderful interview..it will always be remembered.More power to this blog.. :))

  12. Hi Aphrael thank you once again for your tireless efforts for translating another interview of Sukkie. For me, it is the most honest so far ans as usual profound & philosophical. Okay, here my interpretation of the YAB & MSOAN part, I pick it up cause I guess many are curious & got the ire of Tam & maybe other GeunGeun fans will not like it. The question is centering on the two characters, Hwang Tae Kyung & Kang Mu-Gyul, as per the interviewer HTK is the reality & KMG is a dream, which she attributed to his real like as JKS, but when she asked him when did it become meaningful, I am reading it as the two characters in the life of JKS, the real JKS and he answered it by, “don’t watch, don’t watch… it is meaningless from beginning to end..” If we think about it he never really answered the question but side stepped it. It is meaningless in a sense that both character is not JKS in real life but a character that he portrayed, although there might be a similarities but the two characters do not show who he is in life, there might just a facet of him that we see or glean on both characters but not the entirety. This is what make him interesting you cannot describe him in one word. He always surprises us & do the unexpected things. I just hope all his fans will get to understand him, on what makes him thick & look beyond the surface of every word he uttered so that there will be less misunderstanding & confusion. What makes me love him more is in every interview that he did he always made me think & analyze him.

    With regards to MSOAN production problems, we know it happened so no need to turn a blind eye at least what made & kept us glued to it was the actors superb performance. It may be ill plotted but for me the cast made it worth my while cause it put a smile to my face while watching it.

    • Hi M3Lover,
      Every time I read JKS’s interview or watch his videos, I feel more in love with him. When I think I know a lot about him, he brings and suprises me with something new and interesting. He is an amazing person. I truly love him for his very unique personality. I just wish that he thought about his co-stars and staff of M3 who put a lot of their time and efforts into the drama before answering those questions, like MGY said at KBS award, don’t judge a drama base on its rating, there are actually a lot of great things behind it.
      I know I may missunderstand him but in my opinion, he shouldn’t answer those questions that way.
      Anyway, I love JKS so I’m going to rest my case.

      • I’m sure his co-actors & the production staff will understand his sentiment as well although the drama has no depth & he felt the script or plot is meaningless, I don’t believe that the drama has no special place in his heart. I know he gained something from it and that is what’s important. 😉

  13. Aphrael,
    I remember that JKS always said he wanted to hear what his fans said about him. For the project you are working on, is it possible for you to include some of the comments eels left in your blog? I think it would make him happy to see how much his eels care about him and admire him. He wants to know why his fans like him. The comments in your blog will mean much to him. Just an idea.

    • glin777,

      that’s a good idea! …. but I’m at a loss as to which comments to include! the comments to this Z-Zin interview?
      …. let me see ….

    • glin,u hv the same thought as me. I have this idea since after announcement of the project….. I believe Aphrael will look into this aspect as suggested!

  14. Thanks apharel for the translations.. This is the nost deep interview of suk about his career and life.. He is such a man filled with LIFE.. I adnire how he’s pationately talks about dreams.. But it makes me sad also that he felt imprisoned by his FAME.. I guess it does came with the teritorry.. It must be hard to solve a problem alone if you can hv some relaxation.. 🙁
    And his answer about the meaningless episodes are very intriguing.. I also become in love with him bcoz of MuGyul.. I hv watched him in YAB as HTK before, abd it gets me interested in him.. But the effect on me is not as great as he is as MuGyul.. I love M3 and the OST, the story could be better but i still liked it..
    As a man of dedication and hardwork it’s hard to believe that he said that.. But after i read the interview again, he didn’t said which drama.. And the interviewer did not asked which drama, but which episodes.. So i don’t think he meant M3.. Maybe the stories are not meaningful but the characters are.. He said HTK is his reality and MG is his dream.. So i think what he meant is that he doesn’t have any meaningful episodes yet from all of his projects..^^

    I will always support him and i hope he’ll reach his dreams while enjoying the process too.. Watching him happy is the most important for me..

