Pre-order of JKS official goods on Koari

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First important note is, I seem to recall that Koari can only deliver to Japanese addresses (if my memory serves me correctly). Oh well, these items should be available on other websites after Koari’s pre-order period.

To me at least, it is worth waiting for the release on other websites….

(1) JKS official 2012 calendar

Desktop calendar: 2,000 yen
Wall calendar: 2,500 yen
Desktop + wall calendar: 4,500 yen

Pre-order ends on 20 September 2011. Estimated pre-order delivery takes place in mid-October.

Here is 2012 calendar website for reference.

(2) “Budapest Diary” movie


Budapest Diary Collectors’ Edition

– release date: 26 Oct 2011
– retail price: 9,800 yen
– 45-min DVD
– 60-min making DVD
– 48 page photo book
・ オリジナルグッズ [?]
・ オリジナルポスター [?]
・ 豪華専用ケース [?]
★ 非売品オリジナル・サウンドトラックCD (limited to Koari pre-orders)

Koari pre-order period:28 July – 25 Aug 2012, 18:00 hours

Budapest Diary Standard Edition

– release date: 23 Nov 2011
– retail price: 5,800 yen
– 45-min DVD
– 32 page photo book
・オリジナルグッズ [?]

Here is Collectors’ Edition website for reference.

18 thoughts on “Pre-order of JKS official goods on Koari”

    • English subs? ….. Tenshi dear, if it’s not too much trouble and when you have a few minutes, could you please help us ask Koari or Frau whether Budapest Diary has English subtitles?

      stvcri, … er… missed me? did I “disappear” for a long time? ^^

      • for a little bit lol … but of course you’re entitled to a break, so much stuff going on with Sukkie nowadays so hard to keep up!

      • stvcri and aphrael, I’ve asked Frau about if they plan to release the “Budapest Diary” DVD with English subs before, but until today I haven’t received the reply yet. But I’m sure the international version (Korean version must have English subtitles) will be released because the movie was shown at Cri Show in non Japanese native countries!

      • So this means that the Japanese limited edition will NOT be having any English subtitles? Please confirm because I am definately getting it but this time with English only!

      • Staying Up Late, I haven’t received the reply from Frau yet, but according to amazon, “Budapest Diary Japanese Edition” will be released with only Japanese subtitles, not English ones. I don’t know the exact information, but I think you should wait for the international version (Korean version with English subs?).

  1. yeah fighting till the end!! I have to say it’s hard to beat yochun in best actor catagory, but suk still has chance in best theme song.. let’s make him win at least for theme song. EELS fighting ^^

  2. About “Seoul International Drama Awards 2011”
    I heard that there are more than 200 thousand followers at JKS’ weibo.
    Can someone put the comment there and ask Chinese eels to vote JKS?
    If so, the miracle will come true!!! 🙂

    • Kaori-chan, I heard Japan has more than 30 thousand eels…. can ask them to vote too.

      One vote from each eel will do… sure win if all just vote once.

      • Everyday I ask them to vote, report the latest situation and teach how to vote several times a day at Japanese official fan club community site, but I’m afraid most of eels don’t visit there… so the situation hasn’t changed yet. Besides, JKS official fan club doesn’t promote eels to vote JKS because of a fair voting campaign 🙁

      • Kaori-chan, I can understand as the same issue at BaiduSukbar, there are many eel fans registered but many can’t vote due to some reason or another.. in fact, I hit some many problems initially until I can vote now quite well with Google Chrome (I find this most user friendly) but I still can’t vote on those FaceBook related awards, can’t figure out still now so I put my focus only using the Google Chrome.
        I think we just try our best and from my understanding of the rules, a very close 2nd for category B may also stand a good chance for Sukkie if he win in category A… we just have to keep the gap close & not to widen it…

      • Also.. like the last round of Yahoo voting, there will be many votes deducted or void if some key info are found to be wrongly input (e.g. email domain).. remember the website has put in place some extra validation (1 email ID per vote per day) after a few days the voting start, I believe many votes will be invalid before the validation is put in place…

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