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  1. He’s really a good model because he portrays so many emotions, the photographer must be really happy!! I love this set of pictures, a nice change of image; the 7th one (the one where he looks up) he’s amazing, his face is perfect! (<– like we didn't know before :p)

  2. huhuhu…so sad that although his weibo got verified…i wanted to follow but i don’t know chinese…..so sad…. but on a happier note…i love the pictures

    • woah this is really a veri long interview! and very in-depth… cuz its with a reporter who had 5 yrs of friendship…Also no repeated qns asked! I personally liked this portion…

      Z: 这么说, 黄泰京是现实, 无缺是梦想啊. 可是, 从第几集开始有意思的?
      (Reporter Z: If HTK is your reality(superstar) and KMG is your dream(freedom), but which eps in MMM does it start to get meaninginful?

      J: 不要看不要看~~从头到尾都没意思.
      (JKS: Don’t watch Don’t watch, it had no meaning from beginning till the end)

      Z: 哈哈哈, 太坦率了吧? 但那也是你的作品啊
      (Reporter Z: hahaha, you are way too frank? But this is your work ah…

      J: 我就是很直率啊, 拍摄的时候现场有很多问题, 我拍的时候也没觉得有意思.
      (JKS: I am straightforward ah, during the shooting there are many problems, when I am acting, I felt no meaning at all)

      • Take your time ^^ Translating is not an easy work n it’s time consuming ^^
        And thank you for the English translation you’ve been doing

      • Ganbatte Aphrael!!! This is one of de best interview I read.. It reali shows how suffocating JKS felt frm his fame.. And at de same time de passion he had for his career.. I wanted to help on de translations bt do not wan to disrupt u since u r in process of it. Let me know if I can b of help for Chinese to English translations. Eel family here 😉

    • It is a very good interview, I think this was the same lady who was talking to him a year or two years ago, we saw the video earlier. Yes, since they have known each other for 5 years, the interview is more like friends talking. Even she asked questions. Of course, Sukkie’s answer always make you feel that’s him. And also she didn’t ask those repeated questions normally the reporter ask: What kind of girl you like? … She asked some real questions and also with his real background, his grow up path, his family, his inside thinking. Here I mention one thing, Eels, stop chasing his cars when he is on the road. Give him some space. Please. Aphrael, that would be lots of time to translate. Thank you for your hard work to share all the eels in the world. Personally, I feel Sukkie has lots of things like me. I mean we are the same way in lots of little habits or things. I feel I’m his soulmate, hahahaha, eel friends, I know you all feel that way. 🙂 I know I may never see him in person, but I wish him the best and happiness of his life. He is fantastic guy.

  3. i love love love these pictures! filled with emotions, very talented, photographer must a great too to capture all these is amazing!

  4. I read it,it is very meaningful & touch interview.
    sorry, my English is not powerful to translate it… 🙁
    he is so frank & keen to have freedom…
    U will never feel regret be his EEL.
    The title of this interview is ‘poisoning’, same as we are poisoning by him uncontrollable. There is no drug can safe us…agree?

    He mentioned Mu Gyul is what he wants to be but so frank he comments the drama is no meaning, dont watch it..

    张根硕-演技”(张根硕减演技) 是什么?
    J: 没有苹果的苹果树.
    think the translate is like
    Q: If JKS without acting skill what he is be?
    JKS: the apple tree without apple, LOL
    (think he likes apple, remember his interview at EASY Magazine, when asking what he will doing if tomorrow is doomsday, he answer is plant an apple tree)

  5. He is free spirit which what is fashion all about. Fashion is not about clothes, is a message, is communication. Sukkie is a fashion people, because he knows how to deliver the message, how to communicate with. Everything of him, voice, pose, expression, clothes, songs, drama can strike you. He is a universal person. Just like the editor said, ONE OF THE KIND. You can’t simply describe him. What I most amazed is at that young age, inside with a big heart and nonstop strength to pursuing his dream with his real soul. Go Sukkie! Fighting! We are there and here, no matter what, WITH YOU!

  6. Hi gals, remember to submit your personal profile for the “PROJECT” ASAP for our compilation !!
    Fighting eels ! Very simple just spend a few minutes to complete your profiles and personal messages to JKS and send to the email address given (do you want him to read your message ?) hahaha

    We really hope the numbers of submission and participation will be as high as possible to show our support to Sukkie & to give him confidence that he will be The Prince of World instead of only Asia !!!


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