  15. *Voted Best In-Depth Interview till date:

    Due reporter is a person who truly cares about JKS. She even told him to take a good rest before ending. They speak more of family and values in life. Being such a good man, hope JKS gets his well-deserved break and freedom! We EELS, do not want you to overwork yourself. Wishing you all the best always.

    • Just a raft translation if you dun mind:

      聯播:張根碩微博24小時粉絲超21萬 接近紀錄
      HEADLINES: Jang Keun Suk Weibo Account had accumulated 210000 fans within 24hrs near to record-breaking

      新浪娛樂訊 截止到今天(8月13日)10點58分,韓國人氣偶像張根碩(微博)在新浪獨家開通微博已滿滿24個小時,他的粉絲數也定格在215351,據悉新浪微博粉絲數日增長量最高的保持者是日本女星蒼井空(微博),她在24小時內粉絲超22萬,張根碩緊追其後24小時超21萬。
        昨天(8月12日)上午10:58,韓國花美男張根碩獨家開通新浪微博,隨後,粉絲數極速飆升,但是張根碩對自己粉絲增長速度不滿意,於是在其新浪微博中略帶撒嬌的表示看來我在中國不受歡迎,怎麼還沒有突破10萬呢。六小時後,張根碩的粉絲數便超過10萬。截至今天上午10:58,張根碩的粉絲數在24小時內達到215351。在整整一天的時間內,張根碩共發布了14條微博。他所發布的第一條微博的轉發量和評論數也分別達到了13790次和8491條。 JZB/文

      Sina Entertainment News:
      Up till today (13th Aug) 10:58am, Top Hallyu Star Jang Keun Suk (Weibo) exclusive account at Sina had been set up for 24 hrs, his fan base had reached 215351, according to sources, highest day record holder is still Japanese Star – Sora Aoi (Weibo) at over 220000 fans within 24hrs while Jang Keun Suk is at 210000.

      Yesterday (12th August) 10:58am, Korean Flower Boy JKS setup his exclusive Sina Weibo Account, after which the no. of fans start to shoot up, but JKS was not pleased with the speed of the fan base growth. Thus, he started to post messages in his Sina account in a teasing (coquetry) manner that he is not popular in China, why the no. of fans did not exceed 100K. 6hrs later, JKS’s fan base was up by another 100K. Up to this morning 10:58am, JKS’s fans had reached 215351 in the 24 hrs. Within a day, JKS sent a total of 14 posts. The first post he sent was forwarded and commented at 13790 times and 8491 times respectively. JZB/text

  16. (My reply failed to be posted. There’s “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message but I don’t know what’s the problem. So i retry it)

    Hi, I’m an eel from Korea.
    Always thanks aphrael77 for your wonderful postings, passion and efforts.
    I love this blog cause I can get the international news about JKS and thoughts of overseas fans.

    Well, in the comments on M3, the actual words JKS and ZSH used were fun, interest or excitement, not meaning. So the comments would be better to be translated as
    Z : From what episode can I enjoy the drama?,
    From what episode does the drama get funny?, or
    From what episode does the drama become interesting?

    J : don’t watch. don’t watch. not so funny till the end.

    Z: Hahaha, aren’t you too frank? But that is also your drama.
    J: I am very frank. During the filming, there were many problems. When I was filming, I wasn’t excited.

    And “Don’t watch, Don’t watch” is a joking between close friends and a kind of modest expression when reading in Korean. He replied playfully to ZSH’s joke.

    So he didn’t say the drama was meaningless, he just implied it’s not so funny. I agree that, but you know, M3 deseves to be watched for JKS and Muguyl. And I guess he’d long hard time to reflect on that drama and himself till he can say so.
    I think Mugyul must be very meaningful character to JKS cause He said he wanted to live like Muguyl several times. Even in Seoul cri-show, he emphasized “I like Mugyul”. And in KBS drama awards, He thanked for every other actors and credited the completion of shooting without hitch to them.

    I’m not good at English indeed so I’m not sure my meanings really come across.
    But I muster up the courage to remove just a little misunderstanding about JKS^^

    • First, regarding the “awaiting moderation” comment, it means I need to approve first-time comments ^^

      Thanks much for your clarification!
      I’ll change the “meaningful” to “interesting”, so he’s saying M3 is not interesting from beginning to end?

    • Hi hi!! 🙂

      Welcome on board! If memory serves me correctly, I think you’re the second Korean eel to contribute your thoughts in this blog, the other being Cutecute. I always look forward to hearing from a Korean eel as you are the best source of information that we can get abt Keunsuk. I really appreciate your explanation so we do not misinterpret what he and the photographer actually meant. It’s now clearer, to me at least. I hope you will visit Aphrael’s blog often and join in our craze over JKS 🙂

      Btw Aphrael, I thought the idea to include some of the comments in your Gift project wonderful too. Just an idea: Dedicate a section for our comments and divide it into a few different headings eg YAB, M3, BV, Interviews-just pick excerpts and our corresponding comments…. Guys, maybe we can give Aphrael some ideas so the gift becomes more special and further enhanced? 🙂

    • Wow! Thanks Hi for clarifying that particular portion of the interview. So it is clear now his answer to the questions is just a friendly bantering between friends… Not so funny in the sense that he recalls the difficulties they all (the cast & crews) experienced while shooting the drama perhaps?

    • Hello Hi 
      Thank you for the clarification! The interview was really good, showed his maturity, honesty and he is truly a very intelectual person which I admire so much aside from his talent as an entertainer. He is beautiful inside and out. I had a feeling it was more of a joke between friends and I knew there was a misinterpretation there even one word can make one sentence different and changing it to “funny” make it sound more appropriate or it made it more sensible with how he talks about it. The plot of the story was good, actual story was good and main characters got good discriptions, I like KMG & WM. It was the script 
      that was badly written. There were lots of inconsistency and didn’t  made sense and especially when KMG gets mad and because he seems that he didn’t hear or understand what WM explanations that made me mad at KMG for making WM hurt or cry for being closed mind and unreasonable. It was the script writer’s fault that made the drama that way lucky I think that they adlibs most of the dialogues and luckily at the end JGS put his foot down and fix the last episode because like he said it is a comedy romance why would the script writer kill the main character! It should be funny and happy at the end! So thank you Hi for one word clarification.
      God bless you all and let us pray and wish JGS for continues success for his hard work and may he have the freedom and space he crave for when he is venturing in his private life for he is very generous with time to all his eels.

    • Thanks for the clarification too… as we can only relate from the chinese translation… thus the understanding will not be that wholesome like we can hear in Korean… 🙂

    • Hi!
      This is an awesome comment! Thank you very much for clarification. “Not funny” and even “not interesting” does make much more sense in the context.
      JKS said several times that he had trouble with a script, that did not make sense to him, and even rewrote the last episode to make it look it more like a comedy. Great job!

    • Hi, nice to meet you..thanks so much for your clearly explanation,it is make me relieved, for the beginning i believe it’s impossible that SUK would give something like controversial answer that can hurt other felling and also can blow him self.. anyway i’m glad that any korean eel join in Aphrael blog.. ^o^ it’s so meaningful for us,especially for me cos i want to know more about SUK from his eel native country

  17. Thank you so much for the English translation of the interivew. Although I had already read the Chinese version, I must say this one is a great piece of work. (I did English translations for my own PSHJKS Baidu Bar too. So I know how much efforts you need to put into it. ^-^) Everytime I read JKS’s interview, I love him more. I really appreciate his frankless. As a young man of 23, he is very mature, has insight in life and most important of all, he knows what he wants and is working hard to get it. He is not just an idol to me but a true fresh and blood man fighting hard for his dream. I love this true self of him more. I love him through YAB. Hwang Tae Kyung is my favourite character and YAB will be my all times favourite. Looking forward to his new works, no matter it is his new CF, new album or new drama. I will always love and support him.

    Lastly, wishing you all the best with your future projects.


  18. Thank you Hi.. For your explanation clear things up about the M3 comments.. That is make more sense to me.. Thanks again.. I knew suk isn’t going to say some things like that.. Gomaweoo! ^_^

    and your english is fine.. I understand it very well..

  19. What else could i say to this page, TQ and TQVM for the daily update info. Whatever he commented about M3, i still just love that drama, and for sure because of the actor! No regret! 🙂 .. With his new age i hope that our prince will more success, happy and get healthier and respect his eels same as we respect him as a sweet prince!

  20. thanks for the translation aphrael.. another beautiful interview with suk.. JKS is really a person with depth.. such a young age but can give an insightful answer.. thanks that i found an actor like him.. more power to this blog..

  21. Hi I’m Alex, an admin from EELS USA on Facebook. I wanted to let you know how much our international eel sisters look forward to your translations. We appreciate your hard work so much! I love the honesty in this interview. I feel like I’m really getting to know Jang Keun Suk and without your translations, I simply wouldn’t know him as well!! (gosh getting emotional here) Please continue to keep up this blog. We all support you! Even though I couldn’t help with translating, if you’re ever in need, please let us know!

  22. This is one of the realest interview ever. I love how he’s been so real, frank and just being honest on every word he said. I love him much much more now :]

  23. hi guys..thanks for all the translation and comments. i only knew him for about two months but really got into him, and i was lucky to watch the cri show last sunday (JKS charm is truly amazing) anyway, the reason i came to know him is because of Mu-gyul – thanks for the clarification hi^^ ..then day by day i came to find out the person behind him who is Jang Keun Suk…with that span of days, i think i’ve came to know how he is as a person…you can see sincerity in the words he speaks..having read all the comments, blogs and all the articles from different sites.. he is truly an amazing guy that speaks deep …i may not understand all but i can feel that he’s a person who does not like to pretend…this interview is i think the best of them all.. 🙂

    • Zailaine , welcome to the JKS addicted pond ^O^, i guess after you know more deep about JKS you can’t change your heart to other actor also you can’t escape from his charms, it was happen to me 🙂

      • I guess not…especially now that i’ve seen him in the Cri Show.. 🙂 ..it seems i want more, now its my addiction…hahaha

  24. Hi everyone,
    You can tell that I’m a quick-tempered person, right? I did think that it was possible that something was lost in translation because I doubt JKS would ever say something that would hurt other’s feelings, considering he’s a very considerate person, but then the “too sensitive” and bad temper side in me just took over. I actually feel a lot better now after the clarification from Hi^^….Thank you very much. I’m sorry if my comments upset anyone.

    • Tam, don’t worry, the eel ponds are made up of eels of different ages, different personalities & from different countries, we just need common understanding & for the common love.. I can understand your feeling especially most of us already treat Sukkie like a family member, like you u too.. and also even for the eels here, we are like a big family too… so we do understand ^_^ actually when I see the interview, my mind is thinking “Sukkie must be smiling as he said that as he must be working on reverse psychology on his eels & to-be fans” LOL…”don’t watch is impossible as he knows many of us just like any dramas he is in.. no matter if the script is good, moreover, what can we expect from a romantic comedy except romance & laughter.. as long as we feel happy after watching, really don’t care of any rating” .. in fact, I kept repeating the dramas of Sukkie because he is so good in his acting & YAB/MMM also shows his singing talent.

  25. Thanks all for your thoughtful replies and friendly greetings.
    Aphraell77, thank you again for your every wonderful posting and great translation. It was a truly exacting job for me to translate just that short paragraph. I’d like to send my big respect to you. You are a really splendid eel spreading widely the ineffable and infinite charms of JKS. I’m always happy to visit this blog and come to feel a closeness with overseas eels.

  26. Hi girls, I’ve been so busy these days that I couldn’t post my comment and just read the interview and your comments till today. I really sympathized with all your comments and understood how much we love Sukkie and he is loved by us eels. But now I wanna share the different aspects of what I feel through the interview with you.
    1) Sukkie always tries to pursue challenging acting work. So he doesn’t want to stick to his previous acting works. But we all still love the characters he acted before such as Hwang Tae Kyung and Kang Mu-Kyul. He admitted that they were parts of him, but he wants to show us other and new JKS. He always look forward and doesn’t want to live on his past accomplishment. As you know, he wants to live as an actor, not as an idol. So we eels should support his challenging mind by evaluating his latest work.

    2) Sukkie sometimes feels lonely because he thought many eels don’t love him, but his characters. So he decided to release his original and personal photo book and short film “Budapest Diary” because he wanted eels to know the real JKS as a person.

    3) Sukkie is proud of living as an actor, so he really wants to know severe criticism by his loyal supporters, his eels. We all know Sukkie is a great actor and he tries to do his best to concentrate on acting the character fully. But we should tell him whether his work is good or not. We shouldn’t be blinded only to see his beautiful face and superb performance. We want to be close to him, so we try to advise him how we feel about his works honestly.

    4) About M3 comment. Sukkie and Zo Sun Hi have been good friends for a long time. So Sukkie might think that it was unnecessary for her to watch his previous works to know the real him because they have been familiar with each other. At that moment he appeared on the drama or movie, he did his best to perform the character as well as possible. But time goes by. He is such a perfectionist and tries to do much better than before, so he wants others to recognize what he is right now.
    I’m afraid I can’t explain my idea well, but the only thing I’m sure is we all love Sukkie from the bottom of our heart! 🙂 Keep supporting and loving him forever!!!

    • Kaori-chan, what u analysed is really true and reflecting what many of us eels are feeling and thinking. I’m very sure I love him as he is, as his own personality, his ownself. To me, his characters, HTK, KMG, LCH, and Eun Suk is a way of him showing his talents and sharing his talents to his eels. From these characters, we can see what the REAL JKS talents are. I’m proud that he has chosen a different character for his new drama. With every changes & experience, one’s skill improve. Sukkie is one person who knows how to choose his character well. He is one person who knows and plan his path very very well. And he is one person who is very modest, despite knowing very well that he is already the Prince of Asia and soon King of the World. All these are the reasons I love him so much and will always support his choice and decision. From this interview, it can be seen that Sukkie treasure his friendship with Zo Sun Hi and we always know that Sukkie is a person who treasures and appreciate other person, no matter the ranking of the other person. And this is truly reflected in this interview. Another great interview and I am more proud of Sukkie. I’m proud as an eel 🙂

  27. Kaori-chan… I must say your analysis put in words really reflect how many of us feel but couldn’t express or explain in words… you really understand Sukkie very very well ^_^

    • Thanks for your comment, QQ and Rose! 🙂
      I think I’m sort of a cool-headed person and I’m rather good at analyzing… but when it comes to see Sukkie in person, I’ll go blank instantly… *sigh*
      Actually I’m afraid what will happen to me if I see him twice a week… to tell the truth, I’m the luckiest eel to see him in person this week! 🙂 One is M3 FM and the other is a Nature Republic private FM!!! Now I’ve been so busy preparing my present, so I try not to think my happy schedule too seriously. If so, I can’t stay calm! Look forward to my fan account ^^

      • Good luck to you Kaori, don’t go blank ok :)! send our very best regards and more than million loves to him!

      • Kaori-chan, so HAPPY for you as I think you are fated to be Sukkie’s eels as every time, you get the luck to meet him each time.. you must be a lucky star for Sukkie too!!! ^_^
        I can’t wait to hear from you after your meeting with him this time again… have a GREAT time yeah!

  28. @kaori: hi, this is ione, a filipino eel. wow..so fortunate of you to meet him..good luck on your present, and i understand you if you can’t stay calm. =)

    congrats to our prince! the yahoo and facebook pages of korea.com showed JKS as the no. 1 actor. =)


